1 – Windows on the Past

Gives an inside look at the “big bang” and tells us the secret of the universe – a scientific response on which all of creation was and still is based.

At the time of the big bang the Creator's mind was shattered into individual particles that drifted as clouds and began to form into galaxies.

At approximately 5 billion years ago, the events taking place were the formation of our sun and the birth of the planets in our solar system.

The birth of planet earth coming out of a black hole was observed by other planets. It was an exciting event, a beautiful, fantastic sight.

The actual start of human beings was when the divine spirits began to enter the refined animal forms to learn and experience the nature of earth.

The New Creation is basically a grass roots movement of the people, rising up in consciousness to claim their birthright, their divine heritage.

The chakras are simply energy centers, storehouses for the vibrating atoms, the first stirrings of life in the cosmos. The first chakra, the root, is eternal.

Each chakra has 12 levels that are used to fine tune the function of that particular chakras. Most are able to be tuned to level 7, a few to level…

Tuning the chakras raises the vibratory rate of humans, increasing the cleanliness of the aura to draw in more energy to heal physical organs.