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Developing Your Brain Like Building a House

But first I need to give an explanation describing the new way of thinking about the brain. This is that the human brain is not only divided into the right side and the left side, it is actu23The Brainally divided into four parts. There is a lower left side, a lower right, an upper left and an upper right. Each of these divisions has three levels, with each level having twelve stages. The lower left division, sections 1-2-3 deals with our physical bodies; the lower right, 4-5-6, our emotional bodies; the upper left, 7-8-9, our mental bodies; and the upper right, 10-11-12, our spiritual bodies.

What Happens When You Die

The seedcore is the holder of the family tree. It comes back & spins off another personality. All your former lives are part of the seedcore. Good & bad are separated here and only the beautiful and creative lives are kept. All it takes is one plus deed to let any lifetime become part of the soul. If nothing was achieved in that life, than no part of it will remain. This is the true meaning of death.

Getting to Know Yourself

You must learn to know yourself and love yourself. Knowing yourself must be the first step. When you begin to know yourself better, first will come freedom from guilt and second, you will gain self-respect. After that will come the stage of self-like, then self-admiration, and finally self-love in the way it was meant to be.

Have You Ever Tried to Act?

Theater is good for some adults, because when they can pretend they are someone else they can remove their vanity from a situation and express their feelings by hiding behind the character. I think theater productions should be one of the main tools of educators through role playing to help students understand many things. A few teachers are trying this, but more need to use this tool. Role playing is an excellent tool for spiritual growth.

Are You Ready?

These Worship Gardens will be enlightening and inspirational lecture/concert/art displays. Can you picture going to worship in a beautiful garden environment? There’s nothing to block your communication with yourself which is what worship should be. Instead of sitting in a stuffy closed room that is often dark and gloomy, you would be free to experience all the beauty of your existence. Instead of listening to another person’s sermon (which is actually attending his/her university) you would be attending your own university – your own source of information.

We’re on our Way!

The Chrysalis Teachings are guidelines leading into the new society. They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for each. No church will be involved. The Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures.

More About the Musical Universe

You are the future. You and everyone else on the earth are responsible for the continuing progress and evolvement, or for the eventual destruction. There is no one up here that is giving original orders. The line of guidance evolved from scientific reactions. evolution will always continue to evolve from scientific reactions. Vibration is the creator of all life. This vibration is music in its most glorious form. The Science of Music is indeed the creator of all and the “savior” of all by being realized and brought onto the earth plane in its full glory.

Extension of Self

When discussing the Universal Laws, one must understand that some laws will be needed for one planet that will not be necessary on higher planets, as these evolutionary worlds have outgrown the need for any laws having to do with the mating of the higher and lower selves. Planet earth still needs to have a set of laws governing this process.