Housing Modules are Wave of the Future

Modules or components of houses are the wave of the future, as far as affording housing for all inhabiting the earth. The houses being built out of wood are depleting our natural resources of forests, which of course affects the environment. The houses of the future will be built of natural ingredients so there will be no problem with disposal when a module has served its purpose and needs to be replaced. There is a substance being made out of organic materials that resembles our present day plastic and it has the insulating qualities that are needed.

The ideas behind these modules are that they can be added or changed as needed. A basic starter home would have two modules, the physical plant of the house and one “great” room. From that point on the round modules with connectors could be added, one at a time. If a separate bedroom is needed or wanted as a first supplement, then the bedroom package is purchased. If a separate kitchen is wanted instead, then the kitchen package is purchased. The bathroom and laundry would be part of the physical plant module as original equipment along with heating and cooling and moisturizing works.

Each round module could be rearranged as needed or wanted. For instance, if the first room to be added is a bedroom, then next a kitchen and it is decided that it would be better to have the kitchen where the first bedroom is, then the interior package is all that needs to be exchanged. You could rearrange the rooms in your house as easily as you now rearrange furniture in your rooms.

The walls of these modules would be of a soft spongy material that would hold a nail for a picture and when the nail was removed the wall would seal itself back up. A pass-through window or opening could be cut through from one room to the next and then re-sealed later when it is no longer needed. The home would be very adaptable for individual uses. It also would lend itself to different decorating schemes. The roundness of it should not be changed due to the ease of heating and cooling round containers as opposed to square. It is a simple law of physics.

These modules could serve many, many purposes other than homes, of course. A few would be offices, studios, lecture halls, retreat kitchens or retreat bathrooms, temporary quarters for guests, etc. Each module could serve as shelter for the homeless, medical offices, classrooms in your new school, pre-school room additions, mother-in-law rooms, garages, RV and boat storage, computer rooms, exercise rooms, spa rooms, tanning rooms, dining areas, entertainment areas, meditation rooms, and the list goes on and on limited only by your imagination.

The interior packages could be a vehicle for much individual artistic and mechanical expression. They would be a challenge. It would become a field of its own as far as a career goes. The modules could be sold or rented and the interior packages also sold or rented. Each module would be independent of all others except for the physical plant module. One of these would be an absolute necessity with each other module, so therefore would need to be the first to be designed and tested along with one other module for testing purposes.

The floors of the home would be part of the construction of the module and also, therefore, be heated. There would be ventilation openings in the ceiling and a natural system of fans in the dome of the ceiling. In other words embedded into the ceiling construction would be flaps similar to those which are used on airplanes that would divert air downward or toward any area of the module.

The aspect of selling the modules on a competitive sales plan is a must. The business must be made profitable in today’s market. We realize this is the way the world operates. Nothing can be accomplished if it is not accomplished through the social structure of the world. This is a very important thing to remember.

The fact that they could be heated and cooled through a crystal ring around the outside is quite true. This is based on the crystal in Atlantis and more could be given on this for details if interest is shown in the rest of the concept. The outside of the homes could be made to look square if desired by fake fronts as long as it didn’t cover the original crystal ring which would be an integral part of the wall construction of each module. The crystal ring would serve to heat the wall of the room with shades to be covered for temperature control – automatic shades operated by a thermostat.

The lighting of the homes would also be embedded into the walls, or rather the way to light the homes would be embedded, the power source that would allow a lamp to be placed anywhere in the room as long as its cord could reach the wall – anywhere on the wall. This would be true of all appliances and yet until these cords touched the wall there would be no evidence of electricity to be seen or felt. It would be perfectly safe. The lights would be of the kind that emit light from a solid sphere. They would not contain a bulb as you have now.

The homes of the future will have the walls encoded with vibrations that will be tuned for the individual living in that room and will automatically light with the color of light that is needed for harmony in that body. The great room and other public areas such as kitchens, dining areas, baths etc. would be rainbow lighting which would allow all vibrations to feel good within them, but exercise rooms and meditation rooms and bedrooms, offices, studies, etc. anything used for a personal nature could be coded with an individual’s personal harmony.

The new teachings are showing the way to harmony of man’s internal world. These new housing modules will show the way for harmony of man’s physical world. The inner world will never be calm and peaceful until the physical needs of a person are met. The physical needs must come first. Many of those working to instill new thinking do not realize that they have the tail before the cat. The inner peace and harmony will come when physical ills and stresses are met and people can relax enough to even know they have an inner being.

Heart Chakra is a Transformer

The chakras in the human being will follow a pattern of the three lower chakras and the three higher chakras needing to have the middle chakra as the transformer. This would be the heart chakra.

For instance, say one chose to have a strong solar plexus and a strong crown chakra. These two chakras would eventually start demanding that this one form a personal universe that would satisfy the energy coming from both of these chakras. Therefore, this person would have a struggle with duality. As the heart chakra opened wider and the person’s personal universe became more all encompassing, instead of a very limited personal universe, this person would find himself communicating and wanting to communicate with many other people. If one stunts the growth of their personal universe they will be canceling out and defeating their goals for the incarnation.

An example of the heart as a transformer would be as follows: the heart transforming the power of the root chakra, which is a sense of will, drive and power indicating a personal desire to grow and be independent, can be transformed through various forms of training. This training will allow one to have this strength coupled with the emotional feelings that will allow one to find his own inner peace with all others. This is good to ease one’s turmoil. It can help one gain great strength of character. This is very advanced work.

As the heart chakra opens, it becomes stronger as a transformer thereby enabling the throat chakra to start working in combination with the root chakra allowing a person to express their goals. The transformer then begins allowing the third eye to intertwine with the sacral plexus and allows their creativity to be visualized and realized, and the transforming wonders of the heart chakra then would allow the crown chakra and the solar plexus to combine very strongly. When the heart chakra becomes very activated, the person has the ability to reach and communicate with other kingdoms and opens up even more doors to wisdom and knowledge.

This growth – the wide opening of the heart chakra – must take place to enlarge each one’s personal universe. One must keep growing and expanding, in their thoughts if nothing more, to have this expansion of their personal universe take place. One cannot simply close oneself off from the rest of humanity and have a very narrow personal universe or they will never fully be able to access the powerhouse combination of the third and seventh chakra.

