The New Millennium NoteBooks

I’ve attempted to pull together a complete picture (using all the volumes of the New Millennium NoteBooks) of where we (humans) came from and where we are headed. This picture comes from the other side of the veil separating those of us on the physical plane from those in the unseen plane. Comparisons and analogies are used to further understanding. The main focus of these teachings is to help everyone get a bigger picture of the purpose of life and offer hope and inspiration for our future.

The TimeTraveler

The TimeTraveler

Windows on the Past

universe - A Realistic Look at Our Beginnings: Rewriting Mankind's Cosmic History (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 1)","asin":"B07CF7HVNF","productGroup":"Digital Ebook Purchas","authors":["Hickox, Norma"],"artists":[],"actors":[],"detailPageUrl":"[associate-id-placeholder]&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1","listPrice":"","imageUrlSmall":"","imageHeightSmall":75,"imageWidthSmall":49,"imageUrlMedium":"","imageHeightMedium":160,"imageWidthMedium":104,"imageUrlLarge":"","imageHeightLarge":500,"imageWidthLarge":328,"authorshipInfo":"By Hickox, Norma"},"showBuyButton":true,"showImage":true,"showTitle":true,"showAuthor":true}" data-block-type="46" id="block-yui_3_17_2_1_1635457437713_21195">
The universe – A Realistic Look at Our Beginnings: Rewriting Mankind’s Cosmic History (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 1)

By Hickox, Norma

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Volume 1 – Part 1

Did you know that on our spiritual family tree, we could be considered Great, Great Grandchildren of the Creator? To understand how this could be, the TimeTraveler rides on his magic rainbow carpet, to give us an “inside look” at the big bang, progress on to a peek at the Creator’s mind and then follow the birth and development (creation and evolution) of the universe, galaxies and solar systems. When my creative channel opened and I was able to communicate with other dimensions, the true picture of our beginnings came through.

Volume 1 – Part 2

We are an experiment! Think of it this way – if we weren’t an experiment, we wouldn’t be here at all! The insemination experiments were begun on the planet as soon as it had cooled enough for space ships to land. We are an experiment of combining animal nature with highly evolved spiritual nature. This was all explained to me in the Chrysalis Teachings that this book is based on. This book is a must read for you to ever really know your beginnings.

Volume 2 – Part 1

Did you know that you can return your body to a youthful, energetic state by tuning the chakras? This could be learned and focused on if it was desired. The tuning exercises on your chakras can be progressed to transmute matter. To begin with, the easiest part of the physical body to do a transmutation on is the human hair follicle. The process of aging of the hair begins with the crown chakra. This would be a starting point. This also is the chakra that controls baldness. It controls the hair follicles.

Volume 2 – Part 2

The human brain is capable of tremendous feats, but most of them will not be sustainable until the physical form is more highly evolved. There is a potential powerhouse in each human, but what good would it do to release the power if the form cannot sustain it?   When we leave the earth plane our total existence is in thought.

Volume 3 – Part 1

The soul is the original spark of the Creator’s mind that was released during the explosion at the beginning of creation. The Creator’s purpose in shattering Himself was to learn, grow and evolve and experience His planets. He could not do this as a whole mind. He had to individualize Himself in order to enter the animal/caveman bodies that populated the earth. The whole path of progress, the whole picture, would “blow the circuits” of most people on earth.

Volume 3 – Part 2

We are asked to pretend we are the Creator and learn why reincarnation is the only logical way to structure the universe. If you had to structure the way the education of the human race was handled you might just come up with the same answer that the Creator God did – reincarnation. creation goes around in circles, thus reincarnation of all things, cells, souls, planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes, is the only possible way for it all to happen. The divine spark can never be destroyed.

