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PHYSICAL BODY – A Video series, “Seven Gifts,” “Seven Virtues,” and “Seven New Concepts.”

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Seven Gifts were bestowed on humanity at the beginning of its creation. The Seven Gifts were updated by showing how to more fully take advantage of them through living with the Seven Virtues. The progress made has been slow and the the seven new concepts have been given to update the teachings again to keep pace with the evolutionary progress made by humanity.




The VibraKids is an analogy of the “Big Bang” and the fact that the spirits enter the bodies of humans and all have a desire to join back into the body of our Creator. The “instruments” are an analogy for human bodies and the thoughts that enter them are spirits. The thoughts that stay up high and do not enter instruments are an analogy of angels. Each chapter tells of the experiences of a different VibraKid and the instrument he or she has entered.

The VibraKids – Pt 1


 The VibraKids – Pt 2


 The VibraKids – Pt. 3



MENTAL BODY – FREE BOOKLETS on Attitude Comparisons, Scientific Analogies and Spiritual Analogies

Attitude Comparisons

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 Scientific Analogies

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Scientific Analogies

Spiritual Analogies

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Spiritual analogies

SPIRITUAL BODY – Video series, “The Chrysalis Teachings,” showing events that led to the “big bang.”
No. 1 – Vibration is the creator of all life and this vibration is actually music in its most glorious form. The original black hole was a combination of total darkness, stillness and freezing temperatures which causes a coming to life (vibration) of ethereal matter. As far as where this first bit of ethereal matter originated there is no explanation available.This is probably as close as anyone is capable of giving to explain the beginning of creation.

No. 2 – This video addresses the fact that we are still in the action of the “big bang.” It tells us that the Hydrogen Atom is actually our Creator and that it should not be lost in the process of evolution. It discusses the crystalline lattice and talks of new patterns of electricity. It describes stacked harmony and tells us that this is what holds the universes together.

No. 3 – When the original explosion occurred, at that time there was a “Mind,” the Creator’s Mind. At the time of the nuclear explosion this Mind was shattered into individual particles. You and I and everyone were part of one of these particles. This Mind was unpoisoned and uncluttered because there was nothing to poison or clutter it. Everything was absolutely pure and clean. Therefore, this Mind followed absolute perfection as far as reaction to scientific circumstances. It is still so.

No. 4 – This video tells of the birth of our Great Central Sun, Michael because of the intervention of a comet from another solar system. Michael has twelve sons among which is Lucifer — the sun up in our sky. Lucifer is actually the mind of humanity and His progress through the different planets is instigated by solar flares.

No. 5 – This video tells of the birth of our planet and the coming into manifestation of the the different kingdoms. This includes the biological kingdom that through experiments by outer spacemen became the human kingdom. It tells of further experiments by outer space men to add chakras for refinement. It also tells of the huge animals that had to be destroyed so these new humans could survive.

No. 6 – This video tells of the designing of the human being by artificially inseminating the animals of planet earth. It describes the restructuring that was done after the sparks tried to enter these bodies and couldn’t control them. It goes on to discuss the Garden of Eden and the nutritional help that it gave to increase the intelligence level in the new humans.

No. 7 – This video tells of the help given to humans by the Garden of Eden. It also tells about the first captain of the space ship being replaced because he was so mean. Moses was left for a period of 300 years to see if these new humans could fend for themselves. Finally we are given a look at a wall hanging showing the different stages of evolution that we have been through.