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thEV2LD6QShole4_gardenWorship in the future will not be held in churches. It will either be in the outdoors or in musical greenhouse environments for true spiritual worship which is, after all, communion with the Creator. These structures or gardens will also encompass all of His kingdoms in one way or another. It will be a place of the most beautiful spiritual happenings that will be available on earth, because when all the components of original creation are present it will bring spiritual fulfillment at long last to humanity.


These Worship Gardens will be enlightening and inspirational lecture/concert/art displays. Can you picture going to worship in a beautiful garden environment? There’s nothing to block your communication with yourself which is what worship should be. Instead of sitting in a stuffy closed room that is often dark and gloomy, you would be free to experience all the beauty of your existence. Instead of listening to another person’s sermon (which is actually attending his/her university) you would be attending your own university – your own source of information.

The need for love that humanity has can be filled by true spiritual worship, which is the communion of your mind, body and soul as one synthesized unit in complete rapport with universal harmony. It can be accomplished and should be, on a regular basis as food, if you will, for the soul; a feast of love that will be fulfilling to each on a different time schedule.

 In other words, one may need to have this period of worship weekly, another daily, and another monthly. It is a very individual, personal need of each ones soul and can be accomplished in any place. It does not and probably will not need to be in a church building.

images27OMJ2QM_path3But we are not at this stage yet! There is a loosely structured path that can be followed to help us be ready for the advent of Worship Gardens. The following will give you an idea of the path of the individual.


  • The first stage is developing a conscience.
  • The second stage is that of controlling the emotions.
  • The third stage is that of sexual and magic exploration.
  • The fourth stage is where all are stuck in the various branches of the churches. (This is why planet number four (earth) has to be experienced over and over again before one is ready to move on. This is the stage humanity is in – experiencing over and over again the different branches of churches before moving on to the stage of intelligence on their own.)
  • The fifth stage is that of metaphysical groups – a necessary bridging phase between religion and the use of the intelligent mind..
  • The sixth stage is that of intelligence and blazing new trails alone.
  • The seventh stage is that of the total synthesized divine man.

images6KMYVVZY_school2Starting on the path of enlightenment is the start of a new journey. This journey will be lifelong. The following analogy is just one way that the spiritual life could be presented to those on the path of progress who are trying to understand their spiritual life. I would like you to think of and compare the spiritual path to the levels of progress of the first seven grades of elementary school.


1.     First grade is learning to leave home, to be away from the parenting influence. This is a frightening experience to most people. It can be related to those leaving the church teachings, those comforting, homey teachings and coming under a teacher they have never known before. But just like a child entering the first grade, a great big, wide, wonderful world begins to open up for them.

2.    The second grade is then entered. This is where the child is taught to work in groups, to cooperate and blend and harmonize to a fuller extent than he could in first grade. The teachings are furthered by organizing little study groups that come together about every three weeks and then exchange bits and pieces of their stories. The children in the second grade basically learn harmony with others.

3.    The third grader is beginning to realize that he or she is different from all those others. There are always little squabbles going on at recess on the playground. They must learn just how far they can go to express their new found individuality. The third grade is one of the most important grades in the stages of growth, not only for grade school children but also for all humanity in the over-all path

4.    The fourth grader again works back towards getting along with others, accepting the fact that Bobby is better than he at drawing or Janie can read faster. But a wise teacher will try to bring out one main activity in each student that can be developed more in this one than in others. This fourth grade stresses self-esteem and the value of each member as far as his contributions to the whole grade.

5.    Fifth graders are the most loving of all the classes in school. They are back to learning after the summer vacation and realize they are truly glad to be together. The teacher draws on this togetherness and has them demonstrate to the younger grades how well they get along. They may not make as much progress as other grades but they settle in and become part of all the knowledge and learning gained thus far.

6.    Those in the sixth grade are struggling with their individuality. They sense that they are on the brink of new discoveries. This stage is one of great growth and discovery of what one’s own self is really all about and should be encouraged by their teachers. Sixth graders are at a crucial point in their development as loving individuals and are at the critical point as far as having self-esteem ingrained into their being.

7.    The move to seventh grade at last! Doubts and uncertainties abound in this grade but they are gaining self-confidence. These seventh graders make excellent teacher’s helpers. In fact, this should be encouraged and instigated into our school systems. Even the Creator God Himself would benefit from all this, believe me, because He would have that many more new, creative ideas being put forth into the atmosphere.



untitled_man1Until now progress for both humanity as a whole and man as an individual has been stopped. Before humanity as a whole can be taken any further on his evolutionary journey, those in the higher planes must place their hope on a few individuals who do not accept the church as the final authority. These people will have the courage to move past it and blaze new trails leading to the use of the intelligent mind. These people will be able to tie together all past experiences collectively and individually and use them to balance themselves out to being synthesized, totally divine beings, surely the same as the example given in the Christ many long years ago.

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