Cyclic Classes Needed For Young Minds

Classes must follow cycles of thought. Like the Creator’s thoughts that are cycling the universe, spiraling back around each time on a higher level of evolution, so is the pattern of growth of children. A thought introduced in first grade will necessarily have to cycle back around, if not in second grade, than perhaps third or fourth, on an updated level of understanding. This pattern must be followed in setting educational goals for these children. The process of following cycles of thought and spiraling into higher levels of comprehension when repeating the thought patterns, will lead to enormous strides forward in intelligence levels.

When the process of the repeated patterns and the action of a bellows inhaling and exhaling is understood, it will lead to the study of cycles which will replace present day history classes. The cyclic classes will incorporate the sciences of Astronomy, Anthropology and Archeology, the three A’s of the cyclic sciences.

In Anthropology and Archeology, it is beneficial to study historical patterns first, but not in the field of Astronomy. The concepts in this field, the early concepts, were “far off base” because they came through the “thinking” process of living beings. This makes the study of historical astronomical concepts invalid and doing more harm than good.

All this study does, is complicate for young minds the ability to grasp true universal concepts. In other words, no knowledge of what was believed to be true in the past should be allowed in these young minds until new concepts are thoroughly understood. Then the historical study would not be so harmful, in fact would be useful. This would be because understanding misconceptions of ancient people would show the students that any “new theory” they have been taught will most likely be proven incorrect at some point in the future.

They will then learn the correct theory: that nothing is absolute except the central core of energy that is the Creator. It is the only stationary body in all universes. As everything else is in constant motion, all theories are only valid for a pin-point of time and space, if one were to get technical about it. Young minds need to know this as a basis for philosophy for those in the Chrysalis Schools. This will prevent the most damaging thing to the progressive evolution of the human being – the closed mind.

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