Developing Your Brain Like Building a House



The Chrysalis Teachings use a lot of analogies in their makeup. Today I’d like to use an analogy of building a house to help with the understanding of the stages of progress the brain needs to go through.





23The BrainBut first I need to give an explanation describing the new way of thinking about the brain. This is that the human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts. Actually, there is a double growth process, the exoteric, outer, physical expression and the esoteric, inner, spiritual expression. Because of this double growth track, we have the brain separated into the left and the right sides. The left deals with physical growth, our exoteric (outer) life and the right side deals with our spiritual growth, our esoteric (inner) life. Now we need to divide the right and left sides in half giving us four parts to the brain. There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these divisions has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left division, sections 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies; the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies; the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies; and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies.




This gives us twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind. Most of humanity is functioning on the third level. The connecting that is done in the first section (1-2-3) is done as instinct. The connecting from the next section (4-5-6) is accomplished by use of the intuition. The connecting from the third section (7-8-9) comes as flashes of insight (genius) and the connecting from the fourth section (10-11-12) is as inspiration, (divine inspiration).





Channeling Path




This is the structure of the brain and the path of progress should be from lower left brain to lower right brain, then upper left and upper right, with the apex of the mind where your inner being will be located. There are three major stages of synthesization or blending that will occur over time as a child grows. These three stages of synthesization are: the first stage which takes place at mind dimension six, the second stage at mind dimension nine and the third stage at mind dimension twelve. Let’s compare this process with building a house.



First Section of the Mind – Dimensions 1-2-3 (Physical Body Section)

small phyWork is done here on the forming of the personality. A beginning stage of blending takes place when the half of the soul in incarnation begins having some influence on the animal-based brain in the process of forming a personality. Actually, the forming of the personality is completed at mind dimension three. At this stage the half of the soul in incarnation gains control over the physical body – a soul-infused personality.

Building our House – 1st Section of Brain

MB900185702_house38The animal-based brain is responsible for all body functions. It also provides the vehicle for the seedcore, the storehouse of treasures that the incarnating entity brings with him. This animal-based brain provides the “canvas” for the picture the soul wishes to paint. Perhaps you could picture it as the bare ground where you want to build a house. This lot has all the utilities in place, such as the water, sewer, gas and electric (compare to body functions) so you can begin to build your house with these tools already established.

The incarnating soul digs the basement and stores his goods there (traits he brought into this incarnation with him) until the first floor of the house is laid. Then he can begin shaping up that first floor into rooms and decorating it with his choice of carpet and paint. This would compare to the age of four and the forming of a new personality.


Second Section of the Mind – Dimensions 4-5-6 (Emotional Body Section)

smallemoBrain-When you have moved through the twelfth level of mind dimension three you “graduate” into the second section consisting of mind dimensions 4-5-6. This is the emotional body section and work is begun on merging the soul-infused personality with the half of soul on the inner planes. This takes place once the individual evolves to level six. It is only at this point that the individual can receive direct guidance from the half soul left on the inner planes. It also seems that emotion can’t be assisted with or controlled by the inner plane soul until this synthesization takes place. When this takes place you “graduate” to the third section.

Building our House – 2nd Section of Brain – 1st Stage of Synthesization

MB900185694_house41The incarnating soul eventually finds just one floor too confining and begins building the second story. This would be when he returns to the basement and brings up the goods he stored there to furnish the second story of his home. When the first story was completed he was so wrapped up in furnishing it with new items and decorating it the way he wanted that he more or less forgot about the stuff he had stored in the basement. Now, when building the second story, he realizes that he has much in the basement that needs to be looked at and either utilized in his house or discarded.

Perhaps there is a perfectly good television down there but it is small and the picture somewhat fuzzy. He goes through a battle with himself over whether to use this TV or not. He tries to decide whether to keep it because the person who gave it to him means a lot to him and he is sentimental over it, or to discard it in favor of a newer, more enlightened model of TV. A newer TV would have a sharper picture, more channels available, better color and a remote control. He goes through this battle with almost everything he had stored in the basement, either keeping it or discarding it. What a job this is. No wonder he didn’t want to do this when he was building and furnishing the first story of his home.

When he gets through this process, he finds he is able to use the whole house now, including the basement that was previously stacked with boxes. This gives him a very complete home and very complete feeling. Most people are content to spend the rest of their life in this home. This relates to the first stage of synthesization, that of the soul-infused personality – the soul in incarnation being blended with the personality.

Third Section of the Mind – Dimensions 7-8-9 (Mental Body Section)

Ysmallour graduation from the second section, at mind dimension six, leads you to the third section, mind dimensions 7-8-9. You work in this area attempting to communicate with the other half of your soul that you blended with at level six, and the thoughts of your seedcore which is a collection of the wisdom and knowledge of all those in your spiritual family tree. This leads you to complete connection with your personal guidance system at level nine – the second stage of synthesization.

