The Creation Suite – I am Your Sun, I am Your Son

It is I who see all
From a viewpoint high above
A swirling cloud of energy
With thoughts of peace and love.

I have legions I employ
And get many tasks done
I am the energy for your universe
I am your Sun, I am your Son.

Gases swirled and exploded
Raining fire and ashes down onto Earth below
As we watched hushed and silent
He is our Sun.

The power and the glory of God
Will be forever
He is our Sun
He is our Son.

The planets moved away from their birthplace
And as the first one was lifted and on its own
It was beautiful to see, like a babe taking its first step
This first born Sun, This first born Son.

As each moved off into the Cosmos, the silence was broken, by a musical tone
The Spirit Mind was still connected to each one, through a tiny line
This is the way He sends His thought down, to all His children
They were each a Sun, they were a Son.

The Creator’s thoughts formed into sunsets and dawns
Then joined with other groups to worship their Father
They were His Suns
They were all His Sons.

They gathered two by two in silence
Then joined in purity
And joined in Harmony
A chorus strong and whole and beautiful to see.

Suddenly came discontent
Then came the storms
Winds started howling
Rain came pouring down

The lightning flashed
The storms grew angrier
With the power and glory of our Sun

The thunder rolled, the lightning flashed and reached out
As each grew larger, stronger, hotter
Reaching further, growing meaner, tensions building, tempers growing
Then the lightning bolts exploded, sizzled, sparks drifted down.

As the fire came raining down
Everything was covered
First the ground was washed all over
With a light and glistening rain
Over which God hovered.

Next came the coating on all the trees and beautiful flowers
Giving them luster of their own
So they could reflect the perfect light
Of the only Sun.

Then came the fire and glory
That shattered into sparks that glowed
And found their home in us.

We were really quite blessed
To receive this love
This love of our Father.

What a most glorious gift
We must perfect our souls
So we can return to our Father.

The power and the glory
The fire and the beauty
The pain and the love.

The wonder of Him who adored us
From His home above
You are His Son,
He is our Sun.

Levels of the Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

This seventh chakra, the crown chakra is one of the main chakras to work through to do channeling. This chakra was a result of the combining of all the other chakras into one that allows for reaching your inner being, or your God Within. It is the frosting on the cake for the human, the goal for all to strive for. This chakra was not reached until the Renaissance period. A few individuals started reaching the ability for inner communication with not just themselves, but also with the conglomerate that was in charge of guiding planet earth at that time. This period was that of the master musicians and the great artists. It also incorporated the breaking up of the stronghold of the Catholic Church – the Crusades. All of this activity took place because the crown chakra came into being at that time. It is a relatively new chakra for the human and many do not have it open – any stage of it.

1st Level

The first stage of the crown chakra is that of being aware that there is an inner part of you – something bigger than what is going about the daily activity of living. Not all are born with this knowingness even today. Some acquire it after birth, but very few are born with this stage of the chakra open. The opening of this chakra is usually a result of the development of all the other chakras in a lifetime and it is normally reached at an older age than all the other chakras.

2nd Level

The second stage of the crown chakra is the ability to “hear” the inner voice, that still small voice within.

3rd Level

The third stage is simply that of using this ability. This is as far as most people progress to in a lifetime.

4th Level

The fourth stage is where they should be progressed to but aren’t. This is the use of this ability to contact other dimensions outside of yourself. By this I mean the inner being of others you are associated with. This is not reading their thoughts on a level of daily physical activity. This is a much deeper communication with them, a soul communication, a working together on the inner planes that carries over as a knowingness into the daily life.

5th Level

The fifth level is one of attaining the Christ Consciousness, that of knowing beyond a doubt that all are one and that one is the mind of the creator.

6th Level

The sixth stage is living your life by this knowledge – serving your fellow man as well as yourself. In channeling it is the incorporation of the higher thoughts into the animal-based brain of the individual. What this means is that it will seem more and more like the person’s own mind when they are actually channeling. Even the person will not be able to tell quite often that they are channeling. This is, of course, the proper way for the channel to be used. The channel is, after all, the stream of intelligence that is available to everyone who works at receiving it. The more subdued the animalistic instincts of the animal-based brain, the more strongly this stream of intelligence can enter. Therein lies the makings of our geniuses.

7th Level

The seventh stage of the crown chakra is that of being a messiah, a savior for the people who cannot reach this stage. They need to know there is more to their lives than what they experience and those at the seventh level are prepared to bring them this knowledge.

8th Level

The eighth level is that of calm and peacefulness and total acceptance of self and others. When at level seven waiting to access level eight, sometimes the energy for the eighth level can be described as a whirling around the head or a feeling as though a bird is sitting on your head flapping its wings. When you accept this level or stage and let this energy enter the brain instead of keeping it outside whirling effortlessly around your brain, then will you achieve all that you want.

