Halls of Knowledge


 12 to 14 Years Old – Mental Body Focus



PHYSICAL BODY – Video experiment, a “Musical Keytone Workshop” to find each ones personal keytones and colors plus a FREE BOOKLET on lesson plans


Keytone Lesson Booklet

Keytone Lesson Book

Keytone lesson Booklets




Poetry Booklet

Poetry Booklet Cover


MENTAL BODY –  FREE BOOKLETS of Attitude Comparisons, Scientific Analogies and Spiritual Analogies.

Attitude Comparisons

Comparisons cover


Scientific Analogies

Scientificl analogies cover003

Scientific Analogies

Spiritual Analogies

Spiritual analogies cover002

Spiritual Analogies


SPIRITUAL BODY – Video series, “The TimeLine of Eternity” showing events leading to the “big bang.


This video introduces you to the TimeLine of Eternity based on the Chrysalis Teachings. These teachings will benefit those seeking to become better people by allowing them to ponder the fact that they are not alone in this universe; that there is structure to their path and definite goals ahead to continually strive for. The New Millennium NoteBooks are also available in print for only $2.95 each at http://www.chrysalispub.com.
Chapter 1 of the Timeline of Eternity tells us that the teachings give a condensed view of creation and evolution and are presented as the New Millennium NoteBooks. They are roadmaps for growth  physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. They serve to educate and explain much that remains a mystery. These notebooks cover a wide range of topics encompassing all spiritual disciplines. They are divided into three sections, Windows on the Past, Journeys in the Present and Pathways to the Future. These teachings will clearly show that Birth (Creation) and Development (Evolution) go hand in hand. You cannot have one without the other.

Chapter 2 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the build-up leading to the “big bang,” the first nuclear explosion. It explains the development that each universe brought and the implosion that took place the first time the buildup reached 7 universes. They built up again and led to the first nuclear explosion, the “big bang.”

Chapter 3 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the movement of the subatomic particles after the explosion. We learn of the formation of an ice lattice, and of the patterns of movement of the different musical tones. The expanded scales are explained and also the importance of fusion is given.

Chapter 4 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the formation of the Creator’s mind and the expanding universe. It explains the spirit’s path from the Master Universe into the central Isle of Paradise. We learn that at this point we start over again, showing that one life on the earth plane is not enough and thus reinforcing the concept of reincarnation.

Chapter 5 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the formation of our galaxy and the birth of the mind of Michael, the oversoul of our galaxy. It talks of musical vibrations and of the time tubes that are present in our galaxy which will make space travel easier.

Chapter 6 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the formation of our solar system and the central sun. It explains the process of birth in the solar system as being similar to the process of the birth of a human. We learn of the formation of constellation and planets out of black holes and of electricity in the form of lightning causing hydrogen. We also learn about the rhythms of our moon.

Chapter 7 of the Timeline of Eternity tells of the evolutionary plan for all planets. The mind of humanity begins as just simply air. This air progresses through each planet on its journey of accepting the seven virtues and raising its consciousness on its way to becoming a perfected being.

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