The Heart Chakra’s Influence on Other Chakras
The following is a review of the levels of the heart chakra (posted earlier) and how they are tied to the levels of other chakras that it influences:
Level 1 – Awareness of being only half of the soul on the earth – influences level 4 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 2 – Knowing there is help for us from an unseen source – influences level 4 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 3 – Acknowledging Higher authority (took the form of God) – influences level 5 of chakras 1 & 2.
Level 4 – Realization that God will be found inside our own mind – influences level 6 of 1st 4 chakras.
Level 5 – Able to be in communication with other half of soul – influences level 7 of 1 & 4 chakras.
Level 6 – Raise consciousness & take responsibility for ourselves– influences level 8 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 7 – Wanting to help & teach others what we have discovered – influences level 9 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 8 – Realization that we are all one – unconditional love – influences level 10 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 9 – Spiritual Leader – Able to command a spiritual following – influences level 11 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 10 – Spiritual Prophet – Ability to bring in new teachings – influences level 12 of chakras 3 & 4.
Level 11- Spiritual Master – Ability to teach new teachings.
Level 12 – Spiritual Messiah – Ability to teach new teachings and also command a following.

When the heart chakra is open, it’s difficult to focus on any areas of life on the earth plane other than that of relationships with other people. If an entity decides to have a goal such as helping humanity with energy resources, having the heart chakra open would be disastrous as they would not be able to perform the necessary actions to progress their goal.

The heart chakra is extremely important to be open in one whose main goal is to work with people as an analyst, as a compassionate teacher or as a healer. In any of the areas working directly with the individual the heart chakra would be one that was chosen to be open. (That is, if the entity had progressed this far, and the entity must have progressed this far or he/she would not be setting a goal such as this.) You see, when you have reached a certain stage in evolution, you choose what chakras you care to work through in any particular lifetime in order to achieve your goals.

The heart chakra being open does not necessarily mean that one will be able to use gifts any more wisely. As a matter of fact, it quite often works against the wise use if it’s not balanced properly by the crown chakra. If you get one, for instance, with the heart chakra and the sixth chakra open but not the seventh, you have an unwise soul. There is no balance. They are all wrapped up their own relationship with other people (and most often with the opposite sex) and they are using every psychic means and ability they have to draw to them people with whom to experience blissful relationships. There is no wisdom in this type of life.

The heart chakra is not necessarily where the compassion comes from either. To have compassion that is not in the form of pity, heart wrenching pity, one must also have the crown chakra as the balance. The heart chakra itself is not wisdom; it is not wise. If one came in solely operating on the heart chakra, he would be a mess! If one comes in operating on the heart chakra and the second chakra (the sacral plexus), his life is also a very unbalanced life. Humanity was at this point in Lemuria. For the time period, they were wise people with the heart and throat chakras open. They were much wiser than any had been up to then, but not in the sense of wisdom that would be considered wisdom today.

As evolution continues, the development of the chakras must continue. The importance of the earlier chakras fade as the new ones come into being. The heart chakra in the human is not as necessary now as it was in the days of the early cave man. The heart chakra was needed at that time to stop them from killing each other; to build the conscience so that humanity could survive. At that time, they were all acting on instinct, and the heart chakra tempered the instinct. Now, as instinct is used to build the intuition, so also is the heart chakra included in the components that make up intuition. But it is certainly not “the most important” one. They are all important components for a balanced intuition, but the heart chakra no more so than the crown chakra.

Levels of the Fourth Chakra – The Heart Chakra

The lower three chakras have been almost totally opened and in use on most of humanity, some more stronger than others, but in comparison to the three higher chakras, the throat, third eye and crown, the lower three have been most in use, with very few individuals using the higher three. They did try to enter the human forms before the forming of the heart chakra and it was not too successful. The heart chakra was brought into being at the time of the split of the spirit into positive and negative, or male and female, (Adam and Eve, Biblically speaking) when the whole form was restructured.

Most people are born with the first two levels of the heart chakra open. No one opens any chakra wide open all at once. If they do they will most certainly be in trouble. These chakras open one level at a time and when that energy is fully incorporated into the daily life then, and only then, will the next level open. It is a lifetime process for most to open the chakras as far as level seven and a few do open them to level eight. This is about as far as it is safe at this time for humanity to open. The next four levels would be too much energy for anyone to withstand.

1st Level
The first level of the heart chakra is that of being aware that we are only half of our beingness that is on the earth. This is the cause of the terrible feelings of loneliness that all experience and the feeling of incompleteness that we all have until we have progressed spiritually to the point of finding our God Within.

2nd Level
The second level of the heart chakra is that which causes a knowingness that there is help or an answer as to why we feel this way. This is an inborn trait of all. Both of these first two levels are inherent in our makeup. Without the second level the first would be unbearable. Anyone with suicidal tendencies due to feeling alone could be helped by a tuning of this second level, because for the spirit to be split apart and one half be sent down to experience life in these strange cumbersome forms was a terrific shock. If this spirit does not have an awareness that the other part of himself or herself is near at hand, able to be communicated with eventually and used for guidance, it would be a devastating existence. But somehow, through the tuning of this second level we are hopeful from the beginning; hopeful and knowing that we are not alone, that there is help from an unseen source.

3rd Level
The third level of tuning is an acknowledgment of a higher authority figure in whom we trust and to whom we pray. In early man this took many forms and the outgrowth was a belief in a fatherly figure on high known as God. With this level of tuning came all, or most, of our hang-ups and guilt which have wrecked havoc with the spirit’s progress.

4th Level
The fourth level of the heart chakra is a realization that God will be found inside our own mind and is indeed the other half of us that we are separated from at the beginning of each incarnation. Everyone’s heart chakra is programmed to be open to the fourth level at birth. Therefore, the same exact process of reviewing necessary to open this chakra must be gone through at the beginning of each life. It does get easier and quicker to progress to this fourth stage with each ensuing life experience. And this fourth stage must be reached before any true spiritual progress can be accomplished in each life. Until this is reached you are merely reviewing what you already know from previous lives. The opening of the fourth level of the heart chakra is a long process. As a person flows with the new energy and the feelings it brings, and expresses these feelings, he will find himself much more loving in response to family and friends. He will be less demanding of their attention and able to let go of his children and allow them their independence.