Building our House – 3rd Section of Brain – 2nd Stage of Synthesization

MB900185696_house40Some people aren’t content with the house at this stage. They feel they need to have even more room to expand. They believe they would like to add a third story to house their interests, a place where they could pursue the subjects that fascinate them, such as photography, or making stained glass, or learning all there is know about a certain country, or pursing philosophical interests. They need to have a library where they can do research and a communication system to be in touch with others interested in the same subjects. They build the third story and feel very satisfied and complete. This relates to the second stage of synthesization that of contact with the half of the soul on the inner planes.



Fourth Section of the Mind – Dimensions 10-11-12 (Spiritual Body Section)

smallspiritualBrainWhen the connection is made, at the twelfth level of mind dimension nine, then the soul on the inner planes enlists the help of a Master teacher along with their seedcore, as the move is made into the fourth section, levels 10-11-12. Level ten is the scientific section. Level eleven is focused on spiritual truths and level twelve is connection with the total mind of the Creator. The third level of synthesization occurs when all aspects of the half of the soul in incarnation and the half of the soul not in incarnation merge with the overshadowing spirit and attain the ability to be in communication with the mind of the Creator. This takes place at level twelve when you reach the “apex of your mind.” This is the final “icing on the cake,” if you will, after the synthesization or blending of the other parts has taken place. This means that the total creative channel has been built – the third stage of synthesization.

Building our House – 4th Section of Brain – 3rd Stage of Synthesization

MB90018570_fliphouse374At this time the incarnating soul usually focuses in on one certain subject and realize they need to have a laboratory. They want to pursue the experiments they wish to make to further the knowledge for humanity about a certain subject, so they build the fourth story.

They finally finish their home with a very substantial roof on the top, one that is glass so they can see out the top of their house and watch the stars and the moon and the sun. Without this glass roof they would feel too confined. This is the third stage of synthesization, that of connection with the apex of your mind, your God Within. This is being “One with God,” the goal of every incarnating soul.


What Happens When You Die

The following is a little difficult to understand, but needs to be explained so the rest of the process makes sense.



The seedcore is the holder of the family tree. It comes back & spins off another personality. All your former lives are part of the seedcore. Good & bad are separated here and only the beautiful and creative lives are kept. All it takes is one plus deed to let any lifetime become part of the soul. If nothing was achieved in that life, than no part of it will remain. This is the true meaning of death.




MB900430643_earth1The soul is spun off the seedcore which is what is used over and over again on planet four (earth) with new physical forms and personalities for every incarnation. The term seedcore is the family that the half of the soul in incarnation has access to. The other half of the soul, the one not in incarnation, is also here in the seedcore.
The individual seedcore is what stays and reincarnates each time. Your individual soul, which spun off from the seedcore, goes with your personality. You do not die, but the soul-infused personality that you are now does not come back to earth.







The seedcore goes to the inner planes with you, the personality-soul, when you cross over. You are one at this point. You read charts of your seedcore’s progress, have conferences with teachers, discuss mistakes and areasMB900422803_charts3 where lessons are needed. You, with much help from your teachers and guides, plan what the seedcore’s next try will be like, the lessons that are needed, the goal, etc.






MB900083225_rocket3The seedcore then separates from you, similar to the stages that separate from a rocket. You, the personality-soul with all the knowledge of the seedcore still in your memory-computer bank, stay and progress onward on the inner planes. That same knowledge that you have in the little piece of seedcore that has spun off and stayed in you, (your individual soul), also stays in the central seedcore that reincarnates into another body. Your seedcore, which you spun off of, is what comes back. It spins off another personality- soul combination that you help to create. Your twin soul’s seedcore does the same.







The Akashic Records are Similar to Documentary Films

This process, the way all this is handled, is similar to documentary films kept in a projection room (Akashic Records room). There are rolls of records in the Akashi record room. The individual lives are each stacked on top of each other as “cans” of film in a projection room. Instead of using a numbering system for the cans of film the notes of the chromatic musical scale are used.








When twelve lives have been completed for each trip through the chromatic scale, the group of twelve rolls or cans of film are wrapped together and labeled with the musical tone of that particular set of lessons. The rolls of twelve are then turned sideways and stored with the previous musical tone. They are left standing upright in front of the bin for that soul, the male and female bins are side by side.

MB900286272_film2When each have completed twelve lives for the same musica l tone, they make a “documentary” of the positive and negative aspects of each life. The negative aspects or lessons that need to be learned are stored on one film to be worked on in the future. The positive lives are weighed or compared to the previous negative documentary and those attitudes that were transmuted by either half of the spark are eliminated from the negative documentary.







