3 – Pathways to the Future

The restructuring of political, social and economic structures and the schooling system need to be updated. Then the inner life of people will need to catch up with the changes.

When man was given a conscience is when karma went into effect. Your own soul instigates karma and is the only perpetrator of justice that you will ever have!

Our country needs to have a less emotional response to situations. The new responses will be compassion, joy and love all rolled into one, not sorrow and weeping.

The fear of being an outcast from the "tribe" is the establishment's way to hold you inside the fences of your mind. These fences must come down in all areas.

A new seven point Health Plan For the New Century is given to subsidize all medical care, not just that of those on Medicare, covering both physical and mental health.

There are many who need to be enlightened about the spiritual truths. The Chrysalis Center will have many divisions, beginning with the 4 sections of the body and branching out.

The Chrysalis Teachings will explain many things by showing misinterpreted teachings and explaining that we are not alone in this universe; that there is structure and goals to strive for.

The new philosophy will be the individual's right to grow and progress at his own pace. These teachings are aimed at taking responsibility for our actions.

Ideas for workshops and lectures are given including The Creation Experience Workshop and a Musical Releasement Workshop. Actual lectures given by Norma are also included.