The Apex of the Mind is the inner part of the crown chakra and is not reached until and unless the crown chakra is open. The apex is, biologically speaking, a thin part of the skull directly on the topmost part of the head when holding the head straight.

Levels of the Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye

The sixth chakra is one that at present is open on everyone to stage three when they are born. The first stage of this chakra was in actual vision that the early forms had – the first forms that were born after the separation from the animals took place. The higher genes that were inseminated caused an inner eye to form that was a transforming of the antennae on certain animals. The antennae was the ear, if you remember, as given in the material on the evolution of sound. This forming of the third eye took some of the energy away from the ear chakra, which is partly why it is not so developed on the human today, and it formed an inner antennae, which is what the third eye really is.

The third eye, the mystical eye that is in between your own two physical manifestation of eyes, is for your sight on your inner journey and is every bit as important as the eyes for the outer journey. Now, your outer journey can be made without sight in either of your physical eyes or with partial sight. The same as for the inner journey and the third eye. But visualize physical life without your sight, or only part of it, and realize all that you would miss – the gorgeous colors of earth, the expressions on people’s countenances and the look into the window of their soul by looking into their physical eyes. The same is missed on your inner journey if blind in the third eye. As usually happens when one is blind physically, the other senses take over or try to compensate for the lack of this sense.
The same on the inner journey. When the third eye is not open, or only partially, the other centers try to take over or compensate for it, if you will.

In the physical world when this happens, one other sense usually takes over the biggest share. The hearing sense compensates for facial expression as it picks up nuances in the vocal expression and puts this into the computer of the mind and this, along with the sense of smell and other things, all combine to help this one form an opinion of someone or some situation.

In the inner world, the senses that can compensate for lack of sight of the inner eye are stronger and more able to compensate because the third eye chakra was deliberately closed, sealed off, because of misuse and that energy sent to other chakras. This is the same as happens in the physical world, only the ability to compensate is stronger in the inner experience because the physical eyes were not deliberately sealed off in humanity so that it is more difficult for other senses to compensate, but it can be and is done eventually.

The point being made here is that the compensation being done for the lack of inner vision is different in each. Some use one other chakra more strongly than another. In other words, the compensation can and does take on more variety. In some they use the crown chakra, depending on if it’s open. Some compensate with the throat, some the heart, most use the solar plexus. They are able, then, to form their opinions and conclusions based on their compensating chakra, the same as a blind person forms his opinions and conclusions based on their compensating organ.

As a physically blind person can misinterpret, so also can an inwardly blind person. Think about this and relate incidents in your mind to the two circumstances.

1. Those using the sacral plexus will most likely shade everything and all opinions sexually.
2. Those using the solar plexus will slant everything to ESP, “I sense that he is thinking this way, etc.”
3. Those using the heart will become emotional about every situation, whether it has any bearing on his circumstances or not.
4. Those using the throat will try to talk everyone down with his own opinion.
5. Those using the crown will come up with the deepest, purest, truth about any and all situations.

When and if the third eye is opened, this over-compensating chakra will back off and not be as strong. The danger of having the third eye open without the checks and balances of the other chakras is as compared to what happened in Atlantis.

Some use the throat chakra to such a degree that nothing else works. These are the ones that are hard to balance. Remember, please, that their sacral plexus is open as is the solar plexus and combined with the throat chakra present a blockage that must be opened to allow the heart and eventually the crown to operate or this one is operating with no conscience and a big ego.

Those in the Unity course of study are operating with the third eye partially open, but not the crown and solar plexus. They are operating on sacral plexus, heart, throat and third eye partially opened. Their problem is that the solar plexus, the intuition, and the crown need to open before any more third eye should be developed.

Those of the Christian Science church have the most balance of all. Their chakras are all equally balanced and this is why they are successful in healing. None will ever become great prophets or great psychics or great healers because of this balance and perhaps are better off. One of the chakras must be stronger than the others to become great in any one area – the crown for prophets, the third eye for psychics and the solar plexus for healers.
Does this surprise you that I say solar plexus for healing? This is the energy director, the traffic cop, and this chakra must be very strong, overly strong in one who wants to heal others. Remember the Christian Science mostly work on healing themselves, except for a few who try to help others.

1st Level
The first stage of the sixth chakra, then, was actual vision with the human eyes shut. These early forms had the ability to see whatever was in their path at night or with their eyes closed during the day. Those who are born blind today revert to this ability as a matter of instinct. They sense these objects but do not see them clearly. The early forms were able to see them clearly.

