A Sub-Personality Is Simply Your Reaction To Stimuli

Your sub-personalities are the different guides that give personal information. The ones who give spiritual or scientific information are actual incarnations of yours, past, present or future. The sub-personalities are the outgrowth of the new personality development.

The process is automatic in the beginning as reactions to circumstances. The same as the Creator’s birth, so is the birth of the new personality. It goes to a stage where the soul begins to exert influence, the half of the soul that incarnated. At this point this half of the soul then helps form the sub-personalities and the personal information becomes steadier. It begins to have the wisdom of the half of the soul influencing the reactions to circumstances.

One should use these aspects or sub-personalities to their full advantage in all areas of their life. When you stay centered and in touch, the combined soul can influence these reactions, or sub-personalities, and help you understand the lesson. When you do not stay balanced, this control is lost and you slip backwards.

A person develops these sub-personalities with every new encounter they have in the world from the time the personality is formed. It is a function of the personality to develop a different reaction to each situation. A sub-personality, as the term is used by psychologists, is simply your reaction to stimuli. Your first day at school serves you a distinct reaction. This is quite likely the first reaction with enough strength behind it to allow it to linger in that part of the brain where the personality is being formed. Quite often these reactions are carried over from past incarnations. Perhaps they were deliberately chosen to be the instigators of these reactions and therefore help form the personality and at the same time set up the resistance factor that would set the stage for lessons.

The way it works is a certain past incarnation is chosen to be brought with you through spiritual evolution. This past incarnation, then, combined with genes in the physical form, will produce the reaction to situations that will set up the circumstances for a lesson you want to conquer. This is done by a sub-personality forming that is a combination of physical and spiritual evolution. Being a combination of both, these sub-personalities are strong and sure-footed as they have to be in order to be the teachers of you that they are.

Take, for example, a man who has been not of good moral character in his last life as a woman. The spirit brought back the flaws in the character that did not allow it entrance into the seedcore. The physical body was chosen as to lineage of genes that would present strengths for the flaws in the character of the previous life to draw on to help it overcome the weakness, say, for instance, an alcohol problem. The physical body lineage with the strongest resistance to alcohol would be chosen to give the weakness not controlled last lifetime the opportunity to be overcome.

The combination of these two form a sub personality with a lesson to conquer, all in one neat package. When the lesson is conquered the sub-personality is absorbed into the newly forming personality as a strength then to draw on to help meet the next sub-personality with its unique lesson. If the previous incarnations that were brought back were chosen wisely this would be something from a previous life that could gain strength for correction from the first sub-personality.

If the sub-personality does not conquer the lesson that it brings with it in this life, it is not absorbed in the newly forming personality, but is left outside the central nucleus as a fragmented part of the personality. When too many fragments build up, there is a problem of the personality. This can explain much in the way of behavior problems and also shows that psychologists are on the right path by calling up these sub-personalities and bringing to light their unfinished business.

Sub-Personalities Same As Possession in Metaphysical Terms
In the world of metaphysics this is called possession and it is exorcised in much the same way a psychologist will do, by finding out what is bothering it and showing it that it did not build on what had come before in the way of stepping-stone sub-personalities. It is then helping with resolving the problem and it enters the inner planes of the mind, not the newly formed personality.

If its problems are not resolved and it is not absorbed, it is not allowed to enter the personality and at the same time cannot reenter the inner planes so therefore is caught in “no man’s land,” a zone between the area of manifestation (new personality) and the inner planes (below the line of demarcation) where it could be educated and given help. When it ends up in “no man’s land” it cannot receive help from anywhere and continues as a fragmented part of the personality that becomes increasingly agitated and frustrated. This must be discovered and brought to the surface, either by a psychologist or a metaphysician.

Fear Can Cause Sub-Personalities
As an example, say, for instance, one sub-personality carried over since early childhood had been that of shyness which was formed out of fear which a person brought in with them as a major trait to be conquered. We’ll say that in this case there are many applications of this fear. Some have been conquered and absorbed by the personality while others have not.

Perhaps the first true fear reaction that influenced the personality was in the area of performing on a musical instrument in public followed shortly after by fear of recitation in school. The combination of both of these on an immature physical form, would form a strong sub-personality which was partially conquered in the field of music, but not totally, and only recently was conquered and absorbed as far as public speaking.

