What Happens When You Die

The following is a little difficult to understand, but needs to be explained so the rest of the process makes sense.



The seedcore is the holder of the family tree. It comes back & spins off another personality. All your former lives are part of the seedcore. Good & bad are separated here and only the beautiful and creative lives are kept. All it takes is one plus deed to let any lifetime become part of the soul. If nothing was achieved in that life, than no part of it will remain. This is the true meaning of death.




MB900430643_earth1The soul is spun off the seedcore which is what is used over and over again on planet four (earth) with new physical forms and personalities for every incarnation. The term seedcore is the family that the half of the soul in incarnation has access to. The other half of the soul, the one not in incarnation, is also here in the seedcore.
The individual seedcore is what stays and reincarnates each time. Your individual soul, which spun off from the seedcore, goes with your personality. You do not die, but the soul-infused personality that you are now does not come back to earth.







The seedcore goes to the inner planes with you, the personality-soul, when you cross over. You are one at this point. You read charts of your seedcore’s progress, have conferences with teachers, discuss mistakes and areasMB900422803_charts3 where lessons are needed. You, with much help from your teachers and guides, plan what the seedcore’s next try will be like, the lessons that are needed, the goal, etc.






MB900083225_rocket3The seedcore then separates from you, similar to the stages that separate from a rocket. You, the personality-soul with all the knowledge of the seedcore still in your memory-computer bank, stay and progress onward on the inner planes. That same knowledge that you have in the little piece of seedcore that has spun off and stayed in you, (your individual soul), also stays in the central seedcore that reincarnates into another body. Your seedcore, which you spun off of, is what comes back. It spins off another personality- soul combination that you help to create. Your twin soul’s seedcore does the same.







The Akashic Records are Similar to Documentary Films

This process, the way all this is handled, is similar to documentary films kept in a projection room (Akashic Records room). There are rolls of records in the Akashi record room. The individual lives are each stacked on top of each other as “cans” of film in a projection room. Instead of using a numbering system for the cans of film the notes of the chromatic musical scale are used.








When twelve lives have been completed for each trip through the chromatic scale, the group of twelve rolls or cans of film are wrapped together and labeled with the musical tone of that particular set of lessons. The rolls of twelve are then turned sideways and stored with the previous musical tone. They are left standing upright in front of the bin for that soul, the male and female bins are side by side.

MB900286272_film2When each have completed twelve lives for the same musica l tone, they make a “documentary” of the positive and negative aspects of each life. The negative aspects or lessons that need to be learned are stored on one film to be worked on in the future. The positive lives are weighed or compared to the previous negative documentary and those attitudes that were transmuted by either half of the spark are eliminated from the negative documentary.







As you can see, it is a system of pluses and minuses of the combined lessons learned by either half. Whoever chooses to incarnate the next time chooses which items on the negative documentary film they want to transmute and then they refer to the positive film to choose past strengths gained. You can see why you need to be in contact with your other half. The strengths you need to draw on may have been a strength gained by your other half instead of you. If you never reach contact with the other half you most likely will not transmute the negative attitudes you chose to work on so they can be eliminated from the negative documentary.




MB900364300_spongeThis seedcore of each, their individual seedcore, is like a porous rock or stone, or perhaps a sponge. All the tiny cells of this sponge are filled with all this great and beautiful knowledge of former incarnations. It is compressed in each to as small an area as possible. This sponge needs to become as though soaked with water. It will swell and expand inside each and the knowledge locked in these tiny black holes of cells will be released. The way to get it to expand is through meditation, imagination and visualization. But first there must be the awareness that it is there inside of each, in the brain of which only 15 to twenty percent is being used now. These cells of the sponge must be enlarged for evolution to go forward.




MB910215933_rebirth1True Meaning of “Born Again” is “Rebirth into Continuity”

As God shattered Himself into individual sparks and entered human bodies, so also does the human at the same stage in evolution shatter himself. This is called a “rebirth into continuity,” the true meaning of being “born again.” It releases his former incarnations and from that time on he will be able to be in communication with all his previous personalities and also – as he continues opening unused levels of his mind – with future personalities that the seedcore is planning. Each of these seedcores of energy provide access to all the previous personalities that had lived on the earth plane at one time. The way this happens is if the personality on the earth plane in a physical body opens up the higher levels of his mind, he causes a “rebirth into continuity.”




MB900448681_MoonThe moon, though considered “dead” still fills an area of time and space. So humans, when “dead,” are also still in time and space. You see, an entities’ former incarnations are in time and space and, up until this shattering, are in a vacuum inside the mind of the human. The shattering allows them to take form and rise up and expand into the universe.







This rebirth into continuity frees the previous personalities inside his mind. It frees all the knowledge and wisdom gained in these other lives, making this wisdom available for others to use. This also begins the growing and evolving process for these past incarnations. This is the true meaning of the term to be “born again” for which the correct wording is a “rebirth into continuity.”







You see, all your former lives are part of this seedcore. This is the point where the good and bad are separated and only the good, beautiful and creative lives are kept. This is the true meaning of death. If the life you lead has been so degrading and so unspiritual, that you cannot pull it back up with help on the inner planes, then that particular personality truly “dies.” It will not linger on. No part of it will be incorporated into the seedcore to have everlasting life. As an example, say you had a lived a life as a murderer we’ll call Bob. If you never did anything good in that life, Bob would not live eternal life. Yet if Bob, before he died repented and gave money to help a blind child or his mother, then Bob would become an eternal part of the soul and live on. All it takes is one plus deed to allow any lifetime to incorporate as an eternal part of the soul.


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