Possible and Probable Realities

Possible Realities and Probable Realities are not the same. All realities are formed in your own head. The strength or weakness of your wants and desires are what triggers a new reality. Possible Realities are numerous – just about anything you can conceive of happening can be made to happen if enough energy is put behind the desire. Probable realities are a little different. These sometimes are formed without any desire to form them on your part. It’s like they are inevitable due to the power that is within you of “wanting” something. And this power comes from beyond the earth plane of existence. So you see these Probable Realities are more or less out of your hands while Possible Realities are totally within your control.

Possible Realities
You are a different entity, a different reality to each and every one who knows you. The way they perceive you is what makes the difference. When they say they are with you on the inner planes they are with their perception of you, which is their personal reality, which means they see you through the eyes of their personality. Your behavior and association with these ones in everyday life determine the reality they make out of you on the inner planes. Those who know you as a music teacher, for instance, in everyday life will form an entirely different reality of you than those who meet you at an aerobics class, for instance. As many people as you know are how many Possible Realities you have.

As far as how you can create a Possible Reality you can dream up a circumstance in your head and if you like it well enough to want to experience it in reality you can make the circumstances happen that will insure this taking place. Say for example you think you might want to become a rock star. If you daydream about it and visualize it enough you will find yourself practicing very hard and while doing so will imagine yourself in front of an audience. Then, say that auditions for a talent show come to an area near you, you will do everything within your power to go to these auditions. Perhaps you will win and you will be on your way to becoming a rock star. This is a Possible Reality (and has its beginnings in “thoughts are things.”)

Probable Realities
Probable Realities are accomplished by sending thoughts, wishes and desires ahead into the upper levels of the mind. These can and do take form and live and express for a short period of time, similar to a time warp, only into the future.

Once, several years ago I was looking through a magazine and came across pictures of Hawaii. One of the pictures had people in it. One of them looked exactly like me and another looked just like a woman that I worked with and her husband. This was startling to me and I kept that picture for a long time. It really disturbed me to think that there were others who looked exactly like us.

My teacher explained it to me as follows:
In your case Norma, you’ve always wanted to see Hawaii. This wish was so strong that it went forward into the upper levels of your mind and a Probable Reality did live and express there for a short period of time. As a matter of fact, she is still there and you can contact her if desired. You do have two others which we will not get into now but if you think about it, perhaps it will come to you. There have been others all through your life. You, because you are a daydreamer type, have had more than most. Each incarnation you have has the ability to have its own 144 Probable Realities.

A Probable Reality might take place such as this. Say you meet someone you really care about and you long to be with them. It breaks your heart to not be near them due to circumstances of each of your lives. You realize that there is no way this can ever take place in this lifetime so in your mind you regulate it to something that you will pursue in your next incarnation. But this doesn’t stop the longing to be with this person and the idolization and adoration that goes along with this longing. This is so deep-rooted as to be embedded in your soul.

This becomes so strong that your teachers and guides on the inner planes feel the only way to snap you out of it and continue this life as it was meant to be finished is to pass this great desire on to a fresh soul that is from the same seedcore as you. (They have to be from the same seedcore or it can’t work.) This person is appraised of the situation and agrees to take on the consequences of a life lived in nearness to the person you long to be with as a means of clearing up your path.

In other words, they came in with no particular agenda for themselves and taking over for you in this circumstance will enable them the opportunity of furthering their evolution. For them it will be like skipping a grade or grades in school to take on this situation for you. They will have access to the same material and thoughts and ideas that you have access to (through the teachers and guides). And also to the same desires that you have in relationship to this other person. The Probable Reality sacrifices their own right to their own exclusive life in order to release you from the bondage you have sealed yourself in. You owe this person a huge debt and will most likely agree to repay this person in some future life. The Probable Reality can be known to you and you be in touch with it if you care to. So be careful of what you wish because you could cause it to become a reality.

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  1. Onkabetse
    Onkabetse says:

    I am very much interested in joining your forum, or group, so that I can learn and know more about what life is and all its purpose and meaning. Please assist me to have access to the training institutions or get attached to a mentor or trainer. Thank you.

    • Norma Hickox
      Norma Hickox says:

      Hi Onkabetse,
      I don’t really have a group. or mentors or trainers. I have another web page where I have all my material for sale. It is https://chrysalis-timetraveler.squarespace.com/

      There is a group of PDF booklets listed there for $1.50 each. I would like to give you the first group of nine for free. I can’t do it through the web page so will have to attach them to emails for you. The booklets and books should both be studied from the beginning onward to get a complete picture, but it would be okay to skip around, so if you would rather have some other booklets (not the big books) let me know before I start emailing you the first nine. There are also videos giving the same information and if you would rather, I can send you free the first 3 videos instead of the 9 booklets. Let me know at nhickox@pacbell.net.


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