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The New Millennium Booklets are “a la carte” downloads of the same material that is in the big books only as small ebooks. Get the teachings in bite size pieces to better digest the material.

To get 2 free booklets of your choice, read through the descriptions of the booklets and fill out the coupon in the right sidebar letting us know your 2 choices. You will receive links to them in an email. Thank you.

2 thoughts on “Booklets Store

  1. Barabella Eachus

    Hi from western colorado . I found you as un udemy university for spiritual seeker was a key word that pulled you into my view!
    I am so hopeful that we will have a quantum leaming leap shift of consciousness in my lifetime.
    however I desire to expand my capacity both mentally, emotionally, and etherically recall an awareness of these gifts. I guess my personality seems stuck to some degree. Just simply glad to connect to you and am refreshed by your truth, sound conveyance of principles and laws , and your use of new technologies to reach people…
    singing resonating with clarity
    Barabella Eachus
    grand Junction colorado

  2. Norma Hickox

    Hi Barbara,
    I don’t know if I responded to you or not. It seems I did through email. Anyhow, I’m originally from Grand Junction, CO. I lived there for almost 40 years and still have a house back there. When my husband passed away about 5 years ago I moved to California to live with my son and his family.
    Thank you for your kind words about my site. I appreciate it. And thank you for telling me the keyword that found me was “spiritual seeker.” It’s good to know that. Keep up your spiritual searching!

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