Effervescent, Electrified "Cotton Candy" to Heal Arthritis

The ingredient that holds all together in the universe can be compared to effervescent, electrified cotton candy. As you know cotton candy has tiny hairs or strings all mixed together, but is very airy. This is not exactly how the material that holds all together is, but it is close. As far as it helping those with arthritis, a machine could be invented that would allow a person to immerse their body into this mixture for about 10 – 15 minutes a day, and all their aches and pains from arthritis would disappear. It is the effervescence plus the electrification of the bubbles that will do the healing. It would not be a total healing of arthritis but would make a person’s life much more comfortable.

A healing chamber could be built that would hold the effervescent, electrified cotton candy. It is possible by having spun plastic that is pliable as the cotton candy and a bubble making machine that shoots out electrified bubbles that flow through the spun plastic. A form of what is called “fruit leather” could be used in place of the plastic, but you could not use spun glass as it would not bend and form into the shape of the person who enters this chamber.

As given, perhaps 10 to 15 minutes per day of being in this mixture would allow the weak electricity to “massage” the bones and muscles in the body – all parts of the body, even the head and most of the face. You would want to keep the eyes clear, but the rest of the head would benefit – even the hair. For those who have gone bald this would also be a God send; their hair would be stimulated to grow back in. A regular massage would not do this due to being non-electric. Electricity has a great beneficial influence on all parts of a human being – in small doses. Small electric shocks can tune up a person so their blood matches the tone they entered this life with.

Someone who is mechanically minded could come up with a bubble making machine that is electrified and also with the spun plastic. This is a future technology waiting to happen now and benefit all those suffering from arthritis (and also those who have lost their hair).

A future design of this could incorporate the persons Keytone – the pitch their blood vibrates at and would be even more effective. If your blood vibrated at say 440 hertz and the bubbles were tuned to 440 it would be very effective for arthritis patients and would most likely heal some other diseases. There would have to be testing done of course before it could be advertised as a “cure-all,” but this is the way of the future.

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