Evil Caused By An Over-Inflated Ego

Evil does exist in the universe. As a matter of fact, it comprises a large segment of our universe. It is not so in the higher universes. This is earth’s place in the scheme of universal growth. It is a
classroom experience set up for the purpose of recognizing evil in all its manifestations and learning to overcome its temptations. Evil is disguised in many, many ways, most of them quite alluring to humanity.

When one finally reaches the stage of recognizing evil is the time when his real spiritual journey begins. Up until that time he has his hands full just trying to remain on an even keel in each life so that he can make steps forward. You see evil is of man’s own making. It was not purposely put on the earth plane, but it was recognized as a part of the earth plane experience and is used now by other universes as a teacher training field to alert these other universes as to what can happen when free will is allowed to run rampant. These teacher trainees from other universes will be on the lookout for it and prevent it from coming about in other worlds that are below ours in evolution. The teacher trainees are from higher worlds that have been assigned to work with worlds lower than ours in evolution.

When man first entered the animal bodies is when evil began. The animals themselves were ferocious up until that time, but had no conscience so cannot be condemned for adhering to the “survival of the fittest” way of living. This was the only way it could be in a world of animal-based brain organisms. Once the spirit thought-forms entered the bodies, everything changed among those who had spirit thought-forms enter. This is ever true today. Once an animal reaches a stage where a small piece of the creator enters his form, this animal starts acting on a higher level of consciousness.

But in the beginning, the combination of ferocious animal instinct and untrained spirit thought-forms was an explosive mixture. They had cunning and the ability to plan deeds to allow them to still continue with the “survival of the fittest” mode of living. This had to change, but it was a very slow process until more changed on the earth plane to help those still entering. There were some teachers sent to guide and guard over the spirit thought forms, but they had little control, until they could enlist the help of those on the earth plane. Many of these teachers and guides had to incarnate themselves in an animal body to be able to accomplish anything. Once the conscience started to be gained, the process speeded up, but by this time there was a huge conglomerate of evil surrounding the earth. It is still there as levels one and two of the astral plane. These levels have been closed off to communication of humanity, but many do accidentally enter into at night on the inner planes. This evil is so strong that it can infiltrate the minds of the unaware. Education is the only answer.

There is no such spirit as the devil, only astral plane entities that have escaped the watchful eyes of those in the higher realms that are running around in spirit form on the earth plane. This is quite a problem, but if everyone will help by protecting themselves and everyone they know and also their entire area of living, these ones will soon find no accepting “home” to attach themselves to.

Do not give any thought to a devil as such as this only adds to the thought form and gives it more strength. Do not give it any name in particular, as this will cause it to grow and become strong. Do not even refer to it as the anti-Christ. Do not think or ponder on evil. Think and ponder on good and right and Christ-protected people, places and things. Know that everyone is protected and that naught can go wrong with them. Do not condemn any church unless it is enforcing the issue of evil and giving it strength by focusing on it.

Some people have such poor self-worth that they don’t believe they deserve a good life and therefore reinforce evil by sabotaging their happiness by breaking the rules of life because they don’t care. This can be the cause of evil, but most of the time you will find that it is an over-inflated ego that causes the most serious evil acts to be committed. Most of the evil acts brought about by low self-esteem are not as serious a setback to those they are committed against.

Evil is ignorance of the light, but it encompasses more than that. It is very much a result of the animal-based brain caught up in ego. In other words, one who feels that there is no one who can tell him what to do. It also involves a total lack of self-esteem because one who has a balanced sense of self-esteem could not ever feel that no one had the right to tell him what to do. He would realize that to live and survive in society there must be rules and regulation or all would be chaos. The one committing evil believes he is more important than all other beings, so he has an inflated sense of self worth. Of course you might say that these are all components of ignorance.

A definition of evil that could be considered to be a spiritual definition would be any act that prevents any soul from growing in the light. This definition will cause many fine lines to need to be drawn, because it is conceivable that some acts that society might consider evil will, instead of hindering a soul’s progress, actually aid his progress, because of the very nature of ugliness associated with the act. On the other hand, if understanding of spiritual truths is not present, then some acts will be evil whereas they would not be if understanding of spiritual truth is present. In other words, if someone commits an evil act against you, it can be turned around and used to further your progress, depending on your standing in evolution and your understanding of the spiritual truths. This is where your soul and your guide will step in an help you make this turnaround.

There is no such thing as highly evolved evil. Evil can never be highly evolved because the fact that it is evil denotes its inability to be highly evolved. Evil cannot progress to the higher planes. There can be very intelligent evil, very sly evil, but it is still evil and the one doing it is not highly evolved.

Evil cannot be a permanent state as all must return to the light before any can return to the light. Therefore, evil must not ever be thought of as permanent. A thought such as this would tend to
lock it into permanency and this could stop the evolution of the universe.

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