5th Level
The fifth level of tuning of the heart chakra is that of being able to be in constant communication with the other half of our soul for guidance. This is manifested as the conscience and is called the Christ Consciousness, mistakenly.

6th Level
This leads to individual consciousness and taking responsibility for ourselves and our personal destiny, which is the sixth level.

7th Level
The seventh level is not true Christ Consciousness either. It is the wanting to help and teach others of what we have discovered. This level must be open for one to be a true spiritual teacher. Many who are teaching have not progressed to this point of opening the heart chakra and, therefore, are not considered qualified spiritual teachers by those helping planet earth.

8th Level
The eighth level is the realization that we are all one, that we are all a part of each other – the shattered energy of our Creator, and brings about unconditional love.

9th Level
The next levels, from nine to twelve, are advanced levels leading to what is termed sainthood by some churches, or messiahs or great spiritual teachers. Level nine would be that of a leader, not necessarily the greatest teacher, but one with an ability to command a following.

10th Level
Ten would be one who brings in new advanced teachings.

11th Level
Eleven would be the teacher of the advanced teachings.

12th Level
Twelve would be not only the teacher but combined with that of leader. There is none on
earth today at levels eleven and twelve.

The heart chakra is made up of the emotional child part of you combined with the spiritual self. The intellect has no organic part of the heart chakra, but yet has complete control over it. It must be a wise control. When the heart chakra opens wide and the intellect is not sharpened and functioning, this one will be in much turmoil. The intellect is a function of the crown and solar plexus. These two are one of a lower nature and one higher and have their own problem of great duality without the transforming qualities of the heart chakra. What the heart chakra being opened will do is help balance between what you sense intuitively and what you know psychically.

A New Century City

The New Century City will be fourth dimensional living mixing with third dimensional life – fitting in and raising third dimensional life upward into the fourth. This should be considered an experiment in living in a new century – a New Century City, if you will. It should have environmental protection devices woven into all phases of physical living. It should be very visionary and very inspirational. The outline of the New Century City should be laid out simply and clearly and in detail with guidelines for bringing in people.

Locating the City
The New Century City can be started with just a few people and you will not want to spread yourselves too thin in order to make an impact. Therefore a small town would have great potential for making the philosophy of fourth dimensional thinking available for all to see.

For several reasons you would not want to be a part of the actual town, but rather on the outskirts. Land will be cheaper on the outskirts and you will not be beholden to the dictates of others. There would privacy and accessibility, both, that should be considered. There may be extensions of each of you in the town or in surrounding towns or cities to earn your daily bread, but the base for the Golden Rule philosophy should be outside of the town limits with room for expansion.

Finances for the Center
There would be a Governing Board that would interview potential settlers in the New Century City, as far as philosophy. There would also be consideration taken of skills that would lend themselves to the environmental aspect of protecting the land. Also, it would be wise to have access to those who could lend money on easy terms to those needing to have help in relocating and building a home or starting a business. This process would be controlled through the Governing Board of the New Century City. The money itself could come from a loan based on the potential of the project. All the available talent will serve as collateral for getting off the ground. Those in charge of finances for the small town may be willing to fund personally, for a short time, the idea of a Research Center – especially one digging into environmental projects –- to further the growth of their own town.

The advantage of locating the New Century City near the small town area is that as the small town grows it has the potential of being a great economic success and will enable those in the new generation city to sell their wares or market their talents.

Let’s look at the possibilities. A building could be purchased to house a small office and research center. This could eventually expand to a hotel complex to house those who are working on projects. This will include classrooms, kitchen/dining hall and lecture room. None of it will be very large, just enough to accommodate approximately a dozen people at a time.

There are many small projects in the Chrysalis material that need to be researched and undertaken. There needs to be one person to read the material and dig out these projects. This would be almost a full time job. Someone with a sharpness of mind and entrepreneurial mentality will need to be found to do this. These smaller projects can begin to bring in some income for the foundation on a percentage basis. The foundation can become a self-feeding mechanism in this manner.

All projects would be on the trust program. The projects could begin to take shape as soon as everyone sees the picture. You will be able to draw support from a larger area than you now think possible if there is a nearby airport. Low cost housing could be found in the small town until such time as when everyone can live in the New Century City.

Relocation Guidelines
As far as guidelines for those wanting to relocate to the New Century City, they must continue studying spiritual concepts once they have relocated, and be in accordance with most of the philosophy of fourth dimensional teachings. Any fundamental concepts that they cannot agree with would not necessarily keep them from joining the New Century City, because this would be discrimination, but they would need to be aware of these differences and know where the New
Century City stands on the issues.

They must have at least $2000.00 saved up and show proof of this money to apply for assistance of a loan of an equal amount from the Governing Board. This loan is to be repaid in small payments or in work for the foundation at a pay scale of $10.00 an hour. They must have a well laid out plan to support them that will take no longer than three months to be fully operational and bringing in money for personal daily needs. The first three months can be subsidized, if needed, with meals given at the main facility for the first three months, or until they are “on their feet” financially, whichever comes first.

Rigidity Will Be Relaxed
The New Culture will see people with a lot more free time. This time will be used to study any arts and crafts that they care to pursue, and also take part in spiritual studies, which will encompass history to a great extent. They will also study present day behavior and goals and aims for the future.

In the New Culture, a day in the life of a typical family would see the children still go to school and the father and mother most likely still go to work. The difference will be that one or other or both of the parents may visit their child in school and eat lunch with the youngster. They may also take the child out of school and take him on a trip to the zoo. The rigidity of both the work place and the education place is going to be much relaxed. This of course cannot happen and will not work if these people are not centered. To get this many people centered is going to be a phenomenal job. Any bit of information that the higher beings can bring through, by any means through any channel, and get it out to the public, is what is going to enable this centering to take place.

