Cause of Earthquakes Compared to a Litter of Puppies

Earthquakes are indeed a reaction of the earth itself to the calamitous emotions being felt by the inhabitants. This is so very difficult for humans to understand and accept. Perhaps the following analogy will help with this understanding.

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Picture a dog (planet earth) with a litter of puppies (humanity) – say a large litter of sixteen. These puppies nurse from the mother dog, but they also crawl all over her playing. Let’s assume that they are all in a cardboard box which limits the area the puppies have to roam. They more or less are forced to live their life on top of their mother’s body. As they grow larger, they also come into the animal instinct in very strong degrees. These animals’ instincts bring on fights and upheaval is prevalent at all times within this box.

At first the mother tries to control her brood by giving warnings and little nips and perhaps growls, but it soon becomes impossible to struggle against them. She resigns herself to this sort of activity on her body and slowly but surely the vibrations of the fighting dogs begin to wear away at her vital organs. It first affects the muscles of her body which causes her to not be able to move out of the way of the puppies into the corner of the box. She is slowly becoming paralyzed.

As the puppies continue to fight they are also continuing to nurse and get their sustenance from the mother dog. As the mother dog’s muscles become paralyzed partly from the vibrations that are constantly being sent into her body through their nursing and their animal instincts when fighting, she can no longer consume enough food or digest it in order to provide the milk to nurse the puppies.

The milk processing plant of her digestive system is the first to shut down. The other organs soon follow suit, but then a strange event will take place. There will become a period of time when the animal instinct body of the mother will take over and rise up as energy, unbelievable energy, in an effort to save her own life. She will find the strength to stand up and shake her body and thus shake loose the puppies and scatter them against the sides of the box. This is an inborn instinctual happening that actually would take place with humans who were being destroyed in the same manner if this were ever to take place.

At times this instinct will show up in humans as they prepare to die, but in most cases it does not, due partly to drugs that are used and also to the fact that man is leaving his instincts behind as he evolves. This is one of the instincts that survived the transition from the animal stage to the human stage, but it has slowly been bred out of the race because it was not needed as strongly in humans as in the animal kingdom.

This mother has now reestablished her power in the cardboard box and the puppies settle down, learn to eat other nourishment that is given them and not continue to feed off the mother dog. This heals her digestive system allowing nutrients from her food to heal the other organs of her body. If the puppies are not removed from the box the whole set of circumstances will take place over and over again until the puppies stop fighting and calm down their vibrations to peaceful and loving cooperation with each other and the mother dog.

This can be related to the human communities affected by not only earthquakes but also by all disasters. You can readily see the analogy of humans living of top of the mother earth. When they fight and bring forth their animal instincts they affect the harmonious pre-planned functioning, of the mother as being the one able to provide sustenance.

Please keep in mind that the human body is made up of material of the earth. The same way our bodies are sensitive seismic instruments of stress, so also is the earth from which these bodies were fashioned. It is made up of exactly the same material. The first thing affected in the mother dog was the muscles. The comparison of this to the earth are the plates that allow movement of the continents, just as the muscles of the dog allow movement of the dog. As these muscles in the dog become weak and stop her ability to process any of the bodily functions, so also does the stoppage of the movement of the plates affect other processes in the earth.

These other processes that are affected are the cause of floods, fires, volcanoes, tornadoes, snowstorms, lightning, hurricanes. All the other natural disasters that take place are the result of the stoppage of the movement of the plates which is caused by the animal instinct emotional upheavals that the humans living on the mother earth’s body are sending into her body.

When things get to the point of being no longer bearable, the natural instincts of the mother will surge forth, she will stand up and shake to remove the burden of the parasites living on her body and taking their sustenance from her nourishment. Then there will be a healing process until the whole thing happens again.

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