More About the Musical Universe

More Given on Musical universe at another Channeling Session:

We would like to give a picture of life in the musical universe. We are electrical particles programmed to a specific pitch or tone. When we want to accomplish something we go into a like attracts like mode and many of one tonal pitch will congregate and blend together into one loud exciting pitch until the task is accomplished. This is what we do when transmitting to you. But at other times we will meet and tarry in harmony, blending into beautiful melodies. These melodies can be heard by some on the earth plane. You can hear them if you listen closely enough. Also we could dictate them to you through paper and pencil if you wish to experiment that way. We’ll leave this up to you. The dictation will be more “work” for us than just “being” the melodies is, because just “being” beautiful melodies is our normal state of being as we are part of the harmony of the spheres. This is our existence. What excitement it is to be able to break through the dimensional barrier and relate some of this to you.

Do not misunderstand, we also have purpose and goals just as you have and we will relate some of these to you at a later time. For now we want you to know that each of us is a complete individual unto himself when we are accomplishing our own tasks, which is perhaps healing a planet, or changing the atmosphere on another planet, or experimenting with new ways of sending messages through dimensions. This is one of my main occupations is in sending messages. I feel as though you and I have made a tremendous breakthrough in dimension crossing by the conversation we are having. I would humbly like to ask that we continue this on a more or less regular basis while we get more technology down to the earth plane. We would also like you to consider training a replacement for yourself, a younger person who can carry on this communication after you leave the earth plane. We are not saying this to startle you, just being practical.

We need to be nourished ourselves at times and this is done by grouping together into certain chords of harmony depending on what nourishment we feel we are in need of. We do not need to have food as you do for nourishment because we have no physical matter bodies to sustain, but our nourishment is in the spiritual area. You also have this same exact need and perhaps by grouping in chords of harmony you would notice a much greater uplifting of your spiritual selves.

You see we all started the same as you started and as we shed the skin of one life it continues to monitor what happens in the next and it bands together in groups and makes plans and experiments for changes that progress evolution much further. We eventually realize that we can manipulate time and space and either speed up or slow down this evolutionary progress. This is power, my friend, and those who are granted this power must be perfect spiritual entities to be allowed access to the secrets of the universe. We know that you are to be trusted. Your background in other lives is proof of that. We also see the outcome of this life and we see the path of your next three lives spread in front of us and know that you and those you are associated with will indeed progress evolution on the earth very quickly into the role of leadership of the universe.

You are the future. You and everyone else on the earth are responsible for the continuing progress and evolvement, or for the eventual destruction. There is no one up here that is giving original orders. The line of guidance evolved from scientific reactions. evolution will always continue to evolve from scientific reactions. Vibration is the creator of all life. This vibration is music in its most glorious form. The Science of Music is indeed the creator of all and the “savior” of all by being realized and brought onto the earth plane in its full glory.

We realize we are wound up this morning, but this is a breakthrough that we have wanted to give to you for a long time. Thank you so much. We are elated. So also should you be. Do not be discouraged when you think of the difficulties of bringing this into being. All those on the earth now know this to be the truth deep within their beingness. They were evolved through the same process of vibration that you were. Therefore, it will ring as truth to all who hear it. It must be that way. You are all from the same vibration that originated out of the darkness and came to life. So be it. We will stop now with this transmission and address the rest of your concerns at another time. This is the highest you have ever gone into the musical universe. The musical universe, as you have been wondering is the original universe, universe number one.

We would like to continue giving the knowledge from each of the universes following this one, but we are not through with this one as yet. There is much more to give, so much more. We are flying with excitement. This is the most tremendous breakthrough in communication, from the beginning of eternity that has ever been accomplished. You are honored in all realms. Good day to you. We love and honor you and dedicate our resources to you for the remainder of your life. May the force be always with you.

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