As you can see, it is a system of pluses and minuses of the combined lessons learned by either half. Whoever chooses to incarnate the next time chooses which items on the negative documentary film they want to transmute and then they refer to the positive film to choose past strengths gained. You can see why you need to be in contact with your other half. The strengths you need to draw on may have been a strength gained by your other half instead of you. If you never reach contact with the other half you most likely will not transmute the negative attitudes you chose to work on so they can be eliminated from the negative documentary.




MB900364300_spongeThis seedcore of each, their individual seedcore, is like a porous rock or stone, or perhaps a sponge. All the tiny cells of this sponge are filled with all this great and beautiful knowledge of former incarnations. It is compressed in each to as small an area as possible. This sponge needs to become as though soaked with water. It will swell and expand inside each and the knowledge locked in these tiny black holes of cells will be released. The way to get it to expand is through meditation, imagination and visualization. But first there must be the awareness that it is there inside of each, in the brain of which only 15 to twenty percent is being used now. These cells of the sponge must be enlarged for evolution to go forward.




MB910215933_rebirth1True Meaning of “Born Again” is “Rebirth into Continuity”

As God shattered Himself into individual sparks and entered human bodies, so also does the human at the same stage in evolution shatter himself. This is called a “rebirth into continuity,” the true meaning of being “born again.” It releases his former incarnations and from that time on he will be able to be in communication with all his previous personalities and also – as he continues opening unused levels of his mind – with future personalities that the seedcore is planning. Each of these seedcores of energy provide access to all the previous personalities that had lived on the earth plane at one time. The way this happens is if the personality on the earth plane in a physical body opens up the higher levels of his mind, he causes a “rebirth into continuity.”




MB900448681_MoonThe moon, though considered “dead” still fills an area of time and space. So humans, when “dead,” are also still in time and space. You see, an entities’ former incarnations are in time and space and, up until this shattering, are in a vacuum inside the mind of the human. The shattering allows them to take form and rise up and expand into the universe.







This rebirth into continuity frees the previous personalities inside his mind. It frees all the knowledge and wisdom gained in these other lives, making this wisdom available for others to use. This also begins the growing and evolving process for these past incarnations. This is the true meaning of the term to be “born again” for which the correct wording is a “rebirth into continuity.”







You see, all your former lives are part of this seedcore. This is the point where the good and bad are separated and only the good, beautiful and creative lives are kept. This is the true meaning of death. If the life you lead has been so degrading and so unspiritual, that you cannot pull it back up with help on the inner planes, then that particular personality truly “dies.” It will not linger on. No part of it will be incorporated into the seedcore to have everlasting life. As an example, say you had a lived a life as a murderer we’ll call Bob. If you never did anything good in that life, Bob would not live eternal life. Yet if Bob, before he died repented and gave money to help a blind child or his mother, then Bob would become an eternal part of the soul and live on. All it takes is one plus deed to allow any lifetime to incorporate as an eternal part of the soul.


Getting to Know Yourself






You must learn to know yourself and love yourself. Knowing yourself must be the first step. When you begin to know yourself better, first will come freedom from guilt and second, you will gain self-respect. After that will come the stage of self-like, then self-admiration, and finally self-love in the way it was meant to be.



MB900446188_people4To Know Oneself Physically

Where the physical body fits into all this is in the ability to enable the mind to work better. Thus the experimental nutritional Garden of Eden. Those in the higher planes knew from the beginning of their experiment on planet earth that the nourishment of the physical forms that the souls entered would determine the growth and thinking capacity of the human brain. The human brain was what the soul would infiltrate then to carry on with experiential life on the earth plane. Therefore, nutrition and exercise are of the utmost importance.

The condition of the physical body will aid the brain in thinking, which can then push for further thought in nutrition, which will then influence the person to eat more wisely and thus increase their thinking. When the quality of food and the quantity of nutrition is increased the brain will function better and this will allow the soul to gain a stronghold which can then influence the spiritual thoughts, which will then work to control the emotions, which will then help the physical body to quit eating for comfort and the cycle will start again. If this cycle could be instigated in all from an early age on, the growth of humans would be fantastic.






To Know Oneself Emotionally

To know oneself emotionally is something that most people do know. They know what “tears at their heart” and makes them feel like crying or actually makes them cry. Most of the time they know what makes them angry, jealous or resentful. Here again, the lower emotions are the easiest to pinpoint. They are, therefore, the easiest to work on to change. The changing of these will go hand in hand with the changing and expanding of spiritual concepts. The changing of all emotion will go hand in hand with the changing of guidelines to live ones life by.





To Know Oneself Mentally

Now if the mental body does not have any interest in changing or even thinking about guidelines or spiritual concepts, then there is not much hope for growth in this person. The mind, the mental focus of a human, is the controller of his growth and progress in each lifetime. Therefore, this is the place where all growth must start, is in the mental thought. It must focus on who you are, what you are doing, what you want to change, what you have outgrown and so on and so forth.