Changeover Will Happen Fast

The changeover is going to happen quite fast. For this reason it is going to cause devastating moments for many. These devastating moments are the cataclysms that have been talked about. A cataclysm is a disruption of a normal function. This can apply to a human being as well as Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Those who make it through these disruptions will realize that their lives have changed and that they cannot be the way they were before; they cannot act and react as they did, nor can they earn their living with the same mental attitudes that they did before. If they don’t realize this they have not made it through the cataclysms and will need to have much, much help from those understanding the total process of what is happening.

This will not be communal living as that is not something that anyone needs to learn. Communal living is of a past era. The New Culture designates each have his own space that is patterned after his vibration. It is filled with his vibratory field and enfolds him like the higher beings’ nest enfolds them. This is part of the new movement, that of individuality that can come together with other individuals and create for the good of humanity but it is not part of the plan that you all live together, nor is it even part of a plan that will cause growth. Do not feel guilty about not wishing this. It is not part of the new pattern of beingness. There must be space in your togetherness for growth to occur in a natural manner.

There are plans available for a research/teaching center to be located in the New Century City and also plans for an experimental school. There are ideas for starting new businesses with “credit shares” and “wage images.” There are also plans for “Nature’s Mineral Garden” and a “Terraced Spiral Garden.” This last is not part of the Chrysalis material but was sent to me by Paul Simpson from Menlo Park, Calf. in 1988 to be passed on to others. Most of this material can be found in the restructuring booklets 45 through 49. Some of it will be in the Science of Music booklets.

The Haarp Project

This material came through about 20 years ago. Please take this into consideration when time is mentioned in the article.

The HAARP project is not dangerous to the world or its people. It is the coming technology necessary for the world to continue evolving into the fourth dimension. This technology was indeed given by space people and will be the means by which communication with other planets will be established. It is not going to be used for evil purposes, although there are those who are suspect of it and believe that it is going to be used to spy on humans’ privacy.

Those in charge of the project are much too evolved for that to happen. If it were to fall into the wrong hands, for instance a government with unevolved leaders wanting to gain control of other countries, then it would be dangerous. This is the only danger and for that reason it must be guarded with secrecy and protected against assault of any kind, even from those from lower evolved planets. In fact, there is more danger from lower evolved planets at this time than there is from any in our country.

The way HAARP works is it takes the inverted wavelengths of communications to use. The lower radio waves are in use for all our earth bound communications. The waves that HAARP uses are the same ones used by channels such as myself. This is why information on the project is being picked up by channels and then, as to be expected, a certain amount of it is misinterpreted.

It will allow the channeling that is being done today by humans to be accessed by technical means and brought onto the earth by transmission lines rather than by using human beings. Can you not see how this could speed up the evolutionary process on our planet? I know from experience myself how much of my own energy is expended when transmitting, plus the energy of those I’m in contact with. If all this energy can be accessed and exchanged to a system that is mechanical and still be trustworthy, then this is the way to proceed.

The good points of this are it will not have misinterpretation by human channels. There still may be misinterpretation from those sending the information, but not due to any desire to mislead, only due to not having sufficient knowledge. The first transmissions to come out of this project will have to be carefully analyzed and tested. It will most likely be another ten years before it is truly dependable. I hope people will not further the paranoia that is already hooked to this project as being subversive to individual rights and privacy. It is in the hands of those in the higher dimensions and there it will stay.

This project has been put into place to ease the transition of the earth into the fourth dimension. Its seeds were sown approximately thirty years ago and it will not be fully functional for probably another twenty years. It is evolving as it is being built. The same process has been used to bring this new technology down to the earth plane as is used for all new inventions.

The idea is conceived on the inner planes, in the thoughts processes of humans walking the earth. It is brought into their conscious thought processes by communication with the higher part of their mind – their former and future incarnations that are on the inner planes. The former incarnations are included because some of them have the knowledge and skills that the one on the earth does not consciously have in this lifetime. Therefore these former incarnations are needed in this process to make the person able to understand what the future incarnations are giving. This is why “channeling” or connecting to your inner being must come about in the logical manner of first tapping into past incarnations, then those in the same time frame as the present incarnation and then those incarnations in the future. This is how it must work.

Regardless, those bringing this HAARP project through onto the earth plane entered this incarnation with this as their sole purpose. They have been studying on the inner planes and now are here in manifestation to help it become a reality. It seems there is one aspect of mine that is involved with this project, albeit one that I have not been in contact with in this life because it was not planned to be thus. However, it does make it easier for me to get “inside” the purpose and use of this project and to ignore all the scare rumors that are being bandied about.

The manipulation of the air currents or energy waves around the planet for communication purposes will also disturb weather patterns. It was known that this would happen and it is slowing the progress of the project down. Each step of the way they must carefully evaluate what effect a certain manipulation of currents is going to have on the weather on the planet. This has been going on for the past thirty years or so as given and will continue. This is the changeover period. This is also the process that will lift the planet into a new orbit. This is needed to ever be able to make contact with the inner world a possibility due to the pollution surrounding the planet.

The only way for earth to become a spiritual planet and take her rightful place is for this communication with the Creator at all levels to be able to be accessed easily by everyone. The only way this can happen is for the aura around the planet to be clean. The weather disturbances are due to the manipulation of the energy waves which is being done to raise earth up to an unpolluted area to allow communication to take place with the Creator. This is the action that will allow her to take her rightful place as a spiritual planet.

Levels of the Third Chakra – the Solar Plexus

The third chakra, the solar plexus, is that which allows the human being the freedom of expressing differences from each other. Without this chakra everything was identical as far as actions. There were no individual reactions, no initiative taken, nothing to differentiate one living form from another.

1st Level
Therefore, the first level of the solar plexus is the capacity for individualism. This is inborn within every human form. As with all inborn abilities, some access this level more than others.

