The Seven Virtues

The great teacher Jesus updated the Seven Gifts by showing how to more fully take advantage of them through living with the Seven Virtues. These Seven Virtues can be used as a behavior code and will serve as guides for your daily living.
1. Truth
2. Kindness
3. Love
4. Freedom
5. Compassion
6. Diplomacy
7. Impersonality

The soul must apply the seven virtues to its own personality in order for the personality to be able to live the seven virtues. It’s like the soul has to interpret the seven virtues for the personality, as if they were in a foreign language, so to speak. They must be taught from birth on, as a foreign language should be, to be synthesized by the personality and used with ease. They must become second nature to the personality.

A list of the seven virtues could be kept in a place where you see it at all times There are seven virtues and there are seven days of the week and perhaps if a person just took one virtue each day for the seven days and worked on it, I’m sure that something would be accomplished at the end of that week. This would be one way a beginning seeker could help himself and his attitudes. As truth is the first virtue and Monday is the first day of the week, go through your Monday being truthful about everything. Try to live one day in pure truth exoterically and esoterically. The second day of the week being Tuesday and the second virtue being kindness, attempt to be kind in all situations to all people on Tuesday and if possible continue with the truth and as needed and necessary, temper the truth with kindness. Continue on through your week with the rest of the seven virtues. Do this every week.

Post one word where you’re going to see it first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Use this one word for your meditation that day. Take the time to meditate and have this one virtue that day in front of your mind for your meditation. If everyone would do this, the world would be a better place in one week! It could not help but be a better place!)

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