The mental knowingness is not quite so difficult to achieve, as most people know what interests them to think about and what challenges them to push their thoughts further and deeper. It is this pushing of thoughts further and deeper that will help you know yourself mentally. In my case I know that I’m interested in scientific concepts and it is by pushing them further and deeper that I’m able to bring forth the new technology that I do. Therefore, it is a concrete fact that I am scientifically minded. This is what it means to know yourself.

Now, if you don’t like who you find yourself out to be mentally, there is a possibility of changing it. For instance, I changed from being totally interested in music to being interested in science, but the first interest is the basic building blocks of the second as both will be for the third area of interest I will find someday. If people could realize this, then they would be able to accept changes that come in their life and look at where they are leading them. One must keep changing to allow the development of the primary goal to take place. If one gets stuck in the first area of interest, he will not progress much mentally. Change is the giver of life. Accept it; welcome it with enthusiasm and you will then be able to live in joy.






To Know Oneself Spiritually

To know oneself spiritually, one must examine what guidelines they are living their life by and examine their conscience to determine if these guidelines are still viable for where they are in life at that time. Can a guideline be changed thus allowing the consciousness to expand? If the guideline cannot be changed without bringing into play the “brakes” of the conscience, then this particular guideline is still very much ingrained in ones beingness.

Therefore, the way to expand and grow is to work with tight concepts and guidelines given you as a child as to right and wrong actions and see if you can loosen the effect on the conscience that new action causes. If it still causes the conscience to come into play no matter how much you try to change, then this is a concept that is spiritual truth for you and you will live your life by it and carry it over into your next. One should test out all the guidelines they are living by to be absolutely sure they are right and true and unchangeable for them.





The Real You

This then forms the real you as far as your spiritual self goes. The search for the God Within remains ever the same. It does not change with each new generation. It is the age-old path of wisdom that remains forever. The search for the individual does begin with the conscience, which gets right down to a look at their attitudes towards those they’re associated with in their everyday life. Also their overview attitudes which will in turn affect their attitude towards individuals. If one has an attitude against a certain race or religion as a whole this will immediately color this person’s attitude when they meet an individual of this race or religion.



Your Spiritual Journey Compared to a Mouse




Picture a mouse running on the shore of a lake. He eats, sleeps and dies on the bank of this lake. His body disintegrates, but the part of the mouse that lived on could now rise beyond what he could see and know in his environment of the area around the lake (planet earth).







Now he had traveled at times all around the lake, had even ridden across the lake on a log from side to side and end to end. There was even a tree that extended way out over the narrow part of the lake and met a tree from the other side and he crossed the lake on this tree high above the water.





thDQIZD3JK_walls 2


But he could not climb the sheer rock cliffs that surrounded the lake and had no idea what the surrounding territory looked like. He didn’t know if there were more lakes or not.









He had lived numerous lives (reincarnations on earth) always in the area around his lake. But this time when he dies he (his spirit) does not merely hover over this lake waiting for a chance to reenter the body of a baby mouse (reincarnate on earth). His spirit continues to rise. It is so light and free it rises above the sheer rock cliffs and he finally can see the surrounding territory.


















There are more lakes, similar but somehow much more beautiful, and none of them have the sheer rock cliffs around them that had held him prisoner in one area for so long. Now that he can see and know how much more there really is, he is no longer as interested in his old lake (planet earth).








In between lives on the old lake when hovering above waiting (on the astral planes), he used his widened vision to mentally tell his brothers and sisters of food supplies at one end of the lake or other or tell them of a branch that wasn’t safe that he could see and they could not. Maybe he spotted a big cat lurking inside a cave and warned them. He did what he could, always, to help those below with his expanded knowledge if they would listen (channeling).








But now that he sees the immensity of the rest of the territory, he now wanted to tell those down there, in that little lake at the base of the sheer rock cliffs, what he could see and what lay ahead of them all, and urge them to be better mice so they could rise up to that area where he was and see what he could see. He no longer wanted to warn them of cats and broken limbs, although he would if they asked.









What he really wanted to do was move on out into that huge territory and experience all the other lakes (higher planets). But it was hard leaving his family. He had been with them for so long and would miss them, but oh, how exciting these new places looked and how beautiful! If only he could somehow stay in touch with his family.









Then he was met by a wise old mouse who told him he could stay in touch by making contact with one special mouse (a chela or student) down on the old lake and telling him his plans and asking him to communicate his experiences to the rest of the mice.






thTZQL5ZHH_mouse on rock




He waited at the top of the sheer rock cliff until his contact with one special mouse was secure and now he is moving on.