2nd Level
The second level of this chakra or energy center is the sensing of the difference between each human form. With the animals this meant each species mating within its own kind. This chakra or energy center was formed at the same time that all the species were coming into being with distinctive family characteristics. You see, in the beginning there was all the same life form, but as these life forms moved out from the spawning center, different foods were eaten and different environmental influences produced changes which adapted the life form to its environment. Some grew longer or shorter tails, thicker fur, sharper eyes, enhanced hearing, different reproductive methods and caring for the young. All of this took eons. But the basic instinctive knowing whether another life form was part of your “vibrational family” was kept intact in all the different species and is a rule of nature that is still in place today. In humans this gives the knowingness, or sensing whether another human being is operating on “your wavelength” or not and allows for discrimination in choosing those we associate with. This instinct or intuition is more sharply in focus in some than in others. It should be the immediate “gut reaction” we get when first meeting someone and should form the basis of all our friendships and relationships. This is not to say that you shouldn’t associate with others, but rather use this knowledge in handling the intricacies of each relationship. What this second level does is allow for cross mating in the human race.

3rd Level
The animals will not cross over this “vibrational line of demarcation” – humans can, will and should to bring about a wider understanding and closeness and allow the spirits within the forms the ability to experience the fact that they are all one. This, then, is the third level of the solar plexus, the ability to be aware that we are all of the same origin, both through physical evolution and spiritual evolution although, basically, this third chakra is not thoroughly aware of spiritual teachings. When those are accessed more fully with the opening of the higher chakras, that is when this third level of the third chakra will get more usage.

4th Level
The fourth level of the solar plexus is when the awareness of being able to manipulate others comes in. This knowingness of others according to vibrational sensing opens the door to also knowing other things about people. In the animals this is the level that told the rabbit to steer clear of the wolf. It laid the ground work for predators to lay in wait for their prey because they became aware of their habits of existence, such as always going to the watering hole at the same time. The same is true of humans. Those with a more advanced level of tuning of this chakra will be able to take advantage of those with a lower tuning. This is basically what took place in Atlantis and got so out of hand that the civilization was destroyed and the restructuring of the human form was done. But to follow evolution through from the adding of each chakra, this level brought about manipulation and can be brought down in tuning in one who does this on a regular basis to others. Some have sharpened this ability to the point where they can manipulate anyone, whether of a higher or lower vibrational rate.

5th Level
The fifth level of the solar plexus is a beginning ability of reading the thoughts in other’s minds, not just a sensing of instinctual behavior. This level progressed and grew right along with the capacity of the brain to think. Therefore it is a natural thing, inborn in all of us to be able to read other people’s thoughts. Those in whom the brain power progressed faster naturally progressed at a greater rate of speed as to this ability to tune into other people psychically. So this is an ability that is directly tied to intelligence, rather than being equal in all.

6th Level
Level six of the solar plexus is what brings the use of discrimination into play as far as the usage of the abilities this chakra gave the human form. In the animals this level was prevalent in the fact that they started staying in groups or herds and making for individual species or categories of like traits, such as hoofed animals and those whose young were all born and nurtured through the same process. In the human this level also leads to individualism in that those with this level strongly tuned quickly learns when the use of the psychic ability is being used wrongly and gravitates away from those using it unwisely and seeks out “his own kind” as far as groups.

7th Level
The seventh level then allows the usage of these abilities to help others in a wise manner and, at the same time, one learns how to protect oneself against those of lower psychic abilities. In the animals these last two stages have not progressed to the point where it should. What is meant by this is that they stay in herds but have not yet learned to discriminate among all those in their general category, because a wolf can and will kill and eat a baby wolf if he’s hungry enough and the baby wolf would trust the older wolf because he’s a wolf. And certainly none of the animals are aware enough to access level seven. Levels eight through twelve are very powerful levels. The seat of psychic ability is definitely located in this chakra, the solar plexus. This can be tuned and has been tuned totally by some psychics and it is not as dangerous as the other two chakras, especially the root, as anyone who has reached seventh level tuning has built-in discrimination. Most of the higher levels of this chakra have to do with healing. Level seven, as given, is used to help others mainly with advice.

8th Level
Level eight allows the tapping into the akashic records for past life influences.

9th Level
Level nine is a knowingness of using the mineral kingdom for healing.

10th Level
Level ten is the use of the plant kingdom.

11th Level
Level eleven is the use of the animal/human kingdom which is sound.

12th Level
Level twelve is the use of the prismatic kingdom or working with colors and light. As you know, there are many working on these higher levels. Those wishing to become more effective healers would want this chakra highly tuned to the exact level they are employing. They must have a natural tuning at least as high as level seven before the higher levels should be tuned, as the misuse of these higher abilities could become rampant. Some have already learned how to tune to these higher levels and are misleading others, or rather misusing their abilities by charging enormous fees. This is because the wisdom is not in place that is needed before these higher levels will be properly used.

Finances for the New Consciousness

What is the meaning of the word finance? Please look it up in your dictionary. There are several meanings. One of these is “to supply with means of payment.” (The American College Dictionary, Random House, 1953 edition.) This is the meaning that it should have for everyone in this time of restructuring consciousness. It is actually a very simple statement, “to supply with means of payment.” It does not state the word money, if you will, just means of payment. This is the one guideline that everyone should focus on. It will become imperative to focus on this description in the near future.

If not money, then what should we be amassing for our protection against the hard times that we must go through? Barter is the answer. Look up the meaning of the word barter, please. “To trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money.” (Same source as above.) There is one more word that we wish you to look up. That word is fair. “Free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.” (same source).

When these three definitions are combined you have a description of finance for the new consciousness. “To supply yourselves with means of payment by the exchange of commodities in a manner that is free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.” “Impartial exchange of goods” would be a shorter definition. This is not a new idea. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest systems in the world. That is because it was brought to our world from other worlds. It is the true spiritual manner of sustenance. When this manner is followed, naught can go wrong with the system because it is a self-adjusting system.

This is the only way of combating the control that government bureaucracy has over their people. This thought has been picked up by many, many people on the earth plane, especially just recently and many have tried to institute its use. Most of them have failed. Why? Because they tried to make money off of a spiritual concept. This will always fail, as it is being done for selfish motives.

The “garage sales” people are holding are becoming a source of disappointment for most. Why not switch to barter. Why not hold a garage “barter” instead of a garage “sale?” There are many, many ways this concept can be initiated in the years ahead. Many of these ways will be ingenious if people will only open their minds to the fact that they don’t need to have “money.” They do need to have their own two hands and their reasoning, intelligent mind.

