The VibraKids Chapter 1 – The Almighty Organ Called "ALL"

Even though this is basically a book for youth  I think adults will enjoy it also and it may serve as a brush-up course on attitudes. I will post a new chapter for each of the next 12 weeks.

“The VibraKids” is an analogy of the “Big Bang” and the fact that the spirits enter the bodies of humans and all have a desire to join back into the body of our Creator. The “instruments” are an analogy for human bodies and the thoughts that enter them are spirits. The thoughts that stay up high and do not enter instruments are an analogy of guardian angels. Each chapter tells of the experiences of a different VibraKid and the instrument he or she has entered. Their experiences teach them about different aspects of life and how to get along with others. They draw on the wisdom of the original organ “ALL” and pass this wisdom on to others. All the VibraKids have a deep desire to someday be able to return to the body of the big organ “ALL” (return to our Creator) and be able to make beautiful music together again.

· Tommy the Trumpet demonstrates the importance of attitudes and their effect on
those around us.
· Jennifer, a violin, knows that the true inner spirit of a person will come through
without any help from “things” outside ourselves.
· Fanny the Fancy Flute teaches that it is better to be an active member of society
rather than an item of beauty collecting dust on a shelf.
· Heather, a piano, tells almost the same type of lesson – that it is far more satisfying
to be of use to many others, especially underprivileged children, than to be a
beautiful instrument only available to a few.
· Ed, a guitar, is looking for excitement and thinks he’ll find it by belonging to one
owner. He discovers his mistake when he ends up as a rental instrument with many
different experiences.
· Bobby, the Bass Viol, faces and accepts the fact that life moves on and that we must
adapt with the times or be left behind.
· Annie the Accordion, after overcoming feelings of envy, realizes that the way a
person dresses, the way he or she looks, is not as important as the ability to entertain
others and make them happy.
· Paul and Paula, a bass and snare drum set, help others realize that we can’t all be in
the limelight and that each one has a contribution to make to the whole.
· Mandy the Mandolin had to learn to overcome shyness in order to bring out the best
of her talents and express her individuality.
· Oliver the Electronic Organ wanted to emulate the almighty Organ “ALL,” but found
he couldn’t until he was in the right relationship with spiritual people. When this
came about he was able to heal others through his music and become closer to the
perfection of “ALL.”

Chapter One tells the story of an organ named “ALL” that is crated up and waiting inside an auditorium which is under construction. During a thunderstorm it is hit with lightning and explodes, sending all the musical instruments that it was made up of flying out into the night as “thoughts” of music. They spread out over the city floating around until they find a musical instrument factory. One of them gets brave enough to enter a horn as it comes off the production line. Once inside the horn he cannot get back out. The others all follow his lead and enter the bodies of different instruments. Some of the thoughts from the organ “ALL” do not enter instruments. They elect to stay up high above the city because the city noises hurt them. They help the ones who have entered instruments in any way they can.


It was winter in the city. Temperatures were below zero and a fierce wind was blowing. The electricity had gone off and the streets were still and dark. Everything had come to a standstill because of an unexpected blizzard. There was a large new building under construction on the north side of the city. It would someday be a beautiful auditorium for the people of the city to use for many different purposes. Right now it didn’t look like much.

The cold wind whipped through openings in the unfinished building and filled the huge main room. This room had very high ceilings and, as yet, no seats in it. At the front of this room near the stage sat a big wooden crate. Inside this crate was a large pipe organ. It was silent now, but it was filled with sounds for people to enjoy when the auditorium was completed. For now the lonely, silent organ just sat there waiting inside its shell of a wooden cabinet. This organ’s name was “ALL” because of all the musical instruments that were inside him.

ALL wasn’t very happy. He was thinking, “WHAT AM I DOING, JUST SITTING HERE ALL ALONE INSIDE THIS BOX?” He tried and tried but he couldn’t remember anything that had taken place before waking up inside the box.

Speech bubble_01_crate

He was curious about where he came from, what was happening, why he was here and what he was supposed to do now. He thought about it some more and then it came to him! He was a musical instrument whose place in this world was to bring beauty, harmony, hope and inspiration to everyone. With this thought he began to feel better. At the same time he realized he was feeling warmer.

What ALL didn’t know was that the electricity was back on in the city and when the workers had come into the building to finish the construction, they had turned the heat on.

Boy is it ever cold in here,” said one of the workers named Joe. “I think we’d better turn some heat on for the sake of the organ.” He took off the wooden back of the case the organ was in and handed the plug to Dave who stood nearby watching and said, “Here, plug this into the wall outlet.”

“Okay,” Dave said as he plugged it in. “Now I’ll turn the power button to the on position. Let’s hope this small bit of electricity will keep the organ from being hurt from the cold,” Dave said.

ALL was feeling warmer and more powerful now since the workmen had plugged him in. He was feeling stronger and better all the time due to the vibration that the electrical current had set up inside him.

Speech bubble_02_crate

“WOW!” he thought, “SOMETIMES IT TICKLES; OTHER TIMES IT FEELS ITCHY. I CAN’T WAIT UNTIL I CAN START PLAYING MUSIC AGAIN.” He knew that he used to make people feel good by the looks on their faces as the music poured from him. He helped them experience a sense of togetherness with everything in the world.

