Your Spiritual Journey Compared to a Mouse




Picture a mouse running on the shore of a lake. He eats, sleeps and dies on the bank of this lake. His body disintegrates, but the part of the mouse that lived on could now rise beyond what he could see and know in his environment of the area around the lake (planet earth).







Now he had traveled at times all around the lake, had even ridden across the lake on a log from side to side and end to end. There was even a tree that extended way out over the narrow part of the lake and met a tree from the other side and he crossed the lake on this tree high above the water.





thDQIZD3JK_walls 2


But he could not climb the sheer rock cliffs that surrounded the lake and had no idea what the surrounding territory looked like. He didn’t know if there were more lakes or not.









He had lived numerous lives (reincarnations on earth) always in the area around his lake. But this time when he dies he (his spirit) does not merely hover over this lake waiting for a chance to reenter the body of a baby mouse (reincarnate on earth). His spirit continues to rise. It is so light and free it rises above the sheer rock cliffs and he finally can see the surrounding territory.


















There are more lakes, similar but somehow much more beautiful, and none of them have the sheer rock cliffs around them that had held him prisoner in one area for so long. Now that he can see and know how much more there really is, he is no longer as interested in his old lake (planet earth).








In between lives on the old lake when hovering above waiting (on the astral planes), he used his widened vision to mentally tell his brothers and sisters of food supplies at one end of the lake or other or tell them of a branch that wasn’t safe that he could see and they could not. Maybe he spotted a big cat lurking inside a cave and warned them. He did what he could, always, to help those below with his expanded knowledge if they would listen (channeling).








But now that he sees the immensity of the rest of the territory, he now wanted to tell those down there, in that little lake at the base of the sheer rock cliffs, what he could see and what lay ahead of them all, and urge them to be better mice so they could rise up to that area where he was and see what he could see. He no longer wanted to warn them of cats and broken limbs, although he would if they asked.









What he really wanted to do was move on out into that huge territory and experience all the other lakes (higher planets). But it was hard leaving his family. He had been with them for so long and would miss them, but oh, how exciting these new places looked and how beautiful! If only he could somehow stay in touch with his family.









Then he was met by a wise old mouse who told him he could stay in touch by making contact with one special mouse (a chela or student) down on the old lake and telling him his plans and asking him to communicate his experiences to the rest of the mice.






thTZQL5ZHH_mouse on rock




He waited at the top of the sheer rock cliff until his contact with one special mouse was secure and now he is moving on.








He knew that he had had his last time (last reincarnation) on that “lake” when he continued to rise. Now he is free of the earth plane and the earth’s total system and is on “vacation” before starting a new round of duties. He has been promoted and will no longer be in contact with as many on the earth plane, only those who go with him through their bond. There will be one taking over the work he did to help that first “lake” and he will do a good job. This first mouse has other “lakes to explore.”

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