These ideas on finance for the new consciousness is not going to make some happy. They would like to be told an easy way to amass huge sums of money to acquire possessions. The higher beings are sorry to disappointment them. They have spoken before that the way of earning a living in the future would be by what came forth from the center of a man’s being.

To give some practical, down to earth guidance, if one has a talent in any of the arts, he is immediately richer by far than those who do not. This will be the New Consciousness description of “being rich” or “well off” in the future. This will be the criteria that the standards of living will be based on, not money. Talents in any field will be invaluable. These talents will be used, then, in a fair manner to barter for the talent of another that is needed by you.

Think about what you would classify as talents. List them down. Is there anything on your list that you need to have that cannot be supplied by that list? If so, check your list again – stretch your mind as to what you consider a talent. If there still is something you think you need to have then look at that need and analyze it. Is it really a need, or is it a desire?

There are many new approaches and novel ideas as to how barter can be woven into the lives of those on the true spiritual path, that of the individual search. There is, unfortunately, government agencies and big businesses that will not accept barter as payment. How will these be handled in the future? There will eventually be a credit system of barter between the agencies of the government and the big businesses, where a person can work a shorter number of hours and the pay that is earned will be applied to taxes that the individual owes the government. This will make for shorter work weeks and still leave the individual free to pursue that which he uses to provide payment for that which he needs to have. This way the machinery still gets manufactured and people barter their time for an appliance if the need is there for this appliance. There will eventually be no money.

Health services will not require insurance policies as the health care people will barter their services for either what you have or what you can barter with someone else to acquire.

The school system will be based on the barter system also. The parents will necessarily need to trade some product or service to insure their child education. The teachers will receive credit vouchers from the government and incentive gifts from parents. Parents will take a much closer interest in the school system and much good will come from this.

There are many problems that will be present as this system is initiated, but truly is the only hope of saving the economy of the world. Barter will become international, both goods and services. This will begin to eliminate the separateness among humanity, bringing all closer together on the earth plane which they must do or face annihilation.

Levels of the Second Chakra – the Sacral Plexus

The sacral plexus is a cause of a lot of the human’s problems. The uncontrolled energy in this chakra is one of the biggest causes of PMS in women. It also causes sexual dysfunction in both men and women. It causes cancer of the sexual organs and due to all of these things it also causes mental aberrations such as rapists and deviated sexual behavior. This is a very important chakra to have the energy flow smoothly in. It is also the energy center that controls the bladder and kidney functions and the reproductive machinery.

The second chakra is that of ensuring the continuance of the human race and upgrading the quality of life of this race. The divisions of tonal quality in this chakra are more clearly defined than the root chakra was. The sacral plexus was, in the beginning, the pure sexual act on an animalistic basis with no connection to or link with thought, as thought had not progressed to the stage where it could control this instinctive behavior. It was pure instinct to mate sexually with any of the opposite sex. This was true of both male and female, but there were inborn controls in the female, those of the cycles of the menses. These developed right along with human evolution when the split of the amoeba occurred.

This split was brought about due to the amoeba trying to mate with itself. This was physically difficult and evolution took care of the problem. evolution will always take care of physical problems of the race if they are general and widespread. The split itself was timed into the ebb and tides of the sea which were caused by the lunar pull. Therefore, the effect of the moon was a part of the sexual makeup of humanity from the very beginning of time. For a long time this was the only time the amoeba was successful at self-mating due to the effect of the strength of the tide giving its strength and determination to the amoeba and, therefore, the drive to pursue this mating. This sexual drive is, therefore, a part of the human form that is still today more strongly felt in the human form at the time of the full moon, which is the cause of the strongest tides in the sea.

As the amoeba progressed and life moved up out of the sea onto land, the pull of the moon still dictated the mating between the male and female halves of the forms that developed from the split of the amoeba which occurred over a long period of time of the amoeba reproducing strange offspring occasionally, those who had only one set of sexual organs – but these were not always the same set. One time there would be one end of the amoeba reproduced, say the female end, and another time only the male end of the amoeba. At the same time, there were still double sexed offspring being born. It took eons for this to evolve to where they were all single sexed. This took place entirely in the amoeba before life moved onto the land. Even today there can be throwbacks of nature and a baby will be born with a double set of sex organs. This is not as rare an occurrence as you might think. Even the urge to mate with ourselves is still present in everyone, and even though it is not physically possible to reproduce an offspring, the instinctual urge is there and influences our leanings towards masturbation, which is not as abnormal an act as many would have you believe. It is an instinctual act and can now be controlled by the mind.

1st Level
The first level of the sacral plexus is the urge to reproduce the human race.

2nd Level
The second is the strong pull of lunar activity and its effect on our sexual actions.

3rd Level
The third level relates to our urge to masturbate.

4th Level
The fourth level gets into the realm of exploring sexual practices with many other people, looking for an ultimate experience. This is a throwback to the days when mating with other kingdoms was possible and was practiced on a regular basis. At one time mating with the mineral kingdom was practiced by grinding different minerals into a powder and ingesting them and spreading them on the sexual organs while masturbating. Some of these brought about much pleasure. The next stage was using the plant kingdom to enhance the act and make it more pleasurable, then the animals who would do anything man wanted them to do in the way of sexual acts. This, then, was fourth level sacral plexus activity.

5th Level
The fifth level was the sexual act with all thought being focused on the feeling we had for the sexual partner. There was discrimination as to whom we shared the act with and controls of the conscience as to having more than one partner at once. Most humanity is on the border between being tuned to the fourth and fifth levels. This fifth level brought about the institution of marriage which, as you can see, is not a proper institution for those still expressing on fourth level chakra activity. Fifth level chakra activity is a direct tying together of the sacral plexus (2nd chakra) and the conscience of man (4th chakra), which is where the teachings in the Bible came in and brought into being the institution of marriage. At the same time it attached much guilt to the human who was developing this conscience and caused many, nay most, of the sexual hang-ups humans have today. The conscience needs to be a part of the sexual practices, but if one slips back to old behavior due to being human, one should not have to put themselves through defeating guilt over it. It should not be considered any different than one who is on a diet slipping back to old habits of eating now and then because they are human. In either instance, one should forgive themselves immediately, put it out of their mind, get back up on their feet and start walking on the path directed by the conscience they are trying to develop in whatever area they slipped up in. You will note that there was no mention made of the guilt brought on by how society feels about the slipping backwards because this, truly, is unimportant. The guilt that society would have you put on yourself has been brought about by the teachings of religion, mostly that of misdirected Christianity. What you feel in your own heart, mind and soul to be the principles and mores that you wish to live by is your only guidance in your sexual practices.

