Membranes in the Brain can be Opened with Music

The back of the brain is the residing place of higher thought which I will call the seedcore. It is the storehouse for ethereal matter and thoughts, which are electrical bits of ethereal matter. The seedcore is not the same thing as the divine spark, which is the soul. The seedcore actually is the storehouse of memories of all incarnations of souls that belong to a particular branch off of the Creator’s energy (your spiritual family tree). You could think of the seedcore as a sponge that is compressed tight at birth and as it is accessed, expansion begins.

The seedcore is the repository for the wisdom the soul has access to. It is the soul that gives the neurological impulse that accesses the seedcore. Until the soul starts doing this;until it has gained enough control over the animal-based brain part of the entity, which, remember, is the front part of the brain, the seedcore remains unopened and the storehouse of thoughts is never accessed.

The seedcore residing in the back of the brain is composed of ethereal matter with membranes separating the levels of each section of the mind. Ethereal energy is of a higher, finer vibratory rate and when a thought from the seedcore is accessed by the soul and sent to the front part of the brain, (the animal based brain) it must stay there as a thought long enough to survive in physical matter vibrations. Physical matter vibrations are rougher, stronger and of lower vibratory rate. This is what happens to a good many thoughts that are accessed by the soul; they are twisted and misconstrued and taken out of context when they are taken to the front of the brain.

The soul must be in control of the entity at least a certain percentage of the time to allow access to the back of the brain. If the soul does not send the right message along the nerve passages, then the front part of the brain has a closed door between it and the back. This is the membrane spoken of as being of ethereal matter. There are twelve different dimensions of thought or levels of the brain and they all have membranes of a thinner ethereal matter between them also, even the front part of the brain. These are the membranes that music will help open earlier in children, especially their own singing, but any musical vibration that they are exposed to constantly will have the effect of allowing them quicker access to brain power, in other words, raise their IQ, if you will.

The actual scientific meaning of the word enlightenment means the breaking of the membrane between each section of the brain. When one is totally enlightened, each section of the brain is open to stretching with new thought. Any section that has not had the membrane broken will not be open to this stretching. It is held in tight constriction and cannot allow any new thoughts to enter. The vibrations set up by the musical tones of the piano will serve to separate the membranes between the layers in the brain.

Picture a tunnel that is well lit at the entrance and has three branches off it a ways back. These branches are sealed over with a canvas that prevents any light from the entrance from penetrating into these other tunnels. Until there is light inside them they cannot be enlarged and no good can be gained from having these other tunnels. Once the canvas that seals the opening is removed, men and machines both can enter the tunnel and enlarge it and cause it to be able eventually to connect with the next tunnel until the whole mine is operating at full capacity and the goods found in each tunnel are being reaped for harvest.

The divisions of the brain are noted esoterically by scientists, but not exoterically. There has not been much dissection of brains done on humans. Most has been done on animals and this is one place where the animals cannot serve the scientists because they do not have these membranes. These membranes in humans could be found and noted if looked for. In other words, if a research project to this effect were begun, the scientists, by using “black light,” would be able to identify these minuscule membranes. With ordinary light and eye sight they would not. An instrument combining “black light” and magnification would show them.

These membranes can be broken by sound. The sound of the spoken word can access the morphogenic field in the listeners’ bodies to create shifts in physical and emotional and intellectual levels. This is accomplished in a very scientific, mathematical and mechanical process. The sound, through differences in vibration, will resound or resonate with different areas of the human’s internal force field. This sound will not be dealing with any external factors and will not affect directly the aura of the human. It will indirectly affect the aura around the body by bringing about internal change in vibratory rate of the blood which will increase the vibratory rate of physical organs including the human brain.

The lower vibrations of sound will be those that destroy, tear down, or cause to self-destruct, the physical organs, cells and blood of the physical forms. The next higher octave up will be that which will help rebuild the destroyed organs and to build up the blood cells. Another octave higher in pitch will then affect the structure of the brain by piercing thin membranes which prevent the flow of electrical current from one section of the brain to another. The fourth level up of vibrations will be that which will pierce the membranes allowing the use of the third eye or the single eye. It is all done with vibrations.

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