3 – Insights Ages 12 to 14

Tim, The Path, The Seven Bells of Creation, The Courageous Ones, The Firewalk, Pour the Wine,– all poems by Norma

Finding God, The Hours Past Midnight, Inner Being, Only as Long as We Do No Harm, Care About Others, One Big World, We’ll Walk in Love, Talk to Each Other…

In the Beginning, Harmony in the Universe, Standing on the Edge of Earth, Harmony of the Spheres, Walk With the Angels, Did You Ever Wonder – all poems by Norma

Teens today are much enlightened as to universal law and cosmic concepts or they would not be here now to guide the earth into the new dimension of thought.

These youth have the potential to expand and stretch their brains, but they need to take care of and upgrade the “model of motor” that is driving their vehicle.

Today's teens will need to know that it is part of their divine heritage to seek answers other than what has always been given and accepted by society.

Many of the things seen on TV shows actually came into being because the children watching saw to it when they grew up that the futuristic things were invented.

There is a well-defined path to open the channel that needs begun as a child and carried through all education. This is necessary for their survival in today’s world.