6th Level
Sixth level sexual behavior has, again, moved out of expressing with and through others and is into experiencing within your own synthesized mind, body and spirit the ultimate feeling of orgasms throughout every cell. Very few have reached this level as it is very difficult to achieve while in the human form, but not impossible. Know that the fourth and fifth level sexual experiences cannot come anywhere close to the glorious feeling this brings. But if one isn’t ready for this stage one must have compassion for them as they must experience thoroughly the levels behind them and make their own decisions as to their value and worth in their lives. The decision to move on the sixth level is a very personal decision and those who have made it will still slip back now and then into craving and wanting to experience the levels behind them again. They should not feel guilty over this. They should indulge in previous levels again then, as in the dieter who slips, they should pick themselves up and move back to sixth level again.

7th Level
What they are seeking is really seventh level experience, that of combining the two – fifth and sixth level experience at the same time with the same partner for the ultimate sexual experience possible on the earth plane today. This would mean that the two people involved would both have to be at the same level of progress in all chakra areas, not just the sacral plexus level. The other chakras must all be of the same balance in each with the same levels in each chakra in exactly the same tuning to be able to reach this together and it must be reached together or it is not reached. The heart chakra of both must be operating at the highest level and also that of the sacral plexus. If one is still operating at levels four and five of the sacral plexus and the other is ready for the seventh level, but does not have the heart chakra prepared, even though the first one does, this experience cannot take place.

8th Level
The eighth level of the sacral plexus is the spontaneous happening of all the other experiences taking place controlled by the mind, induced by the mind, at appropriate times, as communion with the God Within. In other words, deliberate spontaneous orgasms physically, cellularly and mentally. This is the meaning of the word rapture and is possible at the present time for a very few people on the earth plane.

The other levels will not be discussed because humanity would only distort and misuse the information. At some later date, when more understanding is gained, some of it may be given.

The Mind Compared to a Phonograph Record

In the beginning is an animal form. The physical form being formed and given birth to has developed a brain with a motor control center. The combination of these two, the organ and its functioning mechanism, is what is referred to as the animal-based brain when speaking of the baby and child up to the age of four.

When the motor control center becomes activated after six weeks, it could be considered the beginning of forming the mind. The mind is a “thing” that has so physical substance in the body. It is not able to be seen at any stage of its being. It is a thought form, perhaps is the best way to put it, but this is not exactly right either. It is really an electrical field, or a force field that has thought impressions put into it.

Picture it, for understanding, as a phonograph record that has a surface that can be easily impressed. This surface is divided into different sections. One section is for use by the motor control center, the next section is for use by the soul in incarnation, the next by the soul on the inner planes. The overall phonograph record is then for use by the overshadowing spirit. This is the mind that is being described.

The motor control center uses the phonograph record to impress physical actions such as walking, eating, elimination of waste, playing the piano, swimming, any of the physical body functions that are controlled by the motor center of nerves and muscles. The motor control center has total use of this mind until the age of four. At that time the pineal gland becomes activated and begins refining and polishing the basic skills set by the motor control center. It takes these basic skills and determines how to best cultivate them for use by the personality he would like to shape out of the raw skills turned over to him by the motor control center. This is the process of forming the personality. The personality, then, is part of the mind, the make-believe phonograph record, which is all part of the animal-based brain.

The personality then becomes a separate section of the phonograph record from the motor control functions, but these functions have been sharpened and refined by the soul so are more highly usable, more able to function on their own without the heavy hand of the motor control center. They are eventually interwoven with the personality which is almost like a puffy cloud above the phonograph record which is representing the mind. The personality is the essence of the motor control center and the soul in incarnation, but is separate from the thought processes of the mind at this time.

The soul in incarnation has an area of this phonograph record that is all his own little area. He transferred here the stuff he brought with him that has been in hibernation in the pineal gland. This leaves the pineal gland empty once again. The soul in incarnation has moved out. He has moved his baggage to a new apartment in the phonograph record or the mind.

Now we have the thought process part of the mind well established but separate from the personality. This personality has, meanwhile, continued to hone and sharpen the skills that have moved out of the motor control center. These skills then begin combining with the thought process part of the mind, which is the incarnated soul, remember, and they work in harness towards the first stage of synthesization, the soul-infused personality.

Meanwhile, the empty pineal gland is still inhabited by the half of soul not in incarnation. Both halves of the soul actually enter the body at birth or shortly before or shortly after. When it comes time for the half that will incarnate to move into the mind, or the phonograph record that is part of the physical brain of the animal form, the half that is to stay on the inner planes remains in the pineal gland. It does its job of replacing shrinking animal cellular structure with its own essence, the God substance, an ethereal matter, which is also what the “mind” is at this time. The pineal gland is a gland that secretes the ethereal substance to all the cells through the blood stream.

The soul-infused personality is now able to reach back into the thought section of the mind or phonograph record and retrieve the stuff the incarnated soul stored there as what it wanted to draw on to help this lifetime. It has managed to instill some of the thought it brought with it into the personality and has been able to instill enough that it gives the personality not only the ability, but also the desire to retrieve the rest of the baggage, in order to learn more about itself. This is the process leading to the second stage of synthesization.

While all of this is taking place the motor control center of the animal-based brain is also growing, not only larger physically, but also stronger mentally. What is meant by this is the portion of the phonograph record that it used has developed its own thinking capacity due to the motor control duties having moved up to the fluffy personality. This allows it to reach back into the cellular structure of the animal-based brain and retrieve its own set of memories through the cells of physical matter. These cells are retreating due to the influence of the incarnated soul.