2nd Level
The second stage of this chakra was the ability to see into the thoughts of the other humans. It was closely associated, and still is, with the human eyes. The expression that was seen in the human eye was a direct reflection of the thoughts of this other one, and the third eye learned to read these thoughts by interpreting the expression in the human eye and listening to the inflection of the vocal sounds this other one was making.

3rd Level
The third stage of this sixth chakra was that of being backed off or shut down due to the development of speech and disuse of the inner vision for safety with the civilization of the human. Fires at night made it unnecessary to use the inner vision when a torch could light the way.

4th Level
The fourth stage of this chakra is total disuse. People felt better and more secure using their outer sensory aids and this chakra fell into disuse.

5th Level
The fifth stage of the third eye is a resurgence of inner vision with a focus of the large universe in miniature. This begins as a sensing of colors and patterns of the other planets.

6th Level
The sixth stage is that of the return of being able to read the thoughts of others.

7th Level
The seventh stage is inward vision, in micro form, of events that take place on the other planets. In other words, a miniature vision of the macro universe. It is as though you have a television set that can be tuned to the other large planets in the universe and a tiny micro size television receiver in your forehead.

8th Level
The eighth stage of this chakra is to be able to take these micro visions and enlarge them into your physical world and see them as the same size as you. This accounts for the visions that people have.

9th Level
The ninth stage of this chakra will be being able to directly ask – direct voice communication with another planet – to see certain people and communicate with them. This is what I do. I am using my third eye but do not see the visions. This one stage of this chakra is open much further on me than the stages below it. I need to tune this stage more, musically, than the other stages to enhance my transplane communication. If I wished to be one who could have visions in life size then I could tune the lower stage that applies to this. The abilities of all stages of all chakras are readily available to everyone through musical tuning but, as given earlier, must not be used indiscriminately.

10th, 11th, 12th Levels
The last three stages of this chakra are not to be talked of at this time only, again, to say that our teachers and guides embody them at all times. They are this much further ahead of us in evolution.

When I started seeing certain objects that looked as if they were made up of squiggly lines – lots of little tiny lines to the point where nothing had a definite edge to it – I was seeing just the bare beginning of the atomic structure of the matter world. This will become more definite and will be seen on more objects as time passes. It is a natural process. There is nothing wrong with my eyesight. It is the blending and combining of the powers of the third eye with the natural eyes. This is what eyesight was originally intended to be. It will become thus again as the third eye comes back into power in the restructured human being, the way it was originally intended, as the sixth sense. The ability to see with all three eyes gives one a perspective that allows the structure of creation to become apparent.

Those who can develop this can look at an object and determine its state of being. They also can do this with people. This is the making of a healer.

Cause of Earthquakes Compared to a Litter of Puppies

Earthquakes are indeed a reaction of the earth itself to the calamitous emotions being felt by the inhabitants. This is so very difficult for humans to understand and accept. Perhaps the following analogy will help with this understanding.

Untitled-1 copy

Picture a dog (planet earth) with a litter of puppies (humanity) – say a large litter of sixteen. These puppies nurse from the mother dog, but they also crawl all over her playing. Let’s assume that they are all in a cardboard box which limits the area the puppies have to roam. They more or less are forced to live their life on top of their mother’s body. As they grow larger, they also come into the animal instinct in very strong degrees. These animals’ instincts bring on fights and upheaval is prevalent at all times within this box.

At first the mother tries to control her brood by giving warnings and little nips and perhaps growls, but it soon becomes impossible to struggle against them. She resigns herself to this sort of activity on her body and slowly but surely the vibrations of the fighting dogs begin to wear away at her vital organs. It first affects the muscles of her body which causes her to not be able to move out of the way of the puppies into the corner of the box. She is slowly becoming paralyzed.

As the puppies continue to fight they are also continuing to nurse and get their sustenance from the mother dog. As the mother dog’s muscles become paralyzed partly from the vibrations that are constantly being sent into her body through their nursing and their animal instincts when fighting, she can no longer consume enough food or digest it in order to provide the milk to nurse the puppies.

The milk processing plant of her digestive system is the first to shut down. The other organs soon follow suit, but then a strange event will take place. There will become a period of time when the animal instinct body of the mother will take over and rise up as energy, unbelievable energy, in an effort to save her own life. She will find the strength to stand up and shake her body and thus shake loose the puppies and scatter them against the sides of the box. This is an inborn instinctual happening that actually would take place with humans who were being destroyed in the same manner if this were ever to take place.

At times this instinct will show up in humans as they prepare to die, but in most cases it does not, due partly to drugs that are used and also to the fact that man is leaving his instincts behind as he evolves. This is one of the instincts that survived the transition from the animal stage to the human stage, but it has slowly been bred out of the race because it was not needed as strongly in humans as in the animal kingdom.

