Chrysalis Online Academy


Drawing by Neil Hickox

This will be an interactive series of special insights for modern kids being brought into a very fast changing world. Past teachings are simply not keeping up with the high evolutionary standing of today’s children. They need advanced teachings to open themselves up to contacting their inner being at an earlier age than we adults did. This is necessary for their survival in today’s world. Many of the lessons will be done through the use of analogies. I hearad on a video by Mellen-Thomas (talking about his Near Death Experience) that many of the things seen on TV shows such as Star Trek actually came into being because the children watching these Science Fiction shows saw to it that the futuristic things were invented.

Chrysalis Schools

Education for a New Century
Statement of Mission
Goal – Opening the Creative Channel
Accomplished by – The Arts in Education
Four Objectives as follows:

Four Objectives

1. HALLS OF TRAINING – Physical Body – Stretching the Brain
Accomplished by – Understanding the Human Form
Introducing – Studies in BodyThought®
Achieved by –  Nutrition, Exercise, Anatomy & Competition Sports
2. HALLS OF LEARNING – Emotional Body – Self-Esteem of Student
Accomplished by – Opening the Creative Channel
Introducing – Studies in BlendedThought®
Achieved by –  Art, Music, Theater & Performances/Displays
3. HALLS OF KNOWLEDGE – Mental Body – Independence of Student
Accomplished by – The Importance of Thought
Introducing – AnalogicThought®
Achieved by –  Language, History/Geography, Math & Science
4. HALLS OF WISDOM – Spiritual Body – Opening to the Power of the Mind
Accomplished by – Higher Education & Training
Introducing – LayeredThought®
Achieved by –  Intense Specialty Schools in all Fields

Chrysalis Online Academy is Based on

Our Four-Part Brain

There is a well defined path to open the channel that needs begun as a child and carried through all education. Actually, there is a double growth process, the exoteric, outer, physical expression and the esoteric, inner, spiritual expression. Because of this double growth track, we have the brain separated into the left and the right sides. The left deals with physical growth, our exoteric (outer) life and the right side deals with our spiritual growth, our esoteric (inner) life. The human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts.

30_Four part brain


There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these divisions has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left division, sections 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies; the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies; the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies; and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies. This gives us twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind.

This is the structure of the brain and the path of progress should be from lower left brain to lower right brain, then upper left and upper right, with the apex of the mind where your inner being will be located. The progress must be made by all in the same manner, left to right on the lower and left to right on the higher. The left deals with physical body functions, the right with the creative process. The Chrysalis Online Academy is based on this progression through the levels of the brain.