These memories of animal evolution come to the surface, up through the brain stem where they gather when retreating from the active cells of the body. They enter into conflict with the thought section of the phonograph record or mind that the incarnated soul is using. There is a battle for control of the space on the phonograph record. At this time, contact with the half of the soul on the inner planes is imperative and this is the process worked on diligently by the incarnated soul in its battle with the animal cellular memories. This whole process lasts through mind dimension levels 4-5-6.

The personality goes through agony over the battle taking place and becomes an emotional cripple at times due to the battle. It is a time that an emotional release by the soul is very important. This is when the agonies of the soul need to be released through some form of art. As the animal cellular memories are using the physical vehicles for their expression and release at this stage the soul has no means of expression and is being repressed. The release of tension through the arts can help the incarnated soul make contact, through the fog and smoke of the battleground (illusion), with the half of the soul on the inner planes, in the pineal gland. There is a breakthrough made finally and the two combine forces and open up a connection telepathically with, not only each other, but also with the teachers and guides who are nested inside the half of soul on the inner planes.

This opens up the whole area of mind dimension levels 7-8-9 and gains control of the mind or phonograph record for the use of the two halves of the soul. They have conquered the “dweller within” (referring to an Alice Bailey/Djwal Kuhl figure of speech) and the battlefield is theirs, the total area or surface of the mind or phonograph record.

But remember, the personality is floating above this record. The personality meanwhile has watched the battle and has grown and evolved while all this is taking place. When the battle ends and the two halves are joined, the personality begins riding the clouds out further away from the phonograph record and allows the intelligent reasoning mind to be built on the phonograph record through the advice and wisdom of all that has been opened up through the access of the half of soul on the inner planes. This personality absorbs all of the spiritual wonder as though from an overview and actually begins to take on the aura of the blended halves of the soul. This personality still has the original qualities from the animal-based brain that control the body functions and motor skills.

When the personality begins to rise and draw on the qualities of the blended soul, then the physical actions that were controlled in the beginning by the motor control center rise even further away from the need to be controlled by any part of the physical body. This allows for self-healing and eventually would allow physical action by the use of the mind which is where the blended half of the soul is. This is done by the fluffy personality permeating the mind.

It is all a very complicated process. The personality eventually separates off another puff of energy that is the aura of the blended soul, separate from the personality. This aura has no part of animal evolution left in it and this is what is meant by the term overshadowing spirit. It is total spiritual energy that is a combination of the two halves of the soul along with the spiritual qualities that were instilled in the personality along the way. It is the individual overshadowing spirit of that entity because it has the essence of the soul and the personality both in it. The overshadowing spirit is an essence.

Plan for a New Century Government

The form of government that most countries are based on is outdated and obsolete for the changing world conditions. These forms of government have not grown and evolved and kept pace with the evolving of the people they are trying to govern. It is a disgusting situation for the most part from the point of view of the higher beings. It is now time to do something about it. You cannot wait for the time to appear to be more right. The time is now. Let everyone be about sincerely trying to fashion a government that will meet the needs of the enlightened beings that now make up probably 80% of our country. They are still not outspoken about their enlightenment due to fear of going against the establishment and also because there is no banner of new consciousness for them to follow. We are suggesting that the basis for a new form of government can come out of the Chrysalis Teachings if this help is desired from those involved.

An important aspect of the Chrysalis Teachings are the ideas that can be presented to humanity for a better world in which they can perfect their attitudes. The set-up of our world now has served very nicely for the learning of many lessons for all those who have had incarnations for the past two thousand years. But these same methods will no longer serve to set up the advanced lessons that people need to have as they evolve. The structure of our society needs to evolve right along with them and it is not doing so. What served even fifty years ago is no longer a viable tool for the learning of lessons of those in incarnation at the present time. Change is the key-word of a living, breathing, pulsating, progressive society and it is this very change that humanity fights so much of the time.

The system of government in place in our country is so corrupt that the higher beings almost believe that anarchy would serve the people better. This, of course, would be going backwards instead of forwards. They would like to present an idea that they have been working on. It would need to be changed to fit modern society and they realize that, but let them give it as they see it there and then we can talk about adaptation.

The movement to a third party in our country is a certain sign that things need to change. The higher beings are advocating the removal of the party system and replacing it with a system of Platforms that one must progress up through from the bottom to the top. This way no one would be at the top if he had not climbed all the rungs of the ladder. It would be mandatory for any who wants to serve in government.

Entrance into the School of Platforms would require certain college degrees that are not offered anywhere at the moment. These are circle degrees where one concentrates – after the first two years of general study – on all the facets of government. This does not mean dealing with the history of the political system. This history will not be taught at all. The new studies will begin from the point where humanity is now.

At one point in the Chrysalis Teachings it was given that the study of astronomy from its earliest historical beginning was worse than no previous study of astronomy at all because the outdated and obviously wrong concepts inhibited new thoughts of our universe from coming through. The same thing is true as far as politics. As a matter-of-fact, at times the study of history is greatly overdone in our high schools and colleges. A bare knowledge of the history of any subject is needed, but it does not need to be belabored because this fogs the brain cells and prevents new concepts and ideas from flowing in.

Regardless, the colleges will handle the entrance to this course of Platforms very tightly. As a matter of fact, one will not be able to apply for this part of the college – one will have to enter college as a general education student and during his first two years will be evaluated and if deemed material suitable for this special course will be asked to enter this school.

It will be set up that this degree will serve as entry to any profession in the social sciences realm – not technology or business, of course – because down the road, many of those who do enter this School of Platforms will be removed or eliminated from it or will eliminate themselves from it. It will be a grueling course of subject matter and one must be dedicated to serving humanity or he will never make it through.

The set-up of this way of government will mean that those graduating from the top platform will be those who are voted on for the presidency of our country. By the time they reach this top platform there will be very few left who make it into the pool to choose a president from. Similar to student teaching, while they are on the lower platforms they will serve terms in the governing bodies, of which there will be five, instead of two like you have now, your senate and house. There will be a Medical Division, a Judicial Division, a City/State Division, a Country Division and a World Division.