This mother has now reestablished her power in the cardboard box and the puppies settle down, learn to eat other nourishment that is given them and not continue to feed off the mother dog. This heals her digestive system allowing nutrients from her food to heal the other organs of her body. If the puppies are not removed from the box the whole set of circumstances will take place over and over again until the puppies stop fighting and calm down their vibrations to peaceful and loving cooperation with each other and the mother dog.

This can be related to the human communities affected by not only earthquakes but also by all disasters. You can readily see the analogy of humans living of top of the mother earth. When they fight and bring forth their animal instincts they affect the harmonious pre-planned functioning, of the mother as being the one able to provide sustenance.

Please keep in mind that the human body is made up of material of the earth. The same way our bodies are sensitive seismic instruments of stress, so also is the earth from which these bodies were fashioned. It is made up of exactly the same material. The first thing affected in the mother dog was the muscles. The comparison of this to the earth are the plates that allow movement of the continents, just as the muscles of the dog allow movement of the dog. As these muscles in the dog become weak and stop her ability to process any of the bodily functions, so also does the stoppage of the movement of the plates affect other processes in the earth.

These other processes that are affected are the cause of floods, fires, volcanoes, tornadoes, snowstorms, lightning, hurricanes. All the other natural disasters that take place are the result of the stoppage of the movement of the plates which is caused by the animal instinct emotional upheavals that the humans living on the mother earth’s body are sending into her body.

When things get to the point of being no longer bearable, the natural instincts of the mother will surge forth, she will stand up and shake to remove the burden of the parasites living on her body and taking their sustenance from her nourishment. Then there will be a healing process until the whole thing happens again.

Einstein’s Theory of E=MC2 Must Change

The overall movement of a subatomic particle is in a wavelike motion, but different than that of our known frequency wave patterns. It has its own motion, that of a bouncing up and down within the line of motion that is oscillating and at the same time moving on a larger wavelength motion. There are three processes of motion being done at the same time – that of bouncing, that of oscillating, and that of moving forward in a wave of a longer determination, depending on the subatomic particle and the length of its half life. If we were to try to measure any distance over ten feet we would find most of the particles we began with did not last through the first curve of the large wave length. They are so numerous that the death of one of them is not noticed as another one is immediately there to replace it.

This is the only thing in the whole universe, any universe that dies totally. There is nothing left for it to revert to as it is the beginning coming from the Creator and He continues to create. Remember this. These subatomic particles are the only things that die, but the intelligence that is at the central core of the subatomic particles reenters the next particle. There is an unending stream of particles but only those pervaded by the spirit, that central nucleus, can survive. It is similar to what happens in the cells of our body. When the spirit withdraws, the cell will decay.

Exactly the same thing happens with the particle, only in reverse. When this cell, the outer shell of the particle, dies, the spirit enters another and continues on. The cell has the half-life, the spirit has forever life. This is the pattern of reincarnation for humans. The cell and the particle are identical in that respect.

Where do the light rays go after we see them? They are dead. They are, remember, the one substance in the universe that will not live again. They were the beginning coming directly from the Creator. The Creator continues to make new particles. He does not recycle the old. The light from our universe enters outer space and evaporates. It is as simple as that. The word evaporate on the earth plane is used to describe what happens to a liquid when it comes into contact with the atmosphere, with certain qualities in the atmosphere.

The meaning those in the higher planes are giving to the word evaporate does not imply a liquid state, but does imply the disappearance totally of the dead particles. They are absorbed, perhaps is a better word, by certain qualities in the atmosphere of outer space. They are not absorbed or caused to disappear until they are quite far from the surface of our planet. There is no figure that can be given that we would understand as far as miles go. The concept is intricately tied into our concept of light years. It is a concept that is going to have to be open for change and updating.

The glow from the distant stars we see is composed of the “dead” light particles coming from them. The amount of glow a star or planet gives off tells its age in the scheme of birth by the activity of the particles that make up its atmosphere. This is what causes the phenomenon of white or red or whatever color a particular star is giving off. A star grows to a giant white mass before dying. This is because the new particles from the Creator are no longer being brought to that planet.

As the particles there die, there is nothing to replace them. The bright light increases just before death as the thinking particles, or perhaps a better way to put it would be the particles with the spark of the Creator, have left that star and moved on to a new star to instigate the life process there. The brilliant white light is the dead particles and soon evaporates as the mass collapses inside itself, or into the black hole of death from which it will rise again, renewed and refreshed.

