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Ancient Teachings

The one biggest drawback to all ancient teachings is the Father God idea that is in place in all the ancient teachings. This simply should never have been allowed to become so ingrained in society. It simply is not true. As given to you previously, there is a hierarchy built over time that makes the […]

The VibraKids Chapter 1 – The Almighty Organ Called "ALL"

“The Vibrakids” is an analogy of the “Big Bang” and the fact that the spirits enter the bodies of humans and all have a desire to join back into the body of our Creator. The “instruments” are an analogy for human bodies and the thoughts that enter them are spirits. The thoughts that stay up high and do not enter instruments are an analogy of guardian angels. Each chapter tells of the experiences of a different VibraKid and the instrument he or she has entered. Their experiences teach them about different aspects of life and how to get along with others. They draw on the wisdom of the original organ “ALL” and pass this wisdom on to others. All the VibraKids have a deep desire to someday be able to return to the body of the big organ “ALL” (return to our Creator) and be able to make beautiful music together again.

Effervescent, Electrified "Cotton Candy" to Heal Arthritis

A machine could be invented that would allow a person to immerse their body into a mixture of effervescent, electrified “cotton candy” to heal arthritis for about 10 – 15 minutes a day, and all their aches and pains from arthritis would disappear. It would not be a total healing of arthritis but would make a person’s life much more comfortable.

Your Spiritual Journey – Planets 5 & 6

Planet (Plane) Five When the twin is found, you plus your twin spark, plus all the learning of each one’s former incarnations, progress to the fifth plane for healing and preparation for the rest of the journey. When you move on from earth’s plane to the next, you will be in a loving, protected atmosphere […]