Getting to Know Yourself






You must learn to know yourself and love yourself. Knowing yourself must be the first step. When you begin to know yourself better, first will come freedom from guilt and second, you will gain self-respect. After that will come the stage of self-like, then self-admiration, and finally self-love in the way it was meant to be.



MB900446188_people4To Know Oneself Physically

Where the physical body fits into all this is in the ability to enable the mind to work better. Thus the experimental nutritional Garden of Eden. Those in the higher planes knew from the beginning of their experiment on planet earth that the nourishment of the physical forms that the souls entered would determine the growth and thinking capacity of the human brain. The human brain was what the soul would infiltrate then to carry on with experiential life on the earth plane. Therefore, nutrition and exercise are of the utmost importance.

The condition of the physical body will aid the brain in thinking, which can then push for further thought in nutrition, which will then influence the person to eat more wisely and thus increase their thinking. When the quality of food and the quantity of nutrition is increased the brain will function better and this will allow the soul to gain a stronghold which can then influence the spiritual thoughts, which will then work to control the emotions, which will then help the physical body to quit eating for comfort and the cycle will start again. If this cycle could be instigated in all from an early age on, the growth of humans would be fantastic.






To Know Oneself Emotionally

To know oneself emotionally is something that most people do know. They know what “tears at their heart” and makes them feel like crying or actually makes them cry. Most of the time they know what makes them angry, jealous or resentful. Here again, the lower emotions are the easiest to pinpoint. They are, therefore, the easiest to work on to change. The changing of these will go hand in hand with the changing and expanding of spiritual concepts. The changing of all emotion will go hand in hand with the changing of guidelines to live ones life by.





To Know Oneself Mentally

Now if the mental body does not have any interest in changing or even thinking about guidelines or spiritual concepts, then there is not much hope for growth in this person. The mind, the mental focus of a human, is the controller of his growth and progress in each lifetime. Therefore, this is the place where all growth must start, is in the mental thought. It must focus on who you are, what you are doing, what you want to change, what you have outgrown and so on and so forth.

The mental knowingness is not quite so difficult to achieve, as most people know what interests them to think about and what challenges them to push their thoughts further and deeper. It is this pushing of thoughts further and deeper that will help you know yourself mentally. In my case I know that I’m interested in scientific concepts and it is by pushing them further and deeper that I’m able to bring forth the new technology that I do. Therefore, it is a concrete fact that I am scientifically minded. This is what it means to know yourself.

Now, if you don’t like who you find yourself out to be mentally, there is a possibility of changing it. For instance, I changed from being totally interested in music to being interested in science, but the first interest is the basic building blocks of the second as both will be for the third area of interest I will find someday. If people could realize this, then they would be able to accept changes that come in their life and look at where they are leading them. One must keep changing to allow the development of the primary goal to take place. If one gets stuck in the first area of interest, he will not progress much mentally. Change is the giver of life. Accept it; welcome it with enthusiasm and you will then be able to live in joy.






To Know Oneself Spiritually

To know oneself spiritually, one must examine what guidelines they are living their life by and examine their conscience to determine if these guidelines are still viable for where they are in life at that time. Can a guideline be changed thus allowing the consciousness to expand? If the guideline cannot be changed without bringing into play the “brakes” of the conscience, then this particular guideline is still very much ingrained in ones beingness.

Therefore, the way to expand and grow is to work with tight concepts and guidelines given you as a child as to right and wrong actions and see if you can loosen the effect on the conscience that new action causes. If it still causes the conscience to come into play no matter how much you try to change, then this is a concept that is spiritual truth for you and you will live your life by it and carry it over into your next. One should test out all the guidelines they are living by to be absolutely sure they are right and true and unchangeable for them.





The Real You

This then forms the real you as far as your spiritual self goes. The search for the God Within remains ever the same. It does not change with each new generation. It is the age-old path of wisdom that remains forever. The search for the individual does begin with the conscience, which gets right down to a look at their attitudes towards those they’re associated with in their everyday life. Also their overview attitudes which will in turn affect their attitude towards individuals. If one has an attitude against a certain race or religion as a whole this will immediately color this person’s attitude when they meet an individual of this race or religion.



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