You see, the way the speed of light has been in the past is no longer applicable when we realize that when we are seeing the “white giant” of a star, that this star has long since imploded into the black hole and the white light is not at the point where the star had been, due to universal drift. It has moved much farther away in the expansion process of the universe. If this light were still at the spot where the planet had been it would relate to our theory of the speed of light, but it is no longer there. Therefore, it disqualifies the theory of the speed of light as we know it, because many other measurements of the distance of stars are based on these white giants. There is no way at the present time to give the new theory of the speed of light until the new science based on the evolution of Light, which is the Particle Theory, is more advanced.

As given, this will change Einstein’s theory of E=MC2, as the theory involves the speed of light which, as stated, will need to be changed to conform with the new Particle Theory. Einstein was in just exactly the right mode of thinking for the time period he lived in. It could have been no other way. But as evolution continues all disciplines in place on the earth plane must be upgraded to stay equal to the period of evolution. As the evolution of light continues, so also must the theory of the speed of light, that our scientists have been working with, be changed.

The subatomic particles are ethereal matter and are capable of tremendous energy. The matter part of them dies, the energy does not. This is the stairway into the realm of nuclear science in all its glory. The passing off of the matter stage while attaining higher degrees of energy, is what nuclear fission is all about. The new science of physics will be based on this transaction, the no longer balanced fact of mass equaling energy. This will cause considerable consternation, and even much rebellion, in present day scientists who were trained in this discipline.

It has been stated that if anyone ever disproves the law of conservation of matter and energy, the entire science of physics will fall apart. This is why the Particle Theory is going to be the basis for the new science. When it is proved conclusively to our scientists that subatomic particles do not recirculate, thereby disproving the law of conservation of matter and energy, that Einstein’s theory was based on, then the science of physics as we know it now will no longer be applicable. It has served humanity well in its present state. It simply is time to update this science as the basis for new understanding of the universe.

Levels of the Fifth Chakra – The Throat

As the throat chakra came into being, the necessity for the heart chakra was not as strong. With the coming of speech, feelings were not what were depended upon to solve the problems. Once there was a language where people could talk to each other, this brought the growth of the mental body, which was necessary. The emotional body has absolutely no balance without the mental body. The fifth chakra, that of the throat, is a very important chakra for humans and came into being out of necessity when the early men began separating themselves off from the big animals and needed protection from them. It became a matter of survival that these early humans be able to communicate with one another.

1st Level
The first level of this chakra is simply that – communication with those of like vibration. This is not an inherent trait; it is a learned trait still in the human. In other words, it is not part of the animal based brain – it is a result of the inseminations done from the higher plains. The animal form does not have the refined vocal chords that humans have. This was a gift from our Creator.

2nd Level
The second stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to do more than just utter sounds – it is the ability to receive back the sounds from others – a link between the ear and the vocal chords that is quite necessary. This link is a nerve that runs from the vocal chords to the sensory cells of the brain – the receptors in the ears. This gets quite complicated, but for further development of the throat chakra to have any meaning it had to be heard by others. A human could stand in the middle of an empty island and yell or scream for hours for help and it would do no good if there was no one to hear him. Therefore, the early stages of the ear chakra developed in conjunction with the throat chakra. The ear chakra is in a very rudimentary form in the human at this time. It is only in the second stage of development. A few are in the third and fourth stages but it is not time yet for the higher stages. It is time for the third and fourth and many humans are working on developing these stages. (The third level of the 8th chakra, the ear is as follows: As the form developed, there came a two layered manner of receiving the vibrations; the ears hearing the noise that the solar plexus was feeling. The fourth level is: We still have the combination of the solar plexus and the ears working for intuition.) The second stage of the throat chakra, then, is the link with the throat.

3rd Level
The third stage of the throat chakra is that of using the same sounds to mean the same things every time these early humans tried to communicate with each other. This would be similar to a high pitched squeal if a large animal was spotted, or a low hum if a baby were sleeping or all sorts of different inflections of a monotone that developed.

4th Level
The fourth stage was that of actually setting these sounds into patterns for the different items of living that these people communicated to each other about.

5th Level
The fifth stage is that of refinement of speech patterns in conjunction with those you are
communicating with – in other words speaking the same language. This was the development of different languages that took place and is still taking place within a certain social group.

6th Level
The sixth stage of the throat chakra is that of being able to sing. This stage is inherent within the throat chakra from the time of the birth of the form, but cannot be accessed until the vibratory rate of the vocal chords has reached the same level as the rest of the chakras on that particular form. This is why some of the children in schools today can’t sing when others the same age can. The ones who can were born with higher levels of each chakra open. In other words, those who can sing at an early age are more highly evolved animal forms. This has nothing to do with the evolution of the spirit that chooses to use this body. In some rare cases it may be one of the factors chosen for an unusual reason to learn certain lessons, but it is more just the fact that this was one of the forms available and if the entity is willing to enter into a form that is a little less evolved, that is their choice. It may be that the wait for a more highly evolved form would be longer than they wanted to wait.

