Levels of the Eighth Chakra – The Ear Chakra

Later in the evolution of man a new chakra will be brought into being. This will be the ear chakra, the eighth chakra. This chakra will be the “inner ears,” similar to the “inner eye,” the sixth chakra. When one’s inner life can come into focus through not only the “inner eye,” but also the “inner ears,” one must realize there is also an “inner communication system” that does not verbalize as a voice box. This inner verbalization is a form of what we call ESP, only just as loud and communicable as our speech and just as capable of nuances of expression.

1st Level
Instinct was a survival technique closely related to the evolution of sound. Instinct was what the animals operated on before the experiments to upgrade the human form. The rudimentary hearing in some of the first animal forms was a warning, through a sensing of vibrations, that there was danger close to this animal. In this respect, instinct is very definitely tied to the evolution of sound. Even today, although humans have progressed into the stages of intuition, they still have an instinctive reaction when they hear a sound that startles them. This goes clear back in evolution to the very first forms of animal life.

2nd Level
Therefore, instinct is a sensing of vibrations which led to sound. It started before sound as just a feeling or awareness that there was danger close by. Most of the reactions that we consider instinctive reactions today, are based on sound. This insured the survival of the species. When the experiments were done and the animal form upgraded, there was a change made in the third chakra, the solar plexus. In the animal kingdom this had been part of the instinct, along with the rudimentary hearing that the early animals had.

3rd Level
With the change in the human form’s digestive system, there came a different manner of interpreting the vibrations going on around them. The ear itself was developing into a much more substantial translator of vibrations. But, the solar plexus, is the initial recorder of these vibrations. As the form developed, there came a two layered manner of receiving the vibrations. The feeling of them was separated from the hearing of them. In the beginning they were combined. The feeling and the hearing were all one, simply a sensing device. As the experiments were done, the sensing device was split into the ears hearing the noise that the solar plexus was feeling. As evolution continued, the separation between these two, became greater. But, our instinctive reactions to this day are still based on what we hear. We also have that instinctive reaction of sensing something, of feeling it in the pit of your stomach, or a gut feeling as you might say.

4th Level
So the third chakra, (the solar plexus), and the ears are both involved in instinct and also they’re both involved in intuition. The ear is evolving towards being the eighth chakra. It is the inner hearing, the inner listening to our inner journey and to what is going on within us in that respect, that leads to intuition. What makes this listening inwardly begin, is what is sensed in the solar plexus. There will be the first indication in the solar plexus that triggers the inward listening. So, we still have the combination of the solar plexus and the ears working for intuition.

5th Level
In the beginning, as the human form developed, the adding of the sixth chakra (the third eye), which the animals did not have and do not have today, was combined with the solar plexus. At this time using the ear was temporarily lost. The art of using the ear in combination with the solar plexus as a stage of intuition was temporarily set aside and the sixth chakra, the third eye, in combination with the solar plexus formed a stage of intuition that was misused. What is meant by misuse of the sixth chakra is that it became very easy for humans to tap into the sixth chakra and read another person’s mind almost totally accurately. There was no privacy when around one who was misusing the sixth chakra. This continued until the destruction of Atlantis.

6th Level
When the restructuring was done, the sixth chakra was sealed over and humans were thrown back into the necessity of the inner listening to develop what will eventually be the eighth chakra. Meanwhile, the seventh chakra was brought in to compensate for the loss of the sixth. But, intuition, in the form that it’s in now, should be with the inner ear in combination with the solar plexus, as it was in the beginning. Once that is accomplished, then a sharper tuning up of this intuition would be the bringing back in of the sixth chakra, which would lead to a pre-channeling stage.

7th Level
The sixth chakra, when opened back up and balanced with the inner listening, and in conjunction with the balance of the seventh chakra, is a psychic stage of development. This is listening to the astral plane; tuning in very accurately to those on the astral plane in the manner that humans used to be able to tune into those on the earth plane before the restructuring. Therefore the psychic stage is a bridging stage between intuition and channeling. But, it is a stage that must be passed through or the true channeling stage cannot come in. What is meant by true channeling is communication with those above the astroplane. So there is this stage between the instinct and the intuition.

8th to 12th Levels
There is a higher stage of channeling that has not been talked much about. At the moment, there doesn’t even seem to be a word to define it. The higher stage of channeling is a “knowingness” (this seems the best way to describe it at the moment.) It is a combination of all this change of events that humans have been through, starting with the instinct, the sensing, the hearing, the use of the third eye, the inner hearing, the tuning into those on the earth plane, and the tuning into those on the astroplane, moving up to the true channeling stage. Eventually, all of this comes together into a “knowingness” which is the last stage of synthesization. This “knowingness” is what those operate on who have found their God within; who have reached the apex of their mind.

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