creation - A Thoughtful Look at Our Past: Until Present Day Spiritual Teachings are Updated, there Can be Very Little Evolutionary Progress Made by Man (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 4)","asin":"B07HGH9JLG","productGroup":"Digital Ebook Purchas","authors":["Hickox, Norma"],"artists":[],"actors":[],"detailPageUrl":"[associate-id-placeholder]&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1","listPrice":"","imageUrlSmall":"","imageHeightSmall":75,"imageWidthSmall":49,"imageUrlMedium":"","imageHeightMedium":160,"imageWidthMedium":104,"imageUrlLarge":"","imageHeightLarge":500,"imageWidthLarge":328,"authorshipInfo":"By Hickox, Norma"},"showBuyButton":true,"showImage":true,"showTitle":true,"showAuthor":true}" data-block-type="46" id="block-7ba69bac2306e5820562">
Old creation – A Thoughtful Look at Our Past: Until Present Day Spiritual Teachings are Updated, there Can be Very Little Evolutionary Progress Made by Man (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 4)

By Hickox, Norma

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Volume 4 – Part 1

The Bible is a history book. The total Bible could be said to be an historic account of spacemen’s colonization of planet earth. It must be brought into the present to be applicable today. Do doctors still use bleeding and other outdated methods? Are farms still plowed with oxen or homes lighted with oil lamps? As progress has been made in all other areas of human lives, why can’t humanity accept progress in the one thing that is most important to their very beings.

creation - A Thoughtful Look at Our Future - : The New creation is a New Beginning in Man\u2019s Mind with the Shedding of Outdated Concepts and Teachings (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 8)","asin":"B07HHMDHDG","productGroup":"Digital Ebook Purchas","authors":["Hickox, Norma"],"artists":[],"actors":[],"manufacturer":"Chrysalis Publications","detailPageUrl":"[associate-id-placeholder]&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1","listPrice":"","imageUrlSmall":"","imageHeightSmall":75,"imageWidthSmall":49,"imageUrlMedium":"","imageHeightMedium":160,"imageWidthMedium":106,"imageUrlLarge":"","imageHeightLarge":500,"imageWidthLarge":333,"authorshipInfo":"By Hickox, Norma"},"showBuyButton":true,"showImage":true,"showTitle":true,"showAuthor":true}" data-block-type="46" id="block-dbc587e0c1a67e608066">
New creation – A Thoughtful Look at Our Future – : The New creation is a New Beginning in Man’s Mind with the Shedding of Outdated Concepts and Teachings (The New Millennium NoteBooks Book 8)

By Hickox, Norma

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Volume 4 – Part 2

The New creation is the shedding of outdated concepts and teachings that we have inherited through the ages from those who came before us who, because of reincarnation, were really us after all. Because of reincarnation, we all are equally to blame and we all are equally capable of correcting the wrong teachings. As a matter of fact, we helped write and shape and form the Biblical story. We must now help write and shape and form the New creation.

The TimeTraveler

 Journeys in the Present

Volume 5

The Chrysalis Teachings are excellent for those individuals who do not accept the church as the final authority. There is more truth in Greek mythology as far as our history and roots go than there is in the Bible. I would suggest a study of mythology as being a great aid when trying to understand humanities’ path in that time period.

Volume 6

We must know ourselves physically to enable the mind to work better. We must know ourselves emotionally and this is something that most people do know. We must know ourselves mentally because if the mental body does not have any interest in changing guidelines or spiritual concepts then there is not much hope for growth. We must know ourselves spiritually to determine if the guidelines they are living their lives by are still viable for where they are in life at that time.

Volume 7

A human being is a complicated and intricate “piece of equipment.” The third dimensional earth plane that is humanity’s reality at the moment needs to be more fully understood for humanity to ever begin to reach their full potential.ities’ path in that time period.

Volume 8

When the Sparks entered the physical bodies it was never intended that they should loose contact with the main body of the Creator God that stayed in the higher realms. The plan was to always have open lines of communication. Channeling is part of the plan as it allows this communication to take place – from the Creator’s mind to the mind of humans, to the Conglomerate Mind of the Micro Men (the Kingdom of God is Within) and back again to the Creator’s mind. Channeling is the mechanism by which the cycle of evolution is accomplished on the earth plane. Therefore, channeling is a natural, normal stage of evolution for humanity, whose time has come.