7th Level
Regardless, the seventh stage of the throat chakra is a vibration in the speaking voice that makes it able to penetrate to all those who hear it and hold their attention with what is being said by this voice with this vibration. Jesus had this vibration of the vocal chords. It was due to the high evolution of the human form he entered. This will be happening more in the human race. The voices, the speaking voices, not the singing voices, of those who command attentive listening, such as certain people in the ministry or certain actors, could all be tested for vibratory rate and there would be found a certain intensity that has nothing to do with decibel rates.

8th Level
This is as far as the throat chakra has progressed in the human. The eighth stage of it is not open on anyone. It has to do with silent communication – direct voice to ear communication of exact language.

9th Level
The ninth has to do with the ability to transfer vocally, silently, the inflections and volumes and singing of the human voice.

10th, 11th, 12th Levels
The last three stages enter into ethereal matter and I will not talk about them at this time, only to say that the last three stages are used for communication between the higher planes and channels on the earth plane. This does not mean that these channels have these stages open. It does mean that their ear chakra is more highly developed that others.

The Divine Spark Compared to an Actor

The same spark returns each lifetime trying again as a different personality. The old personality moves on up the inner planes of earth, learning by watching and studying. It would be as an actor playing, creating actually, many different roles, and keeping these roles in his memory bank until he had performed one hundred and forty-four different characters. The experiences that each character went through as the actor played the role, influences the actor’s performance of the next role, and when playing the next role the actor can draw on something he learned as he played the previous part.

These previous roles wait in the wings, backstage, watching, learning and helping when they can until the actor has performed one hundred and forty-four different roles. These roles, personalities, are not “dead” but neither can they get in front of the footlights again. But a part of each of them, the best traits and experiences, are embodied in the actor – the divine spark.

This actor, pumped full of all the experiences and wisdom and knowledge of one hundred and forty-four lifetimes, then gets “married.” He meets his opposite half and they “blend” into one unisex soul, (they are called divine sparks until they are blended – reunited with the twin – then they are called souls,) with 288 lifetimes of experiences so they are very wise.

The spark joins the other half of the spark left on the inner planes and as a whole spark, now called a soul, does an accepting and rejecting of all its past lifetimes. It is almost like reviewing a group of plays wherein you were the star, and deciding the best roles you played. You analyze everything and perhaps one small line that was delivered quite eloquently from one play will be the only thing to go on the plus sheet for that play. But this is enough for that play to stay on the roster of good plays.

The souls then move on to become teachers of acting in the same “School of the Arts,” but no longer care, at this stage, to be in front of the footlights again. They want to teach and train and help their younger brothers and sisters as they have their turn to perform “on stage.”

Possible and Probable Realities

Possible Realities and Probable Realities are not the same. All realities are formed in your own head. The strength or weakness of your wants and desires are what triggers a new reality. Possible Realities are numerous – just about anything you can conceive of happening can be made to happen if enough energy is put behind the desire. Probable realities are a little different. These sometimes are formed without any desire to form them on your part. It’s like they are inevitable due to the power that is within you of “wanting” something. And this power comes from beyond the earth plane of existence. So you see these Probable Realities are more or less out of your hands while Possible Realities are totally within your control.

Possible Realities
You are a different entity, a different reality to each and every one who knows you. The way they perceive you is what makes the difference. When they say they are with you on the inner planes they are with their perception of you, which is their personal reality, which means they see you through the eyes of their personality. Your behavior and association with these ones in everyday life determine the reality they make out of you on the inner planes. Those who know you as a music teacher, for instance, in everyday life will form an entirely different reality of you than those who meet you at an aerobics class, for instance. As many people as you know are how many Possible Realities you have.

As far as how you can create a Possible Reality you can dream up a circumstance in your head and if you like it well enough to want to experience it in reality you can make the circumstances happen that will insure this taking place. Say for example you think you might want to become a rock star. If you daydream about it and visualize it enough you will find yourself practicing very hard and while doing so will imagine yourself in front of an audience. Then, say that auditions for a talent show come to an area near you, you will do everything within your power to go to these auditions. Perhaps you will win and you will be on your way to becoming a rock star. This is a Possible Reality (and has its beginnings in “thoughts are things.”)

Probable Realities
Probable Realities are accomplished by sending thoughts, wishes and desires ahead into the upper levels of the mind. These can and do take form and live and express for a short period of time, similar to a time warp, only into the future.

