Extension of Self

When discussing the Universal Laws, one must understand that some laws will be needed for one planet that will not be necessary on higher planets, as these evolutionary worlds have outgrown the need for any laws having to do with the mating of the higher and lower selves. Planet earth still needs to have a set of laws governing this process.

This set of laws would be basically tied in with the law of extension of self. This is the best way to incorporate what needs to be said in one law. The law of extension of self would be one that all must follow as far as overreaching their own particular goals. They must and should extend their own efforts past what they can see and read in black and white and visualize a connection of self with something higher that is stretching, like a string going through them from below the earth to above the sky.

This “extension,” if visualized when meditating, would have the effect of bringing together lower and higher thought-forms, not only for themselves, but for the whole planet. It would have the effect then of helping all realize that if that string extends through the planet as it goes down, that on the other side of the planet it will also be the same string going down from those people. The strings going up beyond sight will be reaching out in all directions to other galaxies. Visualize this as the string reaching up and out from another planet which also had the strings through the center of it, ad infinatum.

These strings, then, are an extension of ourselves to all other planets where we are creating realities to progress to when we evolve to that point. But if it isn’t done now in this particular time frame we are limiting not only ourselves, but our whole planet to another round of lower nature existence. This is very difficult to explain in terms that people can understand. It is like the mass consciousness has to lift itself into a higher realm of existence by reaching up these strings, instead of letting themselves be pulled back down into the surface and below of our planet.

This is a concept that has not been discussed before in any way, shape or form, so there is no frame of reference to fit it into, but it is the first law of a lower nature existence and anyone who does not visualize this is existing outside the law, through ignorance perhaps until now, but not after it is explained to them. This is the first law that must be followed to begin the New creation. It supersedes the law of Do unto Others, etc., which will be the second law to be followed.

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