Opening of Chakras Should Become a Field of Medicine

The opening of chakras is another whole field for study that needs to be introduced into the medical field for the ease of the body in the fourth dimension. Much medical expense can be saved if the person knows what is going on and knows things he can do to ease and help the movement of the chakra energy in all the centers of the body.

There is always physical discomfort when a major change to the form takes place and this is what the opening of a chakra is – a major change. Every disease known to man can be traced to the opening of a chakra in some area of the body. The reason it becomes a disease is because the energy was not ever smoothed and manipulated and allowed to flow is a serene manner into the newly opened chakra.

I would like to address the effect the chakras have on the different locations in the body starting with the root chakra and showing a detailed compilation of each stage and the discomfort felt for that stage.

First Chakra – Root Chakra (Kundalini)
The opening of this chakra does not cause much physical discomfort until it goes beyond level four because the forms are born with the first stages open. At this time, when level four begins to open, there is considerable discomfort as the higher stages of this chakra begin to open. There is a lot of pain in the lower back each time each level or stage opens.

There is much work done on people at this stage by chiropractors that serve the purpose of allowing this opening to proceed more smoothly. Most people think they have injured themselves. The truth is only a small percentage of cases treated by a chiropractor are the result of an injury. People are just looking for something to explain why their back hurts. Even the chiropractors do not understand that this is the purpose they are serving. Their manipulation allows for the rising energy to be smoothed into a smooth, free flowing bundle, instead of it being a raging torrent that tears at the nerves of not only the lower back, but also is reflected up the whole spine, which then affects all the organs in the body.

1st Level
The first level of tuning the root chakra will be the knowing or sensing of the strength it took humanity to survive all obstacles and reach the evolutionary stage they are at now. The “survival of the fittest” traits will be sensed and accessed. This is normal tuning in anyone born in this time period – in other words, standard behavior – as without it the physical form wouldn’t be born. It would abort spontaneously. This is the cause of much spontaneous abortion, the incomplete forming and tuning of the root chakra in the fetus. This can be caused by many things, including drugs, unwise physical exercise by the mother and just plain incomplete coming together of factors in the fetus.

2nd Level
The second level of tuning the root chakra is in the ability to respond to nature, to the feel of the wind, the beauty of the sky, the heat of the sun, the majesty of a storm, the magic of the night sky, the beauty of rocks and rivers – everything that is a part of the unchangeable earth. This tuning level is also one that is opened on all who enter, although in some it is more sharply tuned than in others. If you find one who does not respond to nature it would be a rare entity, but one who could be helped by a finer tuning of this second level.

3rd Level
Level three in the root chakra is that which relates to the animal kingdom. This level will be found to be the strongest level in those working with animals in veterinary medicine, in zoos, on research assignments or working for animal rights. When you have someone expressing perhaps too strongly to animals, such as taking in every stray and putting their own life out of balance, this level of tuning needs to be dropped off from its sharpness and balance will be regained. If, on the other hand, someone wanted to work with animals for a particular reason for a limited time, say an actor in a movie, this third level could be tuned up for the duration of the movie and the actor would be in perfect rapport with the animal. After the movie the third level would be taken back to normal and the bond with the animal would be released.

4th Level
The fourth level of the root chakra will be an immediate and strong response to other human beings. A feeling of oneness with all would be an ideal reaction for this fourth level. This is not found to be as strong a tuning, as natural a tuning, as are the first three levels, as it takes a more developed physical form. As we go higher up the tuning levels there will be less people at these higher stages, but this level could be tuned up more sharply on all as they are born and humanity would take a jump forward in evolutionary progress. Also, the crime rate would drop, wars would cease, but there also would be problems, psychological problems. It would be the same as a child skipping a grade in school. It would depend, in part, on the tuning of the other chakras, but for the most part, the tuning up sharply of this level would not be wise until the entity has reached puberty or even beyond, or perhaps not even until age forty has been reached.

5th Level
The fifth level of tuning for the root chakra would be the will to work together with others, cooperation, being a team player. If there is one who is not willing to do this a tuning up of this level would help the situation.

6th Level
The sixth level of tuning would give one the power to plan major tasks and projects.

7th Level
The seventh level would insure them being carried out.

8th Level
The eighth level of the root chakra would give the power and will to lead large groups of people in whatever endeavor one wishes to pursue. This is where the danger comes in. A good example of this is Jim Jones and the tragedy he brought about. This is why I say that none should have this level tuned up tight, as the potential for acquiring deep personal karma is stored in this level.

Levels nine through twelve I’m not going to go into, at least not at this time. Just let it be known that they are very powerful and deal with the fire of the universe in a nuclear form. At some time in the future this can be made to serve mankind in many beneficial ways.

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