He knew that he had had his last time (last reincarnation) on that “lake” when he continued to rise. Now he is free of the earth plane and the earth’s total system and is on “vacation” before starting a new round of duties. He has been promoted and will no longer be in contact with as many on the earth plane, only those who go with him through their bond. There will be one taking over the work he did to help that first “lake” and he will do a good job. This first mouse has other “lakes to explore.”

In the Beginning

Lyrics from the “The creation Suite” by Norma Hicko  x


It is I who see all
From a viewpoint high above
A swirling cloud of energy
With thoughts of truth and love.
I have legions I employ
To get many tasks done
I am the energy for your universe
I am your Sun, I am your Son.
Gases swirled and exploded
Raining fire and ashes down onto Earth below
As we watched hushed and silent
He is our Sun.
The power and the glory of God
Will be forever
He is our Sun,
He is our Son.
The planets moved away from their birthplace
And as the first one was lifted and on its own
It was beautiful to see
Like a babe taking its first step
This first born Son, this first born Son.
sun connected
As each moved off into the cosmos
The silence was broken by a musical tone
The Spirit Mind was still connected to each one, through a tiny line
This is the way He sends His thoughts down, to all His children
They were each a Sun, they were a Son.
The Creator’s thoughts formed
Into sunsets and dawns
They were His Suns
They were all His Sons.
They gathered two by two in silence
Then joined in purity
And joined in harmony
A chorus strong and beautiful to see.

Suddenly came discontent
Then came the storms
Winds started howling
Rain came pouring down
The lightning flashed
The storms grew angrier
With the power and glory of our Sun
The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed and reached out
As each grew larger, stronger, hotter
Reaching further, growing meaner, tensions building, tempers growing
Then the lightning bolts exploded, sizzled, sparks drifted down.
As the fire came raining down
Everything was covered
First the ground was washed all over
With a light and glistening rain
Over which God hovered
Next came the coating
On all the trees and beautiful flowers
Giving them luster of their own
So they could reflect the perfect light
Of their only Sun.
Then came the fire and glory
That shattered into sparks that glowed
And found their home in us.


 We were really quite blessed
To receive this love
This love from our father.
What a most glorious sight
We must perfect our souls
So we can return to our Father.

Our Creator

The power and the glory
The fire and the beauty
The pain and the love.
 The wonder of Him who adored us
From His home above
You are His son, you are each His son

Have You Ever Tried to Act?

thOGCXAW8L_theater3Quite some time ago I was a member of Geauga Lyric Theater Guild in Chardon, Ohio. I played the piano and organ in the pit orchestra and also served in other capacities – board member, set design, choreography and costuming. The only time I tried to do any acting I hated every minute of it. I had one line to say playing the role of Pat in The Seven Year Itch and I couldn’t even say that right. I never tried acting again. I could play the piano in front of a crowd of 5000 people with no problem, and I have played the organ for the President of United States, Gerald Ford, and it didn’t bother me, but I couldn’t say one line in a play. Some people were born to act and they just love it. But I guess acting wasn’t what I was meant to do.



Theater is good for some adults, because when they can pretend they are someone else they can remove their vanity from a situation and express their feelings by hiding behind the character. I think theater productions should be one of the main tools of educators through role playing to help students understand many things. A few teachers are trying this, but more need to use this tool. Role playing is an excellent tool for spiritual growth.

If you had to structure the way the education of the human race was handled you might just come up with the same answer that the Creator God did – reincarnation. You see, the divine spark can be compared to an actor. The same spark returns each lifetime trying again as a different personality. The old personality moves on up the inner planes of earth, learning by watching and studying.

It would be as an actor playing, creating actually, many different roles, and keeping theseroles in his memory bank until he had performed one hundred and forty-four differentcharacters. The experiences that each character went through as the actor played the role, influences the actor’s performance of the next role, and when playing the next role the actor can draw on something he learned as he played the previous part.


thGM85XM53_win gs

These previous roles wait in the wings, backstage, watching, learning and helping whenthey can until the actor has performed one hundred and forty-four different roles. Theseroles, personalities, are not “dead” but neither can they get in front of the footlights again. But a part of each of them, the best traits and experiences, are embodied in the actor – the divine spark.






This actor, pumped full of all the experiences and wisdom and knowledge of one hundredand forty-four lifetimes, then gets “married.” He meets his opposite half and they “blend”into one unisex soul, (they are called divine sparks until they are blended – reunited withthe twin – then they are called souls,) with 288 lifetimes of experiences so they are very wise.

The spark joins the other half of the spark left on the inner planes and as a whole spark, now called a soul, it does an accepting and rejecting of all its past lifetimes. It is almost like reviewing a group of plays wherein you were the star, and deciding the best roles you played. You analyze everything and perhaps one small line that was delivered quite eloquently from one play will be the only thing to go on the plus sheet for that play. But this is enough for that play to stay on the roster of good plays.



