The New Millennium NoteBooks


Vol. 1 – The TimeLine of Eternity – Buy Now

We learn how it all began, starting with an inside look at the “big bang.” From here we progress to a look at the Creator’s mind and follow the birth and development (creation and evolution) of our universe, our galaxy, our solar system and our planet with the different kingdoms including the human kingdom.

Vol. 2 – The Fantastic Human Being – Buy Now

We learn of the chakras and their relationship to the organs of the physical body and how this knowledge can be used in healing.  Most of our lives we have heard that we’re only using a mere fraction (ten to twenty-five percent) of our brain. This material tells us how to access the rest of it and also of the remarkable feats our brains are really capable of.

Vol. 3 – The Awesome Realm of the Soul – Buy Now

We learn why reincarnation is the only logical way to structure the universe. We also learn how the soul’s progress is charted and how the different incarnations are planned in the birthing-computer rooms. The process of birth into the physical realm and birth into the spiritual worlds (death) are explained.

Vol. 4 – The Exciting New Creation – Buy Now

The New Creation is a New Beginning in Man’s mind. It is basically a grass roots movement of the people, rising up in consciousness to claim their divine heritage. It is the shedding of outdated concepts and teachings brought through the ages from those who came before us who, because of reincarnation, were really us after all. We were, of course, not as enlightened then as we are now.

Vol. 5 – The Compelling Spiritual Path – Buy Now

This an attempt to explain the stages of the spiritual path and offer guidelines for climbing through each stage. Finding the pathway to enlightenment that works for each one takes much trial and error and many starts and stops. We learn of progress that can be made through the stages of the path and guidance on the path through different means offered to us.

Vol. 6 – The Enlightenment of Self-Knowledge- Buy Now

One’s true self is made up of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person. To know oneself is a combination of knowing what one likes to do with and for his body, to know what things will affect his emotions, what mental thought challenges him to aspire to higher thought and to know what spiritual concepts form the borders of his life.

Vol. 7 – An Informative Book of Health – Buy Now

A human being is a complicated and intricate “piece of equipment.” The third dimensional earth plane that is humanity’s reality at the moment needs to be more fully understood for humanity to ever begin to reach their full potential. Topics such as homosexuality, AIDS, birth, death, nutrition, diet, exercise, Alzheimer’s, aging in general, and much more are discussed.

Vol. 8 – Communication through Channeling – Buy Now

When the Sparks entered the physical bodies, it was never intended that they should loose contact with the main body of the Creator God that stayed in the higher realms. The plan was to always have open lines of communication. Channeling is part of the plan as it allows this communication to take place.

Vol. 9 – The Science of Music – Buy Now

The Science of Music, when combined with seven sciences already established on earth – chemistry, agriculture, biology, healing, education, architecture and astronomy, will bring forth many new technological advances. The Vibratory Charts will give a blueprint for us to follow to heal diseases in humans and to save the resources of planet earth.

Vol. 10 – Innovative Chrysalis Schools – Buy Now

The new Chrysalis Schools will follow the breakdown of the human brain into two lower and two higher divisions. The two lower, the Halls of Training and the Halls of Learning, focus on the physical and emotional bodies respectively. The two higher, the Halls of Knowledge and the Halls of Wisdom, focus on the mental and spiritual bodies.

Vol. 11 – SunScience – Buy Now

SunScience, the Creator’s science, is the ultimate form of science on the planet. It will be the beacon light for the entrance into the fourth dimension. The fourth dimension is the pervasion of all things by spirit. From the tiniest speck of dust to the largest planet or largest galaxy, the spark of the Creator’s beingness is hydrogen.

Vol. 12 – Improving our World – Buy Now

The changeover from the Manufacturing Age to the Age of Creativity is the focal point of restructuring life in our country. World citizenship is discussed. A new system of adult spiritual education is given in the form of Chrysalis Centers which are modeled after “mystery schools” of the past.