Chakras are Organs of the Ethereal Body

The chakras are the organs of the ethereal body which work in harmony with the physical organs allowing the physical bodies to evolve into beautiful forms for the spirit of the Creator to enter and express through.

The chakras are simply energy centers, storehouses for the vibrating atoms, the first stirrings of life in the cosmos. In the beginning it was simply the air that played around and lifted grains of sand which had crumbled off of the pristine rock surfaces and placed them down on the ground near water. This caused a chemical reaction between the minerals in the soil and the algae in the water. This gave birth to the Botanical Kingdom and provided a form for this energy to be embedded in.

The root chakra, the first chakra, was the first bundle of energy to be embodied in a manifested form in physical matter. The Botanical Kingdom evolved through the decaying and rotting of matter into the one cell amoeba. The root chakra, or kundalini, was the only chakra in these early life forms. The total being was centered in that kundalini for the life giving properties and energies. It was the center of the vibrating atoms and was quite necessary in those early forms of life when the animals used their tail for means of locomotion and for protection.

The root chakra was not needed in the animals that were to follow into the human kingdom, as they would no longer need the tail. This chakra was sealed over and the tail eventually disappeared from man. The bundle of energy was then embedded in the second chakra, the sacral plexus to insure survival of the race. The second chakra, the sacral plexus, was in essence the only one operating in the “cave man.” It is the center of survival, of animal instinct such as eating, sleeping and procreating.

The third chakra, the solar plexus, came into being gradually. In the early Lemurian days, actually it was a stage before Lemuria called Lamania, the third center developed. This third center, which was the sensing of other’s thoughts, developed as primitive man felt a definite need for communication with his own kind to differentiate between themselves and the animals. It was a very slow development as the energy of the second chakra was not closed off. It had to be kept, so it was necessary to grow and build and develop this third chakra or energy center from scratch.

This stage was followed more quickly by the addition of the heart chakra at the same time that these simple creatures developed a conscience, a need to feel responsible for their actions against others. This heart chakra was a quickly developing one, as it became urgently necessary to keep the animal/men from destroying each other. Thus the animal began to have feelings and emotions to deal with in connection with his instincts. The third center, the solar plexus, was not deliberately closed off, but fell into disuse due to the heavy activity of the second and fourth centers.

Thus the animal forms had developed into an upright, almost tailless form that began to sense their difference from the animals that stayed on all fours. They began letting others know what they meant by simple grunts and sign language. The sensing of other’s thoughts, this ESP, so to speak, begin fading, and needing a means to communicate, the throat chakra drew the energy bundle from the solar plexus up to the throat and the fifth chakra came into being. The grunts turned into distinguishable, intelligent sounds that developed quickly into a language.

The next chakra, the third eye, developed due partly to man’s deviousness and cunning and manipulation, and partly due to disuse of the solar plexus. When they wanted to know what others were thinking so they could manipulate them or beat them at inventing something, they used their imagination to visualize what the other was thinking, trying to second-guess the other, playing games, making up stories, telling fairy tales, and getting the person to respond to the games and daydreams. When this got carried too far drastic action was needed and the Atlantean civilization was destroyed.

Civilization was started over, but not clear back to the one cell again, by restructuring the chakra system. The use of the first chakra was still not needed and was completely sealed at this time. The second was still in use, the third one was reinstated, the fourth one was more separated from the second, functioning more individually from the instinct of the second. The fifth one was left as it was and the sixth one closed, sealed off and the spot for the seventh chakra was added. The energy from the sixth was sent to the seventh center but it was still sealed off until such time as it would be needed and safe to bestow on humanity.

The three lower chakras will set the goals. The root chakra gives the drive, the will to survive, the strength to forge ahead. The second chakra, the sacral plexus, gives the creativity to design your own life and the third chakra gives you the ability to psychically communicate with other kingdoms and other people. In the three higher kingdoms, the throat chakra gives you the ability to express your goals and creativity and to communicate with other kingdoms. The sixth chakra, the third eye gives you the ability to visualize creativity, and the crown chakra gives you the ability to communicate with the higher kingdoms. The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, functions as a transformer enabling all the other chakras to work in combination with each other.

The heart chakra transforms the physical evolution instinctual behavior of the animal kingdom into that of being a human being. Without these transforming capabilities, humanity would not have progressed to the point where it could serve as vehicles of expression for the spirits to enter. The three lower kingdoms draw from that which went before you in time of a physical nature. The three higher kingdoms allow you to access that which went before you in time of a spiritual nature. Both of these are used to form your own universe which is your heart chakra.

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