The TimeTraveler

 Pathways to the Future

Volume 9

The Science of Music is a science of unification. Music has the ability to heal. It is the ultimate form of communication between all creations in all universes. Because music is capable of many different expressions that are able to be translated into sensory languages, it is the best tool to use to pull together all the cellular structure in the universe. It is the ultimate for enhancing mental thought by tuning up the four parts of the body – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Volume 10

The education scene in our country is in a state of flux. The system we have been using for educational standards and guidelines is no longer applicable for today’s times. The younger generation is much more evolved and our system has not kept pace with the evolvement of humanity. I have designed a totally new school system to be used from birth through college based on The Science of Music. The goal of the Chrysalis Schools is the opening of the creative channel in children at a young age.

Volume 11

SunScience, the Creator’s science, is the ultimate form of science on the planet. By using the natural elements coming from the sun, combined with the Science of Music (vibrational tuning), it will provide non-polluting solutions to our problems. The Vibratory Charts, based on the principle of “like attracts like,” are the basis of this new science and until they are furthered SunScience cannot progress on the earth plane. True spiritual science will be all of nature and this needs to be brought into the new physics.

Volume 12

There is a need to guide our country’s consciousness to reflect a higher, less emotional response to humanities’ place in the scheme of the universe. Do not misunderstand. Emotion has a place in this new society of the synthesized man. The restructured response is compassion, joy and love all rolled into one emotion. Emotion will be as a feeling of peace with any situation. It is time for sorrow, weeping and wild elation to pass out of the picture with the passing of the Piscean Age.

 The TimeTraveler’s Tidbits

The TimeTraveler Tidbits” are articles taken from the Chrysalis Teachings which have been published in booklet form as “The New Millennium Booklets” and also in full size book form as “The New Millennium NoteBooks.” I’m now trying to get the information to younger people, tweens and teens, by publishing the material in a comic book format. At first I was hesitant about using this format wondering if people would think it disrespectful for spiritual insights to be presented this way, but it does soften the impact of the seriousness of the material and will help with understanding. But I believe the comic format is used a lot for spiritual material in Europe and also in India and other countries, so I’m giving it a try.

Tidbits #1

Chapter 1 – The Chrysalis Teachings

Chapter 2 – Worship in the Future

Chapter 3 – Have You Ever Tried to Act?

Chapter 4 – Your Spiritual Journey Compared to a Mouse

Tidbits #2

Chapter 1 – The Age of Creativity

Chapter 2 – Getting to Know Yourself

Chapter 3 – Knowing Your Goals

Chapter 4 – Things you Always Wanted to Know about Karma

Tidbits #3

Chapter 1 – The Correct Use of Energy

Chapter 2 – Treat Your Body as Well as You Do Your Car

Chapter 3 – Musical Tuning of Food

Chapter 4 – How Music Raises the IQ of Children

Tidbits #4

Chapter 1 – Education – My Thoughts on Old and New Methods

Chapter 2 – Preschool Children Love Music

Chapter 3 – Education Using Chrysalis Experimental Schools

Chapter 4 – Playgrounds Part of Curriculum in Chrysalis Schools

Tidbits #5

Chapter 1 – Personality Compared to a Painting on Canvas

Chapter 2 – Soul Goes on R & R at Night

Chapter 3 – Some Lives are like Bad Dreams – Others Good

Chapter 4 – UFOs are Inside Mind of Humans

Tidbits #6

Chapter 1 – Individuality Compared to Cars in Factory

Chapter 2 – God Compared to a Whipped Cream Salad

Chapter 3 – What Happens When You Die

Chapter 4 – In the Beginning

 Miscellaneous eBooks

The ball of fire blazing in the distance, which was to become our earth, was visible at all times for hundreds of thousands of years until gradually it began to cool. Many more eons went by before the flights to planet earth began from the Andromeda galaxy.

