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The VibraKids Chapter 5 – Fanny the Fancy Flute

Fanny the Fancy Flute teaches that it is better to be an active member of society rather than an item of beauty collecting dust on a shelf. The people attending the auction were getting tired of sitting in chairs. Arthur the auctioneer called for a fifteen minute intermission before continuing the auction. While the people […]

The VibraKids Chapter 3 – Tommy the Trumpet

Tommy the Trumpet woke up with a start. He didn’t know where he was. He looked around at the room he was in and then ran to the window and looked out. “I MUST BE IN A DIFFERENT CITY,” he thought. “NOTHING IS FAMILIAR.” He was really scared now. He was no longer in the […]

The VibraKids Chapter 2 – The Vivacious VibraKids

When ALL was struck with lightning and shattered, the wooden parts of his cabinet burned and the rest of him was a twisted pile of metal. What went flying out into the night through the huge hole in the ceiling were his thoughts. These were the thoughts that had led him to know that he was able to make beautiful music. His thoughts separated into many pieces. Those who were to be stringed instruments broke into many different sizes and strengths. The same thing took place with all the other sounds of instruments that were inside ALL. These partial bits of ALL’s thoughts are the “VibraKids.”

Levels of the Eighth Chakra – The Ear Chakra

The eighth chakra will be the “inner ears,” similar to the “inner eye,” the sixth chakra. This will give an “inner communication system” that does not verbalize as a voice box. This inner verbalization is a form of what we call ESP, only just as loud and communicable as our speech and just as capable of nuances of expression.

The Creation Suite – I am Your Sun, I am Your Son

It is I who see all
From a viewpoint high above
A swirling cloud of energy
With thoughts of peace and love.

I have legions I employ
And get many tasks done
I am the energy for your universe
I am your Sun, I am your Son.

Gases swirled and exploded
Raining fire and ashes down onto Earth below
As we watched hushed and silent
He is our Sun.

The power and the glory of God
Will be forever
He is our Sun
He is our Son.

Levels of the Seventh Chakra – The Crown Chakra

This seventh chakra, the crown chakra is one of the main chakras to work through to do channeling. This chakra was a result of the combining of all the other chakras into one that allows for reaching your inner being, or your God Within. It is the frosting on the cake for the human, the goal for all to strive for. This chakra was not reached until the Renaissance period.

Levels of the Sixth Chakra – The Third Eye

The sixth chakra is one that at present is open on everyone to stage three when they are born. The first stage of this chakra was in actual vision that the early forms had – the first forms that were born after the separation from the animals took place. The higher genes that were inseminated caused an inner eye to form that was a transforming of the antennae on certain animals.

Cause of Earthquakes Compared to a Litter of Puppies

At first the mother tries to control her brood by giving warnings and little nips and perhaps growls, but it soon becomes impossible to struggle against them. She resigns herself to this sort of activity on her body and slowly but surely the vibrations of the fighting dogs begin to wear away at her vital organs. It first affects the muscles of her body. She is slowly becoming paralyzed.

Einstein’s Theory of E=MC2 Must Change

Einstein’s theory of E=MC2, for the speed of light will need to change to conform with the new Particle Theory. Einstein was in just exactly the right mode of thinking for the time period he lived in. But as evolution continues all disciplines in place on the earth plane must be upgraded. As the evolution of light continues, so also must the theory of the speed of light be changed.

Levels of the Fifth Chakra – The Throat

The fifth chakra, that of the throat, is a very important chakra for humans and came into being out of necessity when the early men began separating themselves off from the big animals and needed protection from them. It became a matter of survival that these early humans be able to communicate with one another.