Older People Should Not Retire Unless They Sincerely Want To

Older people should not retire unless they sincerely want to. This does more to reduce their life span due to too much time on their hands that usually ends up causing them to be over-concerned with their health. They need to stay as active in their former professions as possible or start a new one. Everyone must have something to make him want to get out of bed in the mornings. If there is nothing in their life to cause this wanting to take place then they need to take a good hard look at their life and make some real changes, both physically and mentally.

This is the best advice to give to those in the aging process that are feeling disappointed in themselves. Very likely they have accomplished all that they detailed for themselves to accomplish before entering. “The Golden Years” should be the time to plan their next try at incarnation. This should be the time of experimenting and trying different professions and arts and crafts and zeroing in on what they truly are most interested in.

Many people who, when they grow older, are very disappointed in themselves and feel that they should have accomplished so much more than they have with their lives. This goes along with a diminishing self confidence which, in turn, leads to a martyr complex in some and in others anger, while still others are affected by depression.

I’d like to offer some thoughts to bring aging people peace of mind. The elderly in our country are affected more this way than other countries due to a higher level of consciousness in them. The elderly in Europe and in Asia, for instance, feel they have done all that was necessary by raising a family and having done this they are quite content with themselves. Families are much more important to those in the third dimension, remember.

In our country, so many elderly have already started the process of transferring to the fourth dimension and therefore, are no longer satisfied with just having raised a family. They feel that their own personal ideas and observations should be left after they pass on. Of course, some of them will be, through their children, but not nearly as many as they would like. The reason for this is that those in the fourth dimension will teach their children to form their own thoughts and ideas.

This is not so in other countries. The thoughts and ideas of the parents pass directly down to the children for generation after generation and there is no growth possible when this takes place. What I’m trying to say is that the very process of feeling dissatisfaction with their lives is the mark of the progress they have really made in this life. This is a very important observation. If their consciousness were not raised they would not be having these feelings.
No one should ever feel disappointed in what they have accomplished. They must know that just the striving for accomplishment fulfills the requirements for good grades when it comes time to reassess their lives after crossing over. They will get good grades from their soul for making the effort. They are not going to be bawled out as long as they have tried.

If they are feeling disappointment they must surely have tried, or at the very least have wanted to try, but found it impossible due to circumstances beyond their control. It is the intent that will matter most when it comes time for evaluating the lifetime on the inner planes. A lot of time will be spent in helping you understand why certain events took place in that life and why others didn’t. This is where the intent factor enters the picture.

There does come a point in time when they need to quit being so hard on themselves. If they have truly worked on themselves to the very best of their ability, they need to let up on beating themselves over the head with unfulfilled desires of achievement. This does not mean they should ever quit working on their attitudes, but it does mean that if they have done all they are humanely capable of as far as healing a relationship, for instance, they need to realize that it takes two to do this healing. They cannot do it without the cooperation of the second party involved. This second party most likely has many lessons to learn and at this point the first party is probably serving in the role of teacher for them to learn their lessons in this life. If the first party does not realize this, the bad relationship is constantly perpetuated and no results are forthcoming.

People must realize that everyone serves in some capacity as teacher to those around him. Sometimes this role carries through the whole life, other times it is only for a short period out of that life. Each relationship must be assessed on this basis. Are you serving as teacher for someone or are they serving as a teacher for you? Quite often both is taking place at the same time.

The elderly should try to live as independently as possible in their later years until they can no longer look after their own needs. There are good things to say about nursing and retirement homes and bad things to say. For some it is the perfect answer. This would be mostly for those people still in third dimensional consciousness.

For people in fourth dimensional consciousness or striving for fourth dimensional consciousness, a situation like this could be deadly in more than one sense of the word. It could take away their desire to continue living and this harms the soul and is unthinkable to those in the higher consciousness. If it does not bother a person then it is right for that person. If the person is no longer able to know the difference between whether it bothers him or not, than a nursing home will not do any damage to this person’s soul. I hope I am making it clear that the state of a person’s consciousness is very important when it comes to the later years. It is never too late to begin the journey and never too late to continue the journey.

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