Ancient Teachings

The one biggest drawback to all ancient teachings is the Father God idea that is in place in all the ancient teachings. This simply should never have been allowed to become so ingrained in society. It simply is not true. As given to you previously, there is a hierarchy built over time that makes the decisions as to which teachings to send through to communicators like yourself. There is a Creator God over each planet. Yours is Michael. As given to you there are twelve sons and each of them is over a planet in your solar system.

Other solar systems have their own hierarchies. As far as a father figure, the first ones to make it back up to the highest level, the Undersoul, are the ones who shape the teachings. They are joined with and assisted by those who never descended to a body on any planet. These were pieces of the original mind that shattered, with some pieces dropping to planets and other pieces remaining as part of the revolution around the core, the Hydrogen Atom.

This Atom is continually churning out energy. This energy meets up with some of the pieces that never descended and a new idea comes into being. There is no other way to describe what happens other than this – it is the constant churning of energy which actually forms music that is then heard by the spirit minds that are revolving. One of these minds will interpret the new music one way and another will interpret it a completely different way. This is part of the chaos, out of which order must be brought. Because of this happening, as those who worked their way back up to become part of the Undersoul joined with those who were undecended, they took it upon themselves to form a sort of court of last resort for which ideas they thought would benefit humanity or life on their planet no matter what form this life was in.

This is where the structure began that has overseen humanity since the beginning of the rise out of the animal bodies. Remember at all times that what you have been given comes the closest to the actual truth of how the world and humans came into being and how they should operate.

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