A New Century City

The New Century City will be fourth dimensional living mixing with third dimensional life – fitting in and raising third dimensional life upward into the fourth. This should be considered an experiment in living in a new century – a New Century City, if you will. It should have environmental protection devices woven into all phases of physical living. It should be very visionary and very inspirational. The outline of the New Century City should be laid out simply and clearly and in detail with guidelines for bringing in people.

Locating the City
The New Century City can be started with just a few people and you will not want to spread yourselves too thin in order to make an impact. Therefore a small town would have great potential for making the philosophy of fourth dimensional thinking available for all to see.

For several reasons you would not want to be a part of the actual town, but rather on the outskirts. Land will be cheaper on the outskirts and you will not be beholden to the dictates of others. There would privacy and accessibility, both, that should be considered. There may be extensions of each of you in the town or in surrounding towns or cities to earn your daily bread, but the base for the Golden Rule philosophy should be outside of the town limits with room for expansion.

Finances for the Center
There would be a Governing Board that would interview potential settlers in the New Century City, as far as philosophy. There would also be consideration taken of skills that would lend themselves to the environmental aspect of protecting the land. Also, it would be wise to have access to those who could lend money on easy terms to those needing to have help in relocating and building a home or starting a business. This process would be controlled through the Governing Board of the New Century City. The money itself could come from a loan based on the potential of the project. All the available talent will serve as collateral for getting off the ground. Those in charge of finances for the small town may be willing to fund personally, for a short time, the idea of a Research Center – especially one digging into environmental projects –- to further the growth of their own town.

The advantage of locating the New Century City near the small town area is that as the small town grows it has the potential of being a great economic success and will enable those in the new generation city to sell their wares or market their talents.

Let’s look at the possibilities. A building could be purchased to house a small office and research center. This could eventually expand to a hotel complex to house those who are working on projects. This will include classrooms, kitchen/dining hall and lecture room. None of it will be very large, just enough to accommodate approximately a dozen people at a time.

There are many small projects in the Chrysalis material that need to be researched and undertaken. There needs to be one person to read the material and dig out these projects. This would be almost a full time job. Someone with a sharpness of mind and entrepreneurial mentality will need to be found to do this. These smaller projects can begin to bring in some income for the foundation on a percentage basis. The foundation can become a self-feeding mechanism in this manner.

All projects would be on the trust program. The projects could begin to take shape as soon as everyone sees the picture. You will be able to draw support from a larger area than you now think possible if there is a nearby airport. Low cost housing could be found in the small town until such time as when everyone can live in the New Century City.

Relocation Guidelines
As far as guidelines for those wanting to relocate to the New Century City, they must continue studying spiritual concepts once they have relocated, and be in accordance with most of the philosophy of fourth dimensional teachings. Any fundamental concepts that they cannot agree with would not necessarily keep them from joining the New Century City, because this would be discrimination, but they would need to be aware of these differences and know where the New
Century City stands on the issues.

They must have at least $2000.00 saved up and show proof of this money to apply for assistance of a loan of an equal amount from the Governing Board. This loan is to be repaid in small payments or in work for the foundation at a pay scale of $10.00 an hour. They must have a well laid out plan to support them that will take no longer than three months to be fully operational and bringing in money for personal daily needs. The first three months can be subsidized, if needed, with meals given at the main facility for the first three months, or until they are “on their feet” financially, whichever comes first.

Rigidity Will Be Relaxed
The New Culture will see people with a lot more free time. This time will be used to study any arts and crafts that they care to pursue, and also take part in spiritual studies, which will encompass history to a great extent. They will also study present day behavior and goals and aims for the future.

In the New Culture, a day in the life of a typical family would see the children still go to school and the father and mother most likely still go to work. The difference will be that one or other or both of the parents may visit their child in school and eat lunch with the youngster. They may also take the child out of school and take him on a trip to the zoo. The rigidity of both the work place and the education place is going to be much relaxed. This of course cannot happen and will not work if these people are not centered. To get this many people centered is going to be a phenomenal job. Any bit of information that the higher beings can bring through, by any means through any channel, and get it out to the public, is what is going to enable this centering to take place.

Changeover Will Happen Fast

The changeover is going to happen quite fast. For this reason it is going to cause devastating moments for many. These devastating moments are the cataclysms that have been talked about. A cataclysm is a disruption of a normal function. This can apply to a human being as well as Mother Nature and Mother Earth. Those who make it through these disruptions will realize that their lives have changed and that they cannot be the way they were before; they cannot act and react as they did, nor can they earn their living with the same mental attitudes that they did before. If they don’t realize this they have not made it through the cataclysms and will need to have much, much help from those understanding the total process of what is happening.

This will not be communal living as that is not something that anyone needs to learn. Communal living is of a past era. The New Culture designates each have his own space that is patterned after his vibration. It is filled with his vibratory field and enfolds him like the higher beings’ nest enfolds them. This is part of the new movement, that of individuality that can come together with other individuals and create for the good of humanity but it is not part of the plan that you all live together, nor is it even part of a plan that will cause growth. Do not feel guilty about not wishing this. It is not part of the new pattern of beingness. There must be space in your togetherness for growth to occur in a natural manner.

There are plans available for a research/teaching center to be located in the New Century City and also plans for an experimental school. There are ideas for starting new businesses with “credit shares” and “wage images.” There are also plans for “Nature’s Mineral Garden” and a “Terraced Spiral Garden.” This last is not part of the Chrysalis material but was sent to me by Paul Simpson from Menlo Park, Calf. in 1988 to be passed on to others. Most of this material can be found in the restructuring booklets 45 through 49. Some of it will be in the Science of Music booklets.

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