Have You Ever Tried to Act?

thOGCXAW8L_theater3Quite some time ago I was a member of Geauga Lyric Theater Guild in Chardon, Ohio. I played the piano and organ in the pit orchestra and also served in other capacities – board member, set design, choreography and costuming. The only time I tried to do any acting I hated every minute of it. I had one line to say playing the role of Pat in The Seven Year Itch and I couldn’t even say that right. I never tried acting again. I could play the piano in front of a crowd of 5000 people with no problem, and I have played the organ for the President of United States, Gerald Ford, and it didn’t bother me, but I couldn’t say one line in a play. Some people were born to act and they just love it. But I guess acting wasn’t what I was meant to do.



Theater is good for some adults, because when they can pretend they are someone else they can remove their vanity from a situation and express their feelings by hiding behind the character. I think theater productions should be one of the main tools of educators through role playing to help students understand many things. A few teachers are trying this, but more need to use this tool. Role playing is an excellent tool for spiritual growth.

If you had to structure the way the education of the human race was handled you might just come up with the same answer that the Creator God did – reincarnation. You see, the divine spark can be compared to an actor. The same spark returns each lifetime trying again as a different personality. The old personality moves on up the inner planes of earth, learning by watching and studying.

It would be as an actor playing, creating actually, many different roles, and keeping theseroles in his memory bank until he had performed one hundred and forty-four differentcharacters. The experiences that each character went through as the actor played the role, influences the actor’s performance of the next role, and when playing the next role the actor can draw on something he learned as he played the previous part.


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These previous roles wait in the wings, backstage, watching, learning and helping whenthey can until the actor has performed one hundred and forty-four different roles. Theseroles, personalities, are not “dead” but neither can they get in front of the footlights again. But a part of each of them, the best traits and experiences, are embodied in the actor – the divine spark.






This actor, pumped full of all the experiences and wisdom and knowledge of one hundredand forty-four lifetimes, then gets “married.” He meets his opposite half and they “blend”into one unisex soul, (they are called divine sparks until they are blended – reunited withthe twin – then they are called souls,) with 288 lifetimes of experiences so they are very wise.

The spark joins the other half of the spark left on the inner planes and as a whole spark, now called a soul, it does an accepting and rejecting of all its past lifetimes. It is almost like reviewing a group of plays wherein you were the star, and deciding the best roles you played. You analyze everything and perhaps one small line that was delivered quite eloquently from one play will be the only thing to go on the plus sheet for that play. But this is enough for that play to stay on the roster of good plays.



The souls then move on to become teachers of acting in the same “School of the Arts,” but no longer care, at this stage, to be in front of the footlights again. They want to teach and train and help their younger brothers and sisters as they have their turn to perform “on stage.”





thZAGVLFWT_circles3Creation goes around in circles, thus reincarnation of all things – cells, souls, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes – is the only possible way for it all to happen. Recirculation continues forever and ever. It never ends. The divine spark can never be destroyed. Whatever is stated as applying to the universe as a whole also applies to each separate planet, each individual and each cell in the human body.


The Creator applied to planets                                 Space, air or energy waves

The Creator applied to humans                                Oversoul, energy lines

The Creator applied to cells                                      Blood, energy lines


Recirculation of planets done by                               Central core

Recirculation of humans done by                              evolution

Recirculation of cells done by                                    Heart


Reincarnation takes place for planets in                    Eternity, time, space

Reincarnation takes place for humans in                   Earth

Reincarnation takes place for cells in                         Body


Evolutionary plan for planets                                    Twelve planes of Oversoul

Evolutionary plan for humans                                   Twelve levels of earth plane

Evolutionary plan for cells                                         Twelve times every seven years


Groups as applied to planets                                     Galaxies

Groups as applied to humans                                    Spiritual families

Groups as applied to cells                                          Organs


Excerpted from “The Awesome Realm of the Soul” – Volume 3 of the New Millennium  NoteBooks by Norma Hickox

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