Due To Reincarnation, We Are All To Blame For Biblical Misinterpretations

The Old Testament had the truth as its foundation for the tales. It has not been and was not deliberately tampered with except for the parts about spaceships. The first testament was given accurately to the receivers, who at that stage of evolution, simply were not advanced enough to understand what they were told. This was not taken into consideration by the space brothers and the teachings were brought down to the stage of fantasy to help these unevolved humans to understand. They’re like fairy tales, but do have a basis of truth to all of them.

The New Testament did have the most important points deleted from it through the years. Some were deliberately deleted, others through translation problems. The deliberate ones were done simply because someone in authority at the time simply couldn’t fathom certain ideas, such as reincarnation for one. Unintentional deletions and discrepancies came into the New Testament because when the disciples wrote their stories they were colored by the society of the time.

Sixty percent of the Bible is a collection of tales. Does it make sense to continue to teach children with fairy tales as they grow into adulthood? But this is what the churches continually feed to questioning humanity. Until these teachings are updated, there can be very little evolutionary progress made by man.

Each religion embraces part of the truth, but only part. This is not the direct fault of any on earth today; but it is the fault, indirectly, of all on earth today because we were all here on earth, as other entities, when the misinterpretations crept in. Therefore, we all are equally to blame and we all are equally capable of correcting the wrong teachings. Some of the souls leading the churches came in with every intention of breaking through the hold of misinterpretation that the churches have woven around themselves, but they were not strong enough.

The human heart is tied emotionally to the Biblical story. Whether we know it consciously or not, we quickly find out we are when we try to break free of former beliefs. This is not just a result of this lifetime, we must remember, but of every incarnation we have had in the last 2000 years. As a matter of fact, we helped write and shape and form the Biblical story. We must now help write and shape and form the New creation.

There is some point in everyone’s life when they will no longer need to think of different dimensions. All dimensions will seem the same. The difference will be in how often we tap into each of areas that are available to us. It would perhaps be better if we did not attach a feeling of progress or climbing to the dimensions, but simply note that they are all there at the same time and are all available to us at any time. This is a step beyond the progression from one dimension to the next that was talked of in the past. Those in the higher planes have come to realize that this was inhibiting the progress of many people because they felt they had not climbed high enough in their vibration to have reached the next level and therefore gave up on contacting anything other than what they always had done.

The dimensions are no longer to be thought of in this way. You are to see all the twelve dimensions laid out at the same time and place on your map. If you want to access one or the other you merely think of that dimension and what it’s main function is. In order for you to be able to do this we will give the basic functionality of each dimension as you will see it when you access it.

Dimensions 1-2-3 are the Physical Body Section working on Instinct.
The first dimension is so slow a vibratory rate that there is no movement whatsoever.
The second is a little better. It is as though a slight breeze is blowing around in this dimension, but still there is nothing of interest here for a normal person.
The third dimension – you are all familiar with what goes on here and we won’t go into it now.

Dimensions 4-5-6 are the Emotional Body Section working on Intuition.
The fourth dimension is also somewhat familiar to those of you on the true spiritual path and you know that it is reachable.
The fifth dimension is a place where you can feel a sense of wholeness with the all and communicate across lines that in normal everyday life you cannot cross.
The sixth plane or dimension is again a lonely one and is good for self-observation and meditation and communion.

Dimensions 7-8-9 are the Mental Body Section working on Insight (intelligence).
The seventh is where those who want to help others will find themselves, or should find themselves.
The eight plane is again alone and planning.
The ninth is also for planning.

Dimensions 10-11-12 are the Spiritual Body Section working on Inspiration.
The tenth is for putting those plans into action.
The eleventh is for reacting to our own accomplishments and reviewing.
The twelfth is for reconnecting with the rest of our seedcore and preparing to put forth what we have learned and gained to be approved or disapproved by the seedcore itself.

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