Education Has Not Kept Pace With Evolution

History is important, very important as a way of learning not only how progress has been made, but also how it has been held back throughout the course of history. This knowledge will then be used as guidelines for charting the future directions of humanity. Also, home schooling is being done, for the most part, by those without the educational background necessary to bring forth the best in these children. Actually, these children could truly be the teachers of the parents. These children, if exposed to highly enlightened educational processes, such as the Chrysalis Schools will give, would prove very quickly that they are being born with more knowledge available than their parents. This is simply an indisputable fact of evolution. This is where the one big drawback lies in the way evolution proceeds. The old methods and ideas are always taught to the young ones before they have a chance to open the creative channel and have contact with own inner beings. This contact would allow them to incorporate what they had learned from previous lives and in school on the inner planes, into this life.

The harm that can come not only from TV, but also from records and tape recorders will be found in more than just the content of the shows. One way they cause harm is simply damage to the ear from too much volume. The other, the content of shows, would be psychological by implanting ideas into the subconscious mind of the child that are inharmonious with spiritual values. I’m not talking of spiritual values set by religious groups however. I’m talking about programs that will override the inborn, inherent spiritual truths these children enter with. This can and does happen. For instance, shows like “Mr. Rogers and “Sesame Street” try to instill values that can and do “lock” children into thinking processes that do not allow for stretching of the mind and centering on their own belief system.

Programs such as documentary shows on wildlife or astronomy or plant life, purely educational fact-giving information, are not harmful and are to be commended as long as they do not give personal opinions about animal behavior, for instance, or anything that will influence a young mind about a subject. They must be purely factual.

Lessons in attitudinal behavior can be taught over and over again in the halls but if they are never experimented with, and the concepts applied to reality then those lessons are never cemented into the beingness of that student. This may explain why so much of our education is not as it should be. The application of the lesson is not included in the school. Whatever is being taught must have a period of practical application for it to be assimilated in the brain of that person. It will be individual growth that the emphasis will be on: mind expansion from the very beginning. The only true learning process is what happens to each one individually, not the grades they receive.

The youth who will be entering are keeping up with all this and more. Then they enter and, until grown to puberty, are under the guidance of the parents who, up to this stage, are more knowledgeable. But once this youth reaches puberty, the teen years, and begins to come into the mental capacity he brought with him, this is when the trouble starts. He sees that he is sharper than his parents and some of his teachers and rebels against having to be under the authority of those he is superior to. This is where our present day educational system falls down.

Adults must realize that youth are their superiors in mental ability and capacity for understanding and learning. Youth must realize that even though this is true, they need to temper this intelligence with wisdom by giving respect to their elders. It has to be two way street. The elders (teachers and parents) must realize that what they have to teach the children is sometimes invalid for the youth of today. This is especially true in the field of philosophy. These youth, then, need to understand all of this and recognize that even though they are sharper mentally in many things, there still is a code of ethics for all universes that must be followed.

You already have entities in the public school system who are bored and ready for much, much more advanced material than they are offered. The generation gap has jumped so rapidly, that the younger generation is so much more evolved than the older generation, which is trying to hold back this new generation through the mandatory public school system. Those in the higher planes look on our system as the most archaic form of education. It definitely has not kept pace with the evolvement of humanity.

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