Chrysalis: Spirituality and Science United for Enlightenment


What Will I Learn?

  •           Expand your mind and see a much larger picture of your beginning!. Step beyond the teachings of the centuries! These are the teachings that you have been waiting for. They are roadmaps for growth – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – encompassing all spiritual disciplines.
  •          Understand your dual nature by realizing that there really is two parts to you and both parts are on the path of growing and evolving right alongside of each other. What happens when one part is given more thought and energy than the other? Is this what is going wrong in our world today? Think about it!!
  •          You will get an inside look at Big Bang with a look at the birth and development of our universe, galaxy, solar system, planet and humans. You will see the total perfection of the Creator’s Mind. You will also learn of the experiments by spacemen to produce a better form for the Creator’s spirit to enter. Discrepancies in the Bible are brought to light and an attempt is made to set the record straight about them.
  •         The present movement of people who believe in reincarnation and of the God Within (our inner being) is growing at a very fast pace. It is definitely time that updated material be put forth in a logical way so the ordinary person can relate to it. At the same time those with more education can also find deeper meaning to their lives from it.
  •          QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS, QUESTIONS ???????????? If you have questions at the end of each section, please feel free to ASK THEM! They need to be of a general nature – no personal questions will be answered. Please send your questions to me by email and the answers will be posted in the discussions section where others may benefit from them als

What some of the students had to say about it:

Jovan W – 5 stars
Simply Amazing
4 months ago

Jose J – 4.8 stars
Some images are not too clear, but the knowledge is very interesting. She knows what she is talking about.
8 months ago

Barabella E – 5 stars
Descriptions of the line of demarkation is very interesting
10 months ago

Zallany G – 5 stars
10 months ago