The souls then move on to become teachers of acting in the same “School of the Arts,” but no longer care, at this stage, to be in front of the footlights again. They want to teach and train and help their younger brothers and sisters as they have their turn to perform “on stage.”





thZAGVLFWT_circles3Creation goes around in circles, thus reincarnation of all things – cells, souls, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes – is the only possible way for it all to happen. Recirculation continues forever and ever. It never ends. The divine spark can never be destroyed. Whatever is stated as applying to the universe as a whole also applies to each separate planet, each individual and each cell in the human body.


The Creator applied to planets                                 Space, air or energy waves

The Creator applied to humans                                Oversoul, energy lines

The Creator applied to cells                                      Blood, energy lines


Recirculation of planets done by                               Central core

Recirculation of humans done by                              evolution

Recirculation of cells done by                                    Heart


Reincarnation takes place for planets in                    Eternity, time, space

Reincarnation takes place for humans in                   Earth

Reincarnation takes place for cells in                         Body


Evolutionary plan for planets                                    Twelve planes of Oversoul

Evolutionary plan for humans                                   Twelve levels of earth plane

Evolutionary plan for cells                                         Twelve times every seven years


Groups as applied to planets                                     Galaxies

Groups as applied to humans                                    Spiritual families

Groups as applied to cells                                          Organs


Excerpted from “The Awesome Realm of the Soul” – Volume 3 of the New Millennium  NoteBooks by Norma Hickox

Are You Ready?

thEV2LD6QShole4_gardenWorship in the future will not be held in churches. It will either be in the outdoors or in musical greenhouse environments for true spiritual worship which is, after all, communion with the Creator. These structures or gardens will also encompass all of His kingdoms in one way or another. It will be a place of the most beautiful spiritual happenings that will be available on earth, because when all the components of original creation are present it will bring spiritual fulfillment at long last to humanity.


These Worship Gardens will be enlightening and inspirational lecture/concert/art displays. Can you picture going to worship in a beautiful garden environment? There’s nothing to block your communication with yourself which is what worship should be. Instead of sitting in a stuffy closed room that is often dark and gloomy, you would be free to experience all the beauty of your existence. Instead of listening to another person’s sermon (which is actually attending his/her university) you would be attending your own university – your own source of information.

The need for love that humanity has can be filled by true spiritual worship, which is the communion of your mind, body and soul as one synthesized unit in complete rapport with universal harmony. It can be accomplished and should be, on a regular basis as food, if you will, for the soul; a feast of love that will be fulfilling to each on a different time schedule.

 In other words, one may need to have this period of worship weekly, another daily, and another monthly. It is a very individual, personal need of each ones soul and can be accomplished in any place. It does not and probably will not need to be in a church building.

images27OMJ2QM_path3But we are not at this stage yet! There is a loosely structured path that can be followed to help us be ready for the advent of Worship Gardens. The following will give you an idea of the path of the individual.


  • The first stage is developing a conscience.
  • The second stage is that of controlling the emotions.
  • The third stage is that of sexual and magic exploration.
  • The fourth stage is where all are stuck in the various branches of the churches. (This is why planet number four (earth) has to be experienced over and over again before one is ready to move on. This is the stage humanity is in – experiencing over and over again the different branches of churches before moving on to the stage of intelligence on their own.)
  • The fifth stage is that of metaphysical groups – a necessary bridging phase between religion and the use of the intelligent mind..
  • The sixth stage is that of intelligence and blazing new trails alone.
  • The seventh stage is that of the total synthesized divine man.

images6KMYVVZY_school2Starting on the path of enlightenment is the start of a new journey. This journey will be lifelong. The following analogy is just one way that the spiritual life could be presented to those on the path of progress who are trying to understand their spiritual life. I would like you to think of and compare the spiritual path to the levels of progress of the first seven grades of elementary school.


1.     First grade is learning to leave home, to be away from the parenting influence. This is a frightening experience to most people. It can be related to those leaving the church teachings, those comforting, homey teachings and coming under a teacher they have never known before. But just like a child entering the first grade, a great big, wide, wonderful world begins to open up for them.

2.    The second grade is then entered. This is where the child is taught to work in groups, to cooperate and blend and harmonize to a fuller extent than he could in first grade. The teachings are furthered by organizing little study groups that come together about every three weeks and then exchange bits and pieces of their stories. The children in the second grade basically learn harmony with others.

3.    The third grader is beginning to realize that he or she is different from all those others. There are always little squabbles going on at recess on the playground. They must learn just how far they can go to express their new found individuality. The third grade is one of the most important grades in the stages of growth, not only for grade school children but also for all humanity in the over-all path

4.    The fourth grader again works back towards getting along with others, accepting the fact that Bobby is better than he at drawing or Janie can read faster. But a wise teacher will try to bring out one main activity in each student that can be developed more in this one than in others. This fourth grade stresses self-esteem and the value of each member as far as his contributions to the whole grade.

