Changeover From Manufacturing Age To Age Of Creativity

The world today is in the throes of beginning chaos. We are going through a sociological change. This change in society must come about. It is the changeover from the Manufacturing Age to the Age of Creativity. What comes from the center of a person’s being, the truth of his being, is what will determine his ability to earn his livelihood in the coming days. This has always been true to a certain extent, but will become much more pronounced.

The economy is changing into that of becoming a marketplace for only that which comes from each one’s contact with their God Within. The quality of each article produced will determine its value and its saleability. There is always a difficult period of adjustment when a revolution involving the people’s ability to clothe and feed and house themselves is at stake. This is really what we are in at this time, a revolution, against the outdated practices of the Manufacturing Age. It must change and those who cannot adjust their thoughts and change with it are the ones who will suffer the most.

Now, more than ever, one must “trust God,” which is their own self, remember, to provide what is needed on a day to day basis. Your God Within, your higher mind, knows where the next meal is coming from. It knows how the tax bill will be met. The only thing people accomplish when they worry constantly about these things is to block the process that will bring the answers to them.

The coming New Culture will be the Age of Creativity, or the Age of creation, the New creation and this will come about by each creating their own personal reality through their thoughts, which then becomes their personality. To express this creativity is much more difficult for the men and they are having a much harder time adjusting to the changes that are upon us, both as a society and also as individuals.

Men need to have the emotional release of beauty through creativity to help soften and color the male ego and make it masculinity at its finest. Women need to have the ability to be able to create beauty and express it in a powerful, but yet dainty and feminine way. For some the expression of creativity may just take on the form of planning, cooking and serving a balanced diet to their loved ones, but this is their form of creative outlet, of giving love and expression from the center of their being. For another it may be growing flowers in their garden, their love of nature being expressed through the growing of these beautiful flowers and most often giving them away as their gift to their fellow man.

All do not have to be Picassos or Beethovens. The shopkeeper may express his inner self in his window displays. For some it will be through their livelihood, for others the expression will come in their leisure moments, but it must come some way or other. Through beauty, coloring and harmony, we will achieve the bridging from our lower self to our higher self.

We all know that working with arts and crafts helps the mentally ill. The same will apply to all of us. It is the only way of stabilizing the emotional body. It would be far better to pick up a paint brush and paint an amateur or even ugly painting than to take a tranquilizer or aspirin or alcohol to calm the nerves.

In the competition of today’s world it is hard to draw a fine line between self-aggrandizement and common sense advertising of ones abilities. The truth of which one you are into will show in the ultimate long term, not short term, staying power of your particular product or craft or art or whatever it is you are wanting to accomplish to earn your daily bread. For most of humanity, earning their daily bread will not change quickly from what it had been, but will evolve rather slowly.

The question for most is how to serve in a spiritual manner and continue to be able to meet financial responsibilities. The changeover to being of service must be gradual. No one wants it to be gradual, but this is the most successful way to work into earning your living by serving your fellowman. The way for most people to be of service and prepare for the future, as far as their own sustenance goes, is ages old. It is simply by being a humanitarian and helping your fellow man in any way, or through any opportunity, that presents itself.

This in turn will bring the opportunities to you that will show you wherein lies your special talent or niche in the scheme of things. This is why it must be a slow process. It can’t be forced. You may try many different ways of lending a helping hand or serving in some capacity in charitable work before you find what it is that you are really good at, and makes you, personally, feel satisfied, full and complete. Then you will have found your own personal way of serving humanity.

At this time you must take this idea or service or product and work with it and bend it and form it into a structure that will enable you to do it on a full-time basis to earn your living and supply a service that you are good at and that is good and beneficial for you. By this time, of course, you will no longer care if you become “rich” or not as far as money is concerned, because your own personal satisfaction will be all that matters. You can do as much or as little of the service as you need to fulfill your financial obligations.

Above all, you must continue the creative process in your free time to express your soul through beauty. The more that the way you earn your daily bread incorporates the inner part of you, that bare kernel inside expressing through to the outer, the better you will feel and the easier your path will become as far as the daily bread. Also the effect that it will have on those connected with you will be amazing. Most people cannot get to this point because of the animalistic ego feelings of wanting to do it their way, their own way. What they do not realize is that those on the higher planes know ahead of time, for the most part, what it is these people would be very happy doing because they helped choose it before the person entered incarnation.

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