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Homosexuality Given More Publicity than Heterosexuality

Because of the intensification of the second chakra in humanity, the focus on sexuality is becoming much more common. Homosexuality is not becoming any more prevalent than heterosexual urges, it is just being given more publicity because it is out of the normal standards of behavior as set by the churches. (Heterosexuality is starting to […]

The Garden of Eden

Help in the form of nutrition for restructured creation was needed. Up until the time of the sixth day, when the restructuring was done through the chakras, the animal-men were not advanced enough for any nutrition to help with intelligence, but by the time Atlantis was destroyed, the spacemen needed to know if superior nutrition […]

Chakras are Organs of the Ethereal Body

The chakras are the organs of the ethereal body which work in harmony with the physical organs allowing the physical bodies to evolve into beautiful forms for the spirit of the Creator to enter and express through. The chakras are simply energy centers, storehouses for the vibrating atoms, the first stirrings of life in the […]

The First Mind Influenced Everything That Came After

When the “big bang” occurred, at that time there was a “Mind,” the Creator’s Mind. The material that drifted off after the big bang was made up of subatomic particles. This material acted in exactly the same manner as clouds, but it was actually a thinking mass of subatomic particles, the first Mind. Can your […]

My Adventures in Writing Music – Part One

It was my fiftieth birthday and when I got up that morning I decided to celebrate by giving myself the day to do anything I wanted – something that I had always wanted to try and had never allowed myself time to do. I decided to try to write music. It seems unbelievable that I […]

My Adventures in Writing Music – Part Two

For twenty-five years I played for dances every New Year’s Eve. I never had a New Year’s Eve off. One year I had surgery on my right wrist and I still played a four hour gig with just my left hand and left foot on the organ. Anyone who plays piano or organ knows that […]

Introduction to the Science of Music

The Science of Music will tie together everything that has existed from the time of the “big bang” into a musical vibration for the purpose of finding compatibility between the different kingdoms. This will aid in the healing of humans and the planet.

Trips by Spaceships are Biblical Days

The story of creation covers many generations of experiments. Passages in Genesis were still dealing with the experiments of the space people in getting a line of more highly evolved humans started; not only started, but controlled as far as having anything further to do with those coming from a more pure animal background.

The Universe Compared to a Whipped Cream Salad

To explain God in a very simple manner, please picture a whipped cream fruit salad. God is the mixture in which all else takes place, the ingredient without which there would be nothing. Without the whipped cream as the holding ingredient, all parts of the salad would fall apart.