2 – Journeys in the Present

The Universal Laws have never been set down on paper before. There are fine lines of distinction between the misinterpreted teachings and the real true teachings.

The 7 great gifts our Creator gave to us are: Reincarnation (the greatest gift our Creator ever gave to man.), Free Will, Precocious Intent, Prophets, Divine Intervention, Karma and the…

The New Testament gave a behavior code of 7 virtues as follows: Truth, Kindness, Love, Freedom, Compassion, Diplomacy and Impersonality. These will serve as guides for your daily living.

Updated teachings give us 7 new concepts: Energy Use, Group Consciousness, God Within, Forgiveness Divine, Christ Consciousness, Love Divine, & being One With God.

Psychic experiences that the author went through are given beginning with the earliest and ending with her contact with the Musical Universe which no one had ever reached.

The new philosophy is one of transmuting your bad attitudes. A 100 question Attitude Quotient Test, (AQ test) is given to be read and pondered on by each individual.

The Know Yourself Discovery Sheets are a guided daily plan of action for discovering yourself. They cover a whole year with 360 daily exercises with 5 free days.

- In each life there is one overriding lesson that is all-important. It is woven in with lesser lessons. This one overall lesson is the purpose of each incarnation, one…

The one overriding lesson must be found and then becomes the goal that determines which direction your path must be in. There is a series of reading showing how this…