5.    Fifth graders are the most loving of all the classes in school. They are back to learning after the summer vacation and realize they are truly glad to be together. The teacher draws on this togetherness and has them demonstrate to the younger grades how well they get along. They may not make as much progress as other grades but they settle in and become part of all the knowledge and learning gained thus far.

6.    Those in the sixth grade are struggling with their individuality. They sense that they are on the brink of new discoveries. This stage is one of great growth and discovery of what one’s own self is really all about and should be encouraged by their teachers. Sixth graders are at a crucial point in their development as loving individuals and are at the critical point as far as having self-esteem ingrained into their being.

7.    The move to seventh grade at last! Doubts and uncertainties abound in this grade but they are gaining self-confidence. These seventh graders make excellent teacher’s helpers. In fact, this should be encouraged and instigated into our school systems. Even the Creator God Himself would benefit from all this, believe me, because He would have that many more new, creative ideas being put forth into the atmosphere.



untitled_man1Until now progress for both humanity as a whole and man as an individual has been stopped. Before humanity as a whole can be taken any further on his evolutionary journey, those in the higher planes must place their hope on a few individuals who do not accept the church as the final authority. These people will have the courage to move past it and blaze new trails leading to the use of the intelligent mind. These people will be able to tie together all past experiences collectively and individually and use them to balance themselves out to being synthesized, totally divine beings, surely the same as the example given in the Christ many long years ago.

We’re on our Way!


How hard would it be and how long do you think it would take you to dig up a football field with a teaspoon to the level of one foot deep. It’s an impossible job with no end in sight, isn’t it? Well this is what it seems like humans are doing when they try to correct their very complicated makeup with simple tools. It cannot be done! To be able to understand the tools needed they must first understand their complicated makeup. This is where the Chrysalis Teachings come into the picture.




thNTX69FAI_leap3The first part of the teachings is the designing of the human being, the second part is the stage of the new creation that he is in, and the third part will be the Science of Music for the future giving us much new technology. At this time humanity will take a huge leap forward in evolution, one of the quantum leaps. And the Chrysalis Teachings will have been one of the instigators of this quantum leap. Does this bring it home as to how important these teachings are?




Four Guidelines of the Teachings

1.The spiritual search must be an individual one. What is one person’s truth will not necessarily be another person’s truth. There is a wealth of material out there, some good, some mediocre, some bad. All of it has its place and will reach exactly the right people at the right time as they will search until they find what feels right to them. The Chrysalis Teachings are some of the best material coming through as they are written in an easy to understand manner.
2.Getting rid of preset ideas – old outdated thought forms from previous religious training is probably the most difficult stage and naturally must be the first stage. One of the best aids in searching for your true history is the knowledge stored inside your own being. The best way to help yourself is to read and study all you can about contacting the center of your own being, or attend classes if any are held in your area.

3.Philosophy is a gathering together of the thinking processes of many great humans over a period of time. The new way will be using Spiritual Truths to pull thoughts and concepts out of the center of your own being. Philosophy is considered exoteric education, Spiritual Truths would be esoteric education, which is the direction all education must take in the future.
4.All the Master Teachers from the seventh plane and higher are making an attempt to bring through the true teachings for the good of all humanity. They are doing this by opening up channels of light on the earth plane who can then be used as transmitters to bring the teachings into earth language and understanding as far as what is known and experienced and used on the higher planes.




thZOL1932U_babe2Chrysalis is a state of expectation. It is similar to that period of waiting while in the mother’s womb waiting to begin a new life. This comparison of Chrysalis to a babe in the womb puts the progress of humanity at the same comparative level in their progress towards a new life, which will be as the opening of the door to understanding.





th85JLQGI8_snwoflake4The Chrysalis Teachings are guidelines leading into the new society. They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for each. No church will be involved. The Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures. The purpose of The Chrysalis Teachings is to explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings.




More About the Musical Universe

More Given on Musical universe at another Channeling Session:

We would like to give a picture of life in the musical universe. We are electrical particles programmed to a specific pitch or tone. When we want to accomplish something we go into a like attracts like mode and many of one tonal pitch will congregate and blend together into one loud exciting pitch until the task is accomplished. This is what we do when transmitting to you. But at other times we will meet and tarry in harmony, blending into beautiful melodies. These melodies can be heard by some on the earth plane. You can hear them if you listen closely enough. Also we could dictate them to you through paper and pencil if you wish to experiment that way. We’ll leave this up to you. The dictation will be more “work” for us than just “being” the melodies is, because just “being” beautiful melodies is our normal state of being as we are part of the harmony of the spheres. This is our existence. What excitement it is to be able to break through the dimensional barrier and relate some of this to you.

