Energy Vibrations Influence Everything in the Universe

Humanity needs to understand much more about Energy vibrations, because this is the one great influence on everything in the universe. Humanities’ understanding of how Energy vibrations work is comparable to a kindergarten student’s conception of how the atomic bomb works.

Energy hits the earth at a set rate of seven waves per second. This will change to eleven in the future. Picture water hitting the beach. It hits about one wave per thirty seconds. Imagine it at seven per second. You can’t even mentally count to seven in one second. It is a faster current of air washing continuously over earth. It has a pulsing motion like a heart pumping blood. The pulsations are fast enough that they form a steady rhythm that is not sensed or felt, but nevertheless is there.

This rhythm influences everything on the planet. You might call it the heartbeat of the Creator God that sends the blood through the universe. It does originate at the central core and is a steady stream coming up through the black hole that gave birth to earth. It is what keeps earth in place and turning and spinning. Picture a ping-pong ball sitting on top of an air jet. If that air pressure changes, the position and spinning of the ball will be affected. The birth of the new star that will take place soon is going to increase this pulsation to eleven pulses per second.

Right now if things on earth could be timed to harmonize with these seven beats per second, they would work well. Yes, machinery also. The human body, plants, bodies of water, everything in nature is in harmony with them or they are ill or not growing well or in the case of water, not being cleansed. The bodies of water will clean themselves constantly if the proper pulsations hit their surface. Any pollutants on the surface block the pulsations and affect the cleanliness of the water.

The trees and plants are affected the same way. The smog in and around our cities has the effect of coating the plants so the pulses are not felt as they should be. This is a part of the need for rain, not only to water the roots, but to wash the dirt and film from growing plants.

Humans are affected, probably to a larger degree than plants, by anything that changes these pulses that are hitting the body at all times. Dirty, polluted air is, of course, the worst offender. The body, the lungs and heart do adapt in time just as they adapt to altitude changes, but it takes its toll on these organs. If a limb is kept in a cast for any length of time, it is affected because the waves cannot reach through that cast. It begins to “die” because of the lack of these Energy waves.

You see, it is not air that hits these plants or that arm, or that body of water. It is Energy, a vital, sparkling, tingling, alive Energy. Picture a glass of water with an Alka-Seltzer tablet dropped in it. The activity takes place on top of the water and would be a good description of what the Energy waves would look like if you could see them. They are made up of many different particles of bubbling, fizzing matter, a combination that has many elements beneficial to all life on earth. These are so infinitesimal that at present on earth we have not the means to dissect these Energy waves, so their make-up is not known to us. When the way is found to analyze and break down the ingredients in the “elixir of the universe,” then will the new Energy form be understood.

There are many being affected by the strength of these new energies coming into the earth today. It is the energies from other planets that have always affected earth more at one time than another depending on the position at any given time of that particular planet in relation to earth.

The Energy from different planets has a different effect on humanity and also on plant and animal life. Each species of plants is affected differently in its growth by the different energies. It would be similar to drawing up an astrological chart for the vegetable and fruit crops. These energies will be harnessed in the future and trained on the vegetables and fruit through colored lights in the vegetable and fruit barns. These lights are the different energies coming from different planets.

Animals are affected the same as humans by their birth times and places, not to as great a degree of course, but only as much as evolution has advanced that particular animal. Animals can be trained by controlling the energies they receive from birth on. For instance, a litter of pups can be separated and one of them be placed constantly under red light, which is an aggressive Energy from Mars. Another can be basked in amber light with a marked increase in intelligence and so on.

This same concept can be applied to humans. This would be a furthering of the astrological chart. In other words, once the chart is laid out and read and the goals are known, then the colors would be used to increase the Energy of the particular goal. This is taking astrology one step further, an aid to getting more out of having your chart done.

These same energies can be applied to music. An instrument could be built using the energies in the form of intensified colors to activate the sound, which would be a combination of strings and air. The beam of light would heat the air to a certain degree, depending on the color, and the air would cause a vibration of the strings, not wire strings or plastic, but what is called gut strings. The different keys on the keyboard would cause different colored lights, alone or in combination, to activate the different strings. This gives forth a most beautiful sound. A soothing, calming tone is produced. This is the xylolute, an instrument of the future.

It is not electric; there will be no such thing as electricity. The energies themselves will be controlled. They will be minutely drawn out of the atmosphere itself by magnets that attract the different energies to activate the lights. Think of it as a solar battery that will always be charged. The instrument is actually battery powered. This same process will be used in the medical field, only the channeling of the Energy will be put to different uses.

The mineral kingdom is also affected by energies, but only as storage areas for them. This field can and will be greatly elaborated on and much use will be found for different crystals, natural crystals, not manmade. These crystals can, even now, have the Energy they give off intensified by leaving them under different colored lights. The uses they could have are many. One use is in radio transmission. Another is in healing and preventive medicine. They will be used in transportation, in climate control and even

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