The Purple Race

The races that occupied the earth from the beginning were all brought about by the insemination experiments that were begun on the planet as soon as it had cooled enough for space ships to land. The different races we have now can all be attributed to the genes that were inseminated from the different planets that were called in to help with this process after the initial experiments were over. The initial experiments would be the experiments having to do with the split of the internal organs including the digestive system, getting shed of the tail, miniaturization and many other changes that were made to the animals in order to make it easier for the souls that were hovering around the planet to be able to enter these bodies.

The different colors of different race’s skin came from the different planets at some stage, mating with the earthlings. The original inseminations were from Venus. This race was fair skinned, blond haired and blue eyed. As given, other planets have different colored skin and expeditions from them influenced skin colors and led to the red, yellow, black and brown skin tones of other races. The people on Sirion, for instance, have very red pigments in their skin. It is necessary as a protection against the atmosphere of that planet. The Creator’s genes not only produced the white race, but He also originally produced the races on the other planets whose skin then evolved into a color that could stand the peculiar atmosphere of each particular planet.

The purple race was one of the earliest to inhabit the bodies. The bodies were not refined enough and this race, the purple race was ordered out of the bodies to await another try after more refinement experiments had taken place. By this time the purple race had left this solar system and moved on to a higher solar system where they would not have to adapt themselves to the bodies of limitation that the earth people presented.

That may seem like a strange way to put it, but they didn’t want to have to wait for the experiments to shape up the bodies – they wanted to further their own experiences of spiritual growth and progress, so they moved on.

These same beings that made the first attempt at entering the human forms are the ones who are coming back now to experience the earth plane – the Indigos. They are very pleased at the progress that has been made, and they did not want to miss the earth plane experience which is considered crucial to all souls’ progress. This is because there are so many experiences here due to having evolved through the animal kingdom that can’t be experienced on other planets.

That is why the Indigos are coming in now. They have much to learn and also much to teach of what they gained from more evolved planets. But still they need to experience earth plane existence of experiencing things through the animal evolution body and the animal-based brain and the terrific accomplishment of raising that brain to the level of evolution they experienced on other planets. This is their personal goal while at the same time they have a goal of helping all those on the planet to rise up out of the animal-based brain and realize they are more than that – that they have the ability to function as more highly evolved beings before ever being allowed to access the higher evolved planets.

In other words, humanity is a classroom that cannot be skipped, but needs to be worked through taking as many new lives as needed to progress up the steps to be worthy of the next level of evolution. The Indigos are in charge of the teachings and explanations and understanding of all this while at the same time backing their own evolution up a notch to gain the earth plane experience for themselves.

The Indigos are here to learn about the problems of residing in the human bodies while at the same time teaching humans how to rise up out of the unevoloved traits of these bodies and aspire to something higher. The other planets do not have the negative emotions that humans have and this is what the Indigos have to experience for themselves while teaching us ways to transmute the negative emotions to positive ones.

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