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The Seven Virtues

The great teacher Jesus updated the Seven Gifts by showing how to more fully take advantage of them through living with the Seven Virtues. These Seven Virtues can be used as a behavior code and will serve as guides for your daily living.
1. Truth
2. Kindness
3. Love
4. Freedom
5. Compassion
6. Diplomacy
7. Impersonality

Becoming One With God

The feeling of wanderlust that all experience from time to time is a direct result of the thought that there has to be more to life than this. The more intelligent a person, the more this thought strikes. In some it takes the form of physical pursuit, in others a mental pursuit. The physical pursuit is not ever going to satisfy the seedcore of your being, but the mental will. It will develop in stages, this mental pursuit. There is, and always will be, a step higher to aspire to. There are times when we can’t see this step. We may sense that it is there and therefore will not be satisfied until we find it and pursue it. Such is the path of a disciple.

Questions and Answers About Karma

When one gets to the seventh level of mind dimension, then he will no longer commit any act that would bring karma or he will not be at that level. Those below the seventh level are still working on personal karma. They are working on clearing it up and will not knowingly commit any act that would bring on more karma. Most karma is incurred at the third dimension.

The Enlightenment of Self-Knowledge

The soul is what one must contact to know oneself. To know who one truly is, is not one particular event or phrase that can be spoken. Ones true self is made up of all the myriad parts of oneself, including the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of a person.

The Creator’s Mind

When the original explosion occurred (the big bang), at that time there was a “Mind,” the Creator’s Mind. The excitement of the explosion, the sheer awe and wonder of this Mind, this first “thinking” being, with a body of energy for a form, was what caused the creation of everything and the tiny little central core that caused it all is still there.


The darkness had a vibration to it. You see absence of sound, or vibration, will eventually produce a vibration due to a natural tendency to want balance. With the “nothing” it wanted “something,” so this “something” came into being as a vibration. A mixture of all potential colors of light (and corresponding musical tones) is what the darkness consisted of.

Comparing Our Brain to the Large Universe

While reading the description of the event for Mystic Radio on Esoteric Online about Parallel and Multi-Universe’ the following paragraph really struck me as something I’ve been given about our brain to tie the makeup of the big universe to the make-up of the human brain. As Quantum physicists get down to what is known […]

Membranes in the Brain can be Opened with Music

The divisions of the brain are noted esoterically by scientists, but not exoterically. There has not been much dissection of brains done on humans. Most has been done on animals and this is one place where the animals cannot serve the scientists because they do not have these membranes. These membranes in humans could be found and noted if looked for. In other words, if a research project to this effect were begun, the scientists, by using “black light,” would be able to identify these minuscule membranes. With ordinary light and eye sight they would not. An instrument combining “black light” and magnification would show them.

Reprogramming the Brain

People are capable of reprogramming their brain. They can block memories of earlier times and of using bad attitudes, by compressing them and putting them in the memory part of the brain, the storage shed, in other words. This will allow new brain patterns to start afresh.

The Purple Race

The purple race was one of the earliest to inhabit the bodies. The bodies were not refined enough and this race, the purple race was ordered out of the bodies to await another try after more refinement experiments had taken place. By this time the purple race had left this solar system and moved on to a higher solar system where they would not have to adapt themselves to the bodies of limitation that the earth people presented.