The New Millennium NoteBooks

Scientific and Spiritual Teachings

Showing us the Structure of Creation
Giving a Powerful Account of Human Evolution

These teachings give a compressed view of creation and evolution to help people gain a total look at the human experience. This new material is from an “inside” look at things and I believe it is very important to the spiritual evolution and physical growth of humanity. These teachings will help open our minds as to other forms of life on other planets. We are not alone, have never been alone, only in our own mind.

The first volume is:

The Universe – A Realistic Look at Our Beginnings

Rewriting Mankind’s Cosmic History

Did you know that on our spiritual family tree, we could be considered Great, Great Grandchildren of the Creator? To understand how this could be, the TimeTraveler rides on his magic rainbow carpet, to give us an “inside look” at the big bang, progress on to  a peak at the Creator’s mind and then follow the birth and development (creation and evolution) of the universe, galaxies and solar systems.

I’ve been playing the organ for church services since I was sixteen. While listening to all those sermons I couldn’t understand how people could believe it all. When my creative channel opened and I was able to communicate with other dimensions, the true picture of our beginnings came through.

Isn’t it about time we get a better sense of how it all came about? I see the need to bring in realistic, scientific data about our beginnings, in “laymen’s terminology,” and tie it in to the spiritual teachings that have been handed down through the centuries.

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The second volume is:

The Planet – A Realistic Look at Our Ancient Ancestors

Rewriting Mankind’s Family Tree

We are an experiment! Think of it this way – if we weren’t an experiment we wouldn’t be here at all! The insemination experiments were begun on the planet as soon as it had cooled. enough for space ships to land. We are an experiment of combining animal nature with highly evolved spiritual nature.

This was all explained to me in the Chrysalis Teachings that this book is based on. As a musician, when I began composing, the music and lyrics would flow out in complete form. Then I began to receive information from a spiritual source that flowed the same way as the music. These were The Chrysalis Teachings.This book is a must read for you to ever really know your beginnings.


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The New Millennium Booklets are “a la carte” downloads of the same material only as small ebooks. Get the teachings in bite size pieces to better digest the material. These booklets are ready for downloading. They are $1.50 each. 

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