But say there is one major area of fear left and several not as major. The major one is in sexual relationships and has to do with a trait of modesty and embarrassment that was brought in from a previous life. This had not been conquered and is a strong sub-personality now, a fragmented, frustrated sub-personality. The others are in areas of being self-supporting and in being stranded alone in a strange place. Both of these are being worked on. The strong sub-personality of sexual relationship is one that will interact with others and cause problems in relationships. This needs to be brought to light, looked at and studied. Much could be accomplished by this person as far as abolishing this fear, by just recognizing it and recognizing the reason for it.

Sub-Personalities Can Form Due To Carry-Over from Previous Lives
Say the fear was from previous lives, several of them, but say the most recent has the most bearing on it. Perhaps this person was killed by their husband in a beating during sexual intercourse. This is a very difficult one to overcome and counseling on this may eventually be necessary to totally overcome it. It needs to be overcome and the person’s sexuality absorbed into the personality instead of being a fragmented part. This, then, caused a blockage in this person of not believing in love and this sub-personality is using it as an excuse to help the person avoid a sexual relationship. The act of sex is a physical body function. If the person would keep their physical body in top condition this would allow the sex drive to surface. Once this drive has come to the surface and this person’s confidence in their physical looks has returned, this sub-personality could be educated as to true sexuality and true love. When this takes place the absorption of this sub-personality into their personality can take place and their personality will have their sexuality blended with it.

Knowing all this they can begin forming a new sub-personality that will be able to offset or conquer the strong one in place, then these two will blend and be able to be absorbed. The person needs to trust and begin to focus on the importance to emotional stability that this new sub-personality can bring. They need to give it a name, picture it in their mind in different situations and fantasize about love and sex and how they feel. These should be combined and this will happen with the sub-personality and allow it to be absorbed. All this can be accomplished in the mind.

When people are educated about this they can direct their own spiritual path and growth in a wise personal way. A person can deliberately build a sub-personality through which they will be able to disempower one who is at odds with other people. This deliberate forming of a sub-personality to combat the strong fragmented sub-personality would be a test as a new way to handle psychological problems such as this. This experiment of deliberate creating needs to be done by building a counter-acting sub-personality who will then work on the fragment on the inner planes. We determine that this will work but need to have proof.

Earthbound Spirits Ride Piggyback
Earthbound spirits can and will ride piggyback on other earth-bound spirits. This often happens when the original possessing entity, the main one, has been built by a person as an ego-personality to help him cope with some situation. Another entity will relate in part to some aspect of the fabricated personality and will “dig in” with some aspect of his own as the connecting bond, but at the same time this possessing entity also relates to something someone else is doing and clings to that part of another person. A four-way split is quite usual because of attachment in four different divisions, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Some people have many attached to them through their spiritual body. They cannot harm these people, in fact, these people can help them if they realize what is happening in this area. They cannot influence these people by their attachment as they are directly attached to them through a soul contact, not to another possessing entity which could cause trouble if that were to happen. Therapists needs to be advised of this so they can help these fragmented souls and not cause distress to those on the earth plane in the process.

Multiple Personalities
Multiple personalities can be acts of possession, but this is rare. It more likely is the previous incarnations coming forward too strongly and reliving something they didn’t finish. This is different and needs to be handled differently. This can be done by those on the earth plane much more effectively than by those in the higher planes, but an intelligent, reasoning line of counseling while both parties are awake will be the best way, not on the inner planes at night.

The education of the one who is letting these former incarnations take over is the best area of approach for this situation. First must come the determination of whether it is possession by earth-bound spirits which are outside the seed-core of the one possessed, or whether it is from a former incarnation of the one possessed, from inside the seed core. This should not be too difficult a task. One being possessed by an earth-bound spirit will quite often be irrational and will make little sense when talked to and will most often be angry and quite often violent.

One being overpowered by previous incarnations will be quite rational and calm, but will not relate when questioned about things the one in incarnation should know about, such as details, not generalities, of his line of work and intimate facts of his personal life and relationships. An earth-bound spirit possessing one will be able to know these things contrary to what you are thinking. The previous incarnation coming forward will not have access to knowledge of intimate details of the incarnation previous to his surfacing.

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