Developing Your Brain Like Building a House



The Chrysalis Teachings use a lot of analogies in their makeup. Today I’d like to use an analogy of building a house to help with the understanding of the stages of progress the brain needs to go through.





23The BrainBut first I need to give an explanation describing the new way of thinking about the brain. This is that the human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actually divided into four parts. Actually, there is a double growth process, the exoteric, outer, physical expression and the esoteric, inner, spiritual expression. Because of this double growth track, we have the brain separated into the left and the right sides. The left deals with physical growth, our exoteric (outer) life and the right side deals with our spiritual growth, our esoteric (inner) life. Now we need to divide the right and left sides in half giving us four parts to the brain. There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these divisions has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left division, sections 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies; the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies; the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies; and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies.




This gives us twelve levels or dimensions of the human mind. Most of humanity is functioning on the third level. The connecting that is done in the first section (1-2-3) is done as instinct. The connecting from the next section (4-5-6) is accomplished by use of the intuition. The connecting from the third section (7-8-9) comes as flashes of insight (genius) and the connecting from the fourth section (10-11-12) is as inspiration, (divine inspiration).





Channeling Path




This is the structure of the brain and the path of progress should be from lower left brain to lower right brain, then upper left and upper right, with the apex of the mind where your inner being will be located. There are three major stages of synthesization or blending that will occur over time as a child grows. These three stages of synthesization are: the first stage which takes place at mind dimension six, the second stage at mind dimension nine and the third stage at mind dimension twelve. Let’s compare this process with building a house.



First Section of the Mind – Dimensions 1-2-3 (Physical Body Section)

small phyWork is done here on the forming of the personality. A beginning stage of blending takes place when the half of the soul in incarnation begins having some influence on the animal-based brain in the process of forming a personality. Actually, the forming of the personality is completed at mind dimension three. At this stage the half of the soul in incarnation gains control over the physical body – a soul-infused personality.

Building our House – 1st Section of Brain

MB900185702_house38The animal-based brain is responsible for all body functions. It also provides the vehicle for the seedcore, the storehouse of treasures that the incarnating entity brings with him. This animal-based brain provides the “canvas” for the picture the soul wishes to paint. Perhaps you could picture it as the bare ground where you want to build a house. This lot has all the utilities in place, such as the water, sewer, gas and electric (compare to body functions) so you can begin to build your house with these tools already established.

The incarnating soul digs the basement and stores his goods there (traits he brought into this incarnation with him) until the first floor of the house is laid. Then he can begin shaping up that first floor into rooms and decorating it with his choice of carpet and paint. This would compare to the age of four and the forming of a new personality.


Second Section of the Mind – Dimensions 4-5-6 (Emotional Body Section)

smallemoBrain-When you have moved through the twelfth level of mind dimension three you “graduate” into the second section consisting of mind dimensions 4-5-6. This is the emotional body section and work is begun on merging the soul-infused personality with the half of soul on the inner planes. This takes place once the individual evolves to level six. It is only at this point that the individual can receive direct guidance from the half soul left on the inner planes. It also seems that emotion can’t be assisted with or controlled by the inner plane soul until this synthesization takes place. When this takes place you “graduate” to the third section.

Building our House – 2nd Section of Brain – 1st Stage of Synthesization

MB900185694_house41The incarnating soul eventually finds just one floor too confining and begins building the second story. This would be when he returns to the basement and brings up the goods he stored there to furnish the second story of his home. When the first story was completed he was so wrapped up in furnishing it with new items and decorating it the way he wanted that he more or less forgot about the stuff he had stored in the basement. Now, when building the second story, he realizes that he has much in the basement that needs to be looked at and either utilized in his house or discarded.

Perhaps there is a perfectly good television down there but it is small and the picture somewhat fuzzy. He goes through a battle with himself over whether to use this TV or not. He tries to decide whether to keep it because the person who gave it to him means a lot to him and he is sentimental over it, or to discard it in favor of a newer, more enlightened model of TV. A newer TV would have a sharper picture, more channels available, better color and a remote control. He goes through this battle with almost everything he had stored in the basement, either keeping it or discarding it. What a job this is. No wonder he didn’t want to do this when he was building and furnishing the first story of his home.

When he gets through this process, he finds he is able to use the whole house now, including the basement that was previously stacked with boxes. This gives him a very complete home and very complete feeling. Most people are content to spend the rest of their life in this home. This relates to the first stage of synthesization, that of the soul-infused personality – the soul in incarnation being blended with the personality.

Third Section of the Mind – Dimensions 7-8-9 (Mental Body Section)

Ysmallour graduation from the second section, at mind dimension six, leads you to the third section, mind dimensions 7-8-9. You work in this area attempting to communicate with the other half of your soul that you blended with at level six, and the thoughts of your seedcore which is a collection of the wisdom and knowledge of all those in your spiritual family tree. This leads you to complete connection with your personal guidance system at level nine – the second stage of synthesization.

Building our House – 3rd Section of Brain – 2nd Stage of Synthesization

MB900185696_house40Some people aren’t content with the house at this stage. They feel they need to have even more room to expand. They believe they would like to add a third story to house their interests, a place where they could pursue the subjects that fascinate them, such as photography, or making stained glass, or learning all there is know about a certain country, or pursing philosophical interests. They need to have a library where they can do research and a communication system to be in touch with others interested in the same subjects. They build the third story and feel very satisfied and complete. This relates to the second stage of synthesization that of contact with the half of the soul on the inner planes.



Fourth Section of the Mind – Dimensions 10-11-12 (Spiritual Body Section)

smallspiritualBrainWhen the connection is made, at the twelfth level of mind dimension nine, then the soul on the inner planes enlists the help of a Master teacher along with their seedcore, as the move is made into the fourth section, levels 10-11-12. Level ten is the scientific section. Level eleven is focused on spiritual truths and level twelve is connection with the total mind of the Creator. The third level of synthesization occurs when all aspects of the half of the soul in incarnation and the half of the soul not in incarnation merge with the overshadowing spirit and attain the ability to be in communication with the mind of the Creator. This takes place at level twelve when you reach the “apex of your mind.” This is the final “icing on the cake,” if you will, after the synthesization or blending of the other parts has taken place. This means that the total creative channel has been built – the third stage of synthesization.

Building our House – 4th Section of Brain – 3rd Stage of Synthesization

MB90018570_fliphouse374At this time the incarnating soul usually focuses in on one certain subject and realize they need to have a laboratory. They want to pursue the experiments they wish to make to further the knowledge for humanity about a certain subject, so they build the fourth story.

They finally finish their home with a very substantial roof on the top, one that is glass so they can see out the top of their house and watch the stars and the moon and the sun. Without this glass roof they would feel too confined. This is the third stage of synthesization, that of connection with the apex of your mind, your God Within. This is being “One with God,” the goal of every incarnating soul.


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