It took several months to complete construction on the auditorium and the workers left the organ plugged in all the while they were finishing up. ALL just sat there growing more impatient and frustrated while waiting. There was no way the organ could be played yet because it was not hooked up to the mighty banks of pipes that stretched across the wall above the stage.

Soon it was spring and the building was almost completed. The workers were back. “Hey Joe,” said Jose, “Help me tear away the rest of the box from the organ.”

This exposed ALL to the colder air outside his cozy, warm box. He became very excited even though he was cold again without the protection of the box, but he soon adjusted to the temperature change.


“Come on over Dave and help. Let’s move it into position,” said Joe. “After we get it where it’s supposed to be we’ll be able to hook it up to the pipes.”

“Okay,” said Jose. “Then Mike can come in and test it to make sure it sounds are okay.”

After a short testing period, Mike said. “All the pipes are working and ready. I think everything’s going to be okay. Let’s go home now and enjoy our long holiday weekend.”

“Right,” said Joe. “But let’s leave the power to the organ on because we’re going to turn the heat down in the building and we don’t want the insides of the organ to get too cold.”

What they didn’t think of was that this would cause drops of moisture to form inside the organ.

ALL was alone again but very happy. “FINALLY,” he thought, “NOW ALL THE WAITING IS OVER. THINGS ARE BEGINNING TO HAPPEN.”

Speech bubble_03_All

That night after the workers left, another storm was blowing up outside the building. The wind started howling. Because of a mistake in the way the pipes were hooked up, some of the gusts of wind accidentally crept into the pipes of the organ and sounds began to come out of the different instruments. First came the sound of the strings, then a blare from the reeds, then the brass let loose with their sound.

ALL was entranced by the sounds he was making all by himself. He was amazed at the difference in tones coming from the different rows of pipes. He thought, “THERE’S A LOT MORE GOING ON INSIDE ME THAN WHEN THE WORKERS DID THEIR TESTING.”

What he didn’t realize was that the wind was causing the beautiful, gentle sounds coming out of him now. He was excited as he felt the small bit of electricity moving through his body.

As the storm grew worse, the wind that was accidentally blowing into the pipes increased. This caused the sounds made by the organ to get louder. All the banks of pipes were making sounds at the same time and it was getting louder and louder. Then the wind let up and slowly the pipes grew silent again.

“WHAT A LETDOWN,” ALL thought, and he started to feel alone and sad again. The storm had taken the electricity out once more and he was growing very cold. By the next morning he was shivering and the banks of pipes looked like rows of icicles to him.

Speech bubble_04_All

Eventually the electricity was fixed and the building started to warm up. ALL started to feel the electric current going through his body again.

“YES, YES,” he thought, “THAT’S MORE LIKE IT.” Then that night another storm came. It was even worse than the last storm. This storm was different from the one that had taken the electricity out when ALL was first moved to the auditorium. It was spring now and the outside air was warmer. This was a thunderstorm and had brilliant flashes of lightning and loud rumbles of thunder.

ALL was fascinated by what he was hearing outside the building. As the wind started getting stronger, the same thing happened as before. The wind was able to make sounds come out of the pipes on the organ. ALL heard the sounds coming out of him join in with the sound of the storm and it kept getting louder and louder.

“SOMETHING IS WRONG,” he thought. Instead of the soft, gentle sounds he heard during the last storm, these sounds were becoming harsh and discordant and even ugly and scary sometimes.

Speech bubble_05_All

What had happened was that the constant temperature changes inside the organ had caused drops of moisture to form and this was causing trouble with the passage of electricity through the organ. The volume kept building as the storm grew worse. The lightning flashed more often and the thunder rolled.

“WHAT A ‘CONCERT’ THIS IS,” ALL thought. He became more and more excited as the wind kept getting stronger, until all of a sudden he felt that he couldn’t contain himself anymore… and then it happened. He was hit with lightning!

The organ blew up; it exploded! It shattered into pieces. The wooden parts of it burned and the rest of it just fell apart into a pile of wires and pieces of metal. ALL’S thoughts shattered also and took on the forms of the different instruments that had been inside him. His thoughts were just “parts-of-ALL” now or “partial” pieces of the total design of the organ that had once been so big and powerful.

When ALL’S thoughts scattered from the explosion, a spark of the original current of electricity that had kept ALL warm throughout the long, cold winter, entered each of the partial pieces of All as a vibration that would become the sound of each instrument. This would be the way each of the different instruments could stay in touch with the rest of the parts-of-All.

All the thoughts of the different instruments were sent flying out into the large, empty auditorium. Because the roof of the building had been torn off by the lightning strike, there was nothing to stop the pieces-of-ALL and they went sailing right on out into the night. They were separated parts of ALL and didn’t exactly know what had happened to them. They were kind of scared and felt lost and alone with no one to guide them or tell them what to do. They were sent out into the world and would have to learn and experience and grow on their own.

They remembered ALL the Almighty Organ. They longed for ALL; for the comfort of being “safe” within the cabinet of the large organ. They longed to someday be able to return to that safe place inside the body of the mighty organ to make beautiful music again with all the other instruments. What would happen to them now? Faintly from afar, they heard beautiful music and then the voice of ALL saying:Speech bubble_06_All

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