Once, several years ago I was looking through a magazine and came across pictures of Hawaii. One of the pictures had people in it. One of them looked exactly like me and another looked just like a woman that I worked with and her husband. This was startling to me and I kept that picture for a long time. It really disturbed me to think that there were others who looked exactly like us.

My teacher explained it to me as follows:
In your case Norma, you’ve always wanted to see Hawaii. This wish was so strong that it went forward into the upper levels of your mind and a Probable Reality did live and express there for a short period of time. As a matter of fact, she is still there and you can contact her if desired. You do have two others which we will not get into now but if you think about it, perhaps it will come to you. There have been others all through your life. You, because you are a daydreamer type, have had more than most. Each incarnation you have has the ability to have its own 144 Probable Realities.

A Probable Reality might take place such as this. Say you meet someone you really care about and you long to be with them. It breaks your heart to not be near them due to circumstances of each of your lives. You realize that there is no way this can ever take place in this lifetime so in your mind you regulate it to something that you will pursue in your next incarnation. But this doesn’t stop the longing to be with this person and the idolization and adoration that goes along with this longing. This is so deep-rooted as to be embedded in your soul.

This becomes so strong that your teachers and guides on the inner planes feel the only way to snap you out of it and continue this life as it was meant to be finished is to pass this great desire on to a fresh soul that is from the same seedcore as you. (They have to be from the same seedcore or it can’t work.) This person is appraised of the situation and agrees to take on the consequences of a life lived in nearness to the person you long to be with as a means of clearing up your path.

In other words, they came in with no particular agenda for themselves and taking over for you in this circumstance will enable them the opportunity of furthering their evolution. For them it will be like skipping a grade or grades in school to take on this situation for you. They will have access to the same material and thoughts and ideas that you have access to (through the teachers and guides). And also to the same desires that you have in relationship to this other person. The Probable Reality sacrifices their own right to their own exclusive life in order to release you from the bondage you have sealed yourself in. You owe this person a huge debt and will most likely agree to repay this person in some future life. The Probable Reality can be known to you and you be in touch with it if you care to. So be careful of what you wish because you could cause it to become a reality.

Teaching Music in Preschools

While living in California some years ago, I taught music in private preschools, kindergartens and early elementary schools in the San Fernando Valley. I’d like to give you a picture of the conditions I encountered in some of these preschools. When these children arrived at preschool many of them had not had enough sleep and certainly didn’t want to be torn away from the parent who dropped them off.

Some had not eaten, some had eaten too much, too late the night before. If they had sweets before going to bed – which most of them had, as treats to make up for lack of attention from the parents – the effects of the sugar was still with them in the morning. In some cases this caused what would be considered a “hangover” in adults.

When they arrived at preschool, the teachers quite often had had the same kind of a night and morning with their own families. They would not be in a good mood, to put it one way. Some of the classes were quite large – up to twenty-five kids with one teacher in some schools. Others did not have so many. Some of the children would actually be sick and had no business being at school and cried incessantly. This crying would have the effect of causing many of the other children to cry in sympathy. This was one thing that was quite obvious – the effect that each of the children and the teachers had on each other. Just one child’s crying could influence the atmosphere of the whole school. This was surprising to me.

By mid-morning the teachers had calmed most of this down and the children were given their snacks. For some this was the first food since the night before – a period, in some cases, that could be as long as 15 hours. This was for children not much older than babies who, just a short time before, the parents had been so careful to feed every four hours.

One thing that would really upset everyone was change. Perhaps the preschool was in a stage of physically remodeling the rooms. Maybe they were changing some of the classes around, splitting them up and putting some children with different teachers in different rooms. This would upset both the children and the teachers. In the case of physical remodeling they would have to get used to a new environment. If they were to change classes around they would have to adjust to each other and get to know each other. Having a teacher leave and be replaced by another was devastating to some children.

The behavior of these young children sometimes seemed very much like adults behave at times. They had special friends and groups would gang up on other children. Sometimes two children just couldn’t stand to be near each other. Once in a while you’d see a little boy and girl in the position of lovers. You’d see many children off in corners playing with themselves. I was constantly shocked by the things I experienced.

In many ways these children were like little animals in the wilderness. On the other hand there were good days – very rare but good days – when the children could be so sweet and innocent it would make you cry. For instance, at times they would mob me and knock me over and send my guitar flying across the room. All of this just to be able to hug and kiss me.

The emotion instigating this action was a positive emotion but caused a mob action that could have been disastrous, especially for my guitar. This reaction happened more often than not because, as one teacher told me, I was the bright spot in the week for a good many of the kids. As soon as I left that day they would start asking when “Miss Norma” was coming again and this kept up all week until the next time I got there.