Do not misunderstand, we also have purpose and goals just as you have and we will relate some of these to you at a later time. For now we want you to know that each of us is a complete individual unto himself when we are accomplishing our own tasks, which is perhaps healing a planet, or changing the atmosphere on another planet, or experimenting with new ways of sending messages through dimensions. This is one of my main occupations is in sending messages. I feel as though you and I have made a tremendous breakthrough in dimension crossing by the conversation we are having. I would humbly like to ask that we continue this on a more or less regular basis while we get more technology down to the earth plane. We would also like you to consider training a replacement for yourself, a younger person who can carry on this communication after you leave the earth plane. We are not saying this to startle you, just being practical.

We need to be nourished ourselves at times and this is done by grouping together into certain chords of harmony depending on what nourishment we feel we are in need of. We do not need to have food as you do for nourishment because we have no physical matter bodies to sustain, but our nourishment is in the spiritual area. You also have this same exact need and perhaps by grouping in chords of harmony you would notice a much greater uplifting of your spiritual selves.

You see we all started the same as you started and as we shed the skin of one life it continues to monitor what happens in the next and it bands together in groups and makes plans and experiments for changes that progress evolution much further. We eventually realize that we can manipulate time and space and either speed up or slow down this evolutionary progress. This is power, my friend, and those who are granted this power must be perfect spiritual entities to be allowed access to the secrets of the universe. We know that you are to be trusted. Your background in other lives is proof of that. We also see the outcome of this life and we see the path of your next three lives spread in front of us and know that you and those you are associated with will indeed progress evolution on the earth very quickly into the role of leadership of the universe.

You are the future. You and everyone else on the earth are responsible for the continuing progress and evolvement, or for the eventual destruction. There is no one up here that is giving original orders. The line of guidance evolved from scientific reactions. evolution will always continue to evolve from scientific reactions. Vibration is the creator of all life. This vibration is music in its most glorious form. The Science of Music is indeed the creator of all and the “savior” of all by being realized and brought onto the earth plane in its full glory.

We realize we are wound up this morning, but this is a breakthrough that we have wanted to give to you for a long time. Thank you so much. We are elated. So also should you be. Do not be discouraged when you think of the difficulties of bringing this into being. All those on the earth now know this to be the truth deep within their beingness. They were evolved through the same process of vibration that you were. Therefore, it will ring as truth to all who hear it. It must be that way. You are all from the same vibration that originated out of the darkness and came to life. So be it. We will stop now with this transmission and address the rest of your concerns at another time. This is the highest you have ever gone into the musical universe. The musical universe, as you have been wondering is the original universe, universe number one.

We would like to continue giving the knowledge from each of the universes following this one, but we are not through with this one as yet. There is much more to give, so much more. We are flying with excitement. This is the most tremendous breakthrough in communication, from the beginning of eternity that has ever been accomplished. You are honored in all realms. Good day to you. We love and honor you and dedicate our resources to you for the remainder of your life. May the force be always with you.

Extension of Self

When discussing the Universal Laws, one must understand that some laws will be needed for one planet that will not be necessary on higher planets, as these evolutionary worlds have outgrown the need for any laws having to do with the mating of the higher and lower selves. Planet earth still needs to have a set of laws governing this process.

This set of laws would be basically tied in with the law of extension of self. This is the best way to incorporate what needs to be said in one law. The law of extension of self would be one that all must follow as far as overreaching their own particular goals. They must and should extend their own efforts past what they can see and read in black and white and visualize a connection of self with something higher that is stretching, like a string going through them from below the earth to above the sky.

This “extension,” if visualized when meditating, would have the effect of bringing together lower and higher thought-forms, not only for themselves, but for the whole planet. It would have the effect then of helping all realize that if that string extends through the planet as it goes down, that on the other side of the planet it will also be the same string going down from those people. The strings going up beyond sight will be reaching out in all directions to other galaxies. Visualize this as the string reaching up and out from another planet which also had the strings through the center of it, ad infinatum.

These strings, then, are an extension of ourselves to all other planets where we are creating realities to progress to when we evolve to that point. But if it isn’t done now in this particular time frame we are limiting not only ourselves, but our whole planet to another round of lower nature existence. This is very difficult to explain in terms that people can understand. It is like the mass consciousness has to lift itself into a higher realm of existence by reaching up these strings, instead of letting themselves be pulled back down into the surface and below of our planet.

This is a concept that has not been discussed before in any way, shape or form, so there is no frame of reference to fit it into, but it is the first law of a lower nature existence and anyone who does not visualize this is existing outside the law, through ignorance perhaps until now, but not after it is explained to them. This is the first law that must be followed to begin the New creation. It supersedes the law of Do unto Others, etc., which will be the second law to be followed.