The speedup of evolution was done by artificially inseminating evolving man with their own genes. (This is where the saying that we were made in God’s image came from.) They took divine substance and caused a transmutation of matter in restructuring the animal form, causing it to lose the tail as no longer necessary and redesigning the digestive system. All of this was patterned after life forms they found on other planets as they progressed.

 The story of creation covers many generations of experiments. The original experiments were given genes that greatly enhanced their intelligence. Passages in Genesis were still dealing with the experiments of the space people in getting a line of more highly evolved humans started.


The truths of man’s divine heritage

By Norma Joyce Green, /Norma Hickox

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Truths of Man’s Divine Heritage

This first volume of Teachings from the Chrysalis Center gives the reader new insight into established principles of religion, science and behavior. A plan is outlined for education in the New Age. These teachings expand from a core of love and creative expression into peace, health, success in achieving unlimited potential and a united mankind. This book, termed “the hope of the world” by Norma’s source, will encourage your mind to expand far beyond our universe and allow you to recognize the signs indicating the “Truths of Man’s Divine Heritage.”

Cataclysms?? A New Look at Earth Changes

There is much confusion today concerning predictions of imminent cataclysms. Many people have been picking up information about cataclysms from within themselves during meditation. For some this information has been as memories about the long journey planet Earth has been on. For others it has been as visions into the future. It is very difficult to tell which is which, when standing in the middle of them. This is a part of the spiritual path that many people will go through, especially if they had previous lives in Atlantis.

The Almighty Organ ALL

The pipe organ ALL is hit with lightning. The thoughts of music flying out of him enter musical instruments coming off the assembly line of a factory. Once inside, they can’t get back out. They have many experiences and want to be together again like they were in ALL. Each episode tells of the experiences of a different VibraKid and the instrument he or she has entered. They draw on the wisdom of the original organ “ALL” and pass this wisdom on to others.

Norma – My Story

On my 50th birthday I took the day off to try and compose music. Before long I had 50 songs, words and music both. It just flowed in in complete form. One day the material changed and these beautiful spiritual/scientific teachings, The Chrysalis Teachings, started flowing in the same way the music had done. Being a musician, it was the vibrations of music that I’ve been exposed to since the age of four that enables me to have insight into different time periods of the past and the future.

Childhood Tales of Jesus

This book contains episodes from the early life and also the adolescent years of Jesus. The material was given by Joseph and interpreted by me. This would the higher aspect of my soul which I call the TimeTraveler. It seems that he has the ability to “be in touch” with my “spiritual family tree.” Various channeled information on the life of Christ is quite different from mine because every channel who taps into the akashic records reads into them their own interpretation of basic facts.

The VibraKids

An organ named “ALL” is inside an auditorium under construction. During a thunderstorm it is hit with lightning and explodes, sending all its musical instruments out into the night as “thoughts” of music. They spread out until they find a musical instrument factory. One of them gets brave enough to enter a horn. Once inside the horn he can’t get back out. The others all follow his lead. This book is an analogy of the “Big Bang” and the fact that the spirits enter the bodies of humans.


A little bit about Chrysalis Teachings –

The purpose of The Chrysalis Teachings that the New Millennium Notebooks are based on is:

  •          To explain things in simple language and terms, and show misinterpreted teachings.

  •          They will help in all areas of restructuring behavior and give day to day help for each.

    · No church will be involved. The Chrysalis Teachings will stand alone on the basis of their integrity as the common-sense replacement for past authority figures.

  •          The Chrysalis Teachings tie Science and Spirituality together to give updated insights into Biblical teachings.

  •          The Bible is truly the Word of our Creator sent down through His communicators. The Chrysalis Teachings, new spiritual teachings, are also the Word of our Creator sent down through this particular communicator.

  •          The Teachings give a compressed view of creation and evolution to help us gain a total look at the human experience.

  •         This will help people understand that we are not alone, have never been alone, only in our own minds