They loved the music and the marching and clapping games we played. This music had such a good effect on them. It made them all feel better, it gave them a chance to express their feelings in an accepted way. It also allowed them use their imagination. We’d take trips to many places just sitting on the floor in the preschool room. We could transform that room into a wonderland of a circus, or a trip to the zoo or a ride up a mountain or to a farm. It served a purpose that no television show could ever serve because the children experienced it all within themselves. They felt the emotions, the joy, the love for an animal, the excitement of a bike ride, the wonder of birds.

One song that all children of all ages in all schools loved without fail was one I did called “Baby Bird.” They started out curled up in a fetal position on the floor. As the song climbed up the scale they brought their head up and as the shell cracked open they rose up on their knees. Then they opened their eyes and slowly got up and stretched their wings (arms). As we reached the top note of the scale they tried to fly and jumped in the air landing in a heap on the floor laughing their heads off. I couldn’t explain why this song had such an effect on them and neither could the teachers, but even the older children experienced something special from it.

I was teaching in one of the preschools during the worst day of the rioting after the Rodney King beating. All the parents were called and those who were able came to get their children and take them home. The children whose parents couldn’t be reached or couldn’t get away to get them, were all gathered into one room of the school. The blinds were closed, the doors locked. All the teachers were there also, including some who shouldn’t have been because they were hysterical and upsetting the children. To keep the children calm I sat in the middle of the room and sang with the kids and teachers while the rioting went on a few blocks from the school.

The Difference between Instinct and Intuition

A child’s intuition is quite strong. Adults don’t realize this and try to dominate their children’s lives with their own interpretations and opinions, when quite often they should let the child express his feelings. The least that should be done is to let him express himself and include his ideas for consideration as part of the decision making process.

The intuition is that part of one that is a composite of all acquired knowledge from the beginning of time. The more incarnations one has had, the stronger the intuition. It is that part of us that gives a little shiver of acknowledgment when something that is said or read rings true for us. The intuition is the seed core in each of us that is carried over from one lifetime to another. It is a reservoir of knowledge that grows steadily larger with each experience. It is not the same as instinct. Instinct is a function of our lower nature and intuition is of the higher nature.

Instinct Refined to Intuition will Open the Channel
As the human progresses he becomes more aware of a feeling of bonding with the different kingdoms at different stages of his growth. At the present time there is no precise order that this awareness progresses through, but it is all leading to the same point, that of instinct becoming refined to intuition. In the future, early schooling will focus on the ability to transmute instinct to intuition.

The way to sharpen up the intuition is by interacting with other people and also with the animal and plant kingdoms. Intuition would be an opening of feeling as to what is going on within a plant, sensing, when looking at a plant, what shape or what condition it’s in. Is it happy? Does it look sad? Is it undernourished? Is it not loved? Then moving on to the animal, even greater communication is possible. Intuition is a feeling of knowing what a certain animal is all about, how they will react to each situation, depending on their state of physical health at the time. Animals will have the ability to help teach children in the future, as intuition will be learned and practiced with animals first. After a sensing of animals, the human will begin to apply this ability to his fellow humans.

This is the beginning of becoming intuitive, which is a forerunner of more in-depth channeling. All this is to sharpen your intuition, not your instinct. Your instinct is a natural, inborn quality that you have; you don’t have to sharpen it. It was a gift and it’s this instinct that you’re transmuting into intuition. Working with plants, animals, and humans, not necessarily in that order, but with all three, will help with the breakthrough into transmuting this intuition into actual channeling.

Intuition is Forerunner to Channeling
When one gets a subtle feeling, or some other subtle communication, this is intuition and is a forerunner of channeling. The intuition needs to be worked on and developed and will eventually turn into actual channeling. You can’t say that intuition is a form of channeling but rather that it is a forerunner of the actual process of channeling. Intuition has grown out of instinct of the animal-based brain and is a sign of the beginning influence of the soul on the incarnation.

Expansion of the Mind
The more one can wonder and expand the mind, the more freedom the intuition has to express itself and this causes more mind expansion which gives more opportunity for the intuition to show itself. It’s like a circle, like a rubber band, this expansion of the mind. It is circular and can stretch and contract and, as it is used, it begins to stay stretched out a little more instead of always going back to its original little size. The interpretation of symbols is a difficult form of mental exercise, but an excellent way to make one wonder and question things and look for that which is below the surface of events and people’s attitudes.

The intuition must not be confused with the desires and wishes we all have. These desires and wishes take the form of fantasy, while intuition is a concrete feeling of knowing absolutely without a doubt that something is so. The more light illuminating your mind, the more understanding you have of others and the more love you feel for all humanity. This is what makes up intuition.