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teacher15 to 17 Years Old – Spiritual Body Focus


PHYSICAL BODY – Video series, “Musical Tuning of the Chakras,” showing the different levels of each chakra and how they affect our health.

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God as Whipped Cream

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God Compared to Whipped Cream

Poetry Booklet #1

Poetry Booklet #1

In The Beginning

EMOTIONAL BODY – Video  about “Communication Lines”

Channeling allows communication to take place from the Creator’s mind to the mind of humans. It is a natural, normal stage of evolution for humanity, whose time has come. Channeling is the voice of the spirit within each human being. It is within each and everyone. It was never intended that we should loose contact with the Creator God. The plan was to always have open lines of communication.


MENTAL BODY – FREE BOOKLETS of Attitude Comparisons, Scientific Analogies and Spiritual Analogies.

Attitude Comparisons


Comparisons – Wisdom

Scientific Analogies

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Analogies – Scientific

 Spiritual Analogies

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Spiritual Analogies

SPIRITUAL BODY – Video series,”The Science of Music” giving the interaction of music with seven different sciences and the new technology that can come out of this new Science of Music.

This video is to introduce the “Science of Music,” which is part of the Chrysalis Teachings by Norma Hickox. In the past we have only thought of music as an art. Now we must begin to realize that it is also a science of unification. It is the communication link or language not only between all of nature, but also between all of the universes. I believe the Science of Music can be the tie that binds religion and science together.

The Science of Agriculture will be the easiest application of the Science of Music. To begin with, we will need to advance the music theory that is used today to a level comparable to trigonometry.  Right now it’s at a level comparable to basic mathematics of adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. If one who were on a genius level in mathematics and also knew music theory thoroughly, a breakthrough into advanced music theory would soon come about.


The Science of Education tells us that our whole system of education  needs to be restructured from bottom to top. The system we have been using for educational standards and guidelines is no longer applicable for today’s times. It served most people well in the past but has not kept pace with the evolvement of humanity.


The Science of Biology in conjunction with the Science of Music brings with it a new way of testing the blood. Norma has designed the Keytone Machine which will give the musical tone of each person’s blood. All other organs in the body must be in harmony with this tone or it signifies that something is wrong and this organ must be brought up to pitch to restore health to this body.


The Science of Healing focuses on two ways that the Science of Music can influence the Science of Healing.  One way will be through tuning the chakras and the other way will be with a Healing Machine that has been  designed  by Norma


In the Science of Chemistry music will be combined with minerals to give us untapped energy sources. One of the most exciting projects to come out of the Science of Chemistry will be a new solar energy project called SolarSelect.™ The proper use of solar energy is a very simple procedure. Invisible light rays will be attracted, by a chemical process, into a mirror, intensified in power and reflected out of the mirror into the collector. Here they heat the circulating medium, move on to activate a battery into making electric current and move on past this to the aquifer where they are converted into water.


Music applied to the Science of Architecture will show that the building of controlled environment structures can be done effortlessly through the use of musical formulas applied scientifically to atomic energy sub-particles. This engineering marvel was known and used in the past and needs to be brought back at this time.


In the Science of Astronomy the  universe is but one huge glorious transformer for the Creator’s energy. The study of astronomy is very important to understanding the passage and transforming of energy. If a transforming field duplicating the original transforming field could be built, there would be health, peace and joy unending for all

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