Finances for the New Consciousness

What is the meaning of the word finance? Please look it up in your dictionary. There are several meanings. One of these is “to supply with means of payment.” (The American College Dictionary, Random House, 1953 edition.) This is the meaning that it should have for everyone in this time of restructuring consciousness. It is actually a very simple statement, “to supply with means of payment.” It does not state the word money, if you will, just means of payment. This is the one guideline that everyone should focus on. It will become imperative to focus on this description in the near future.

If not money, then what should we be amassing for our protection against the hard times that we must go through? Barter is the answer. Look up the meaning of the word barter, please. “To trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money.” (Same source as above.) There is one more word that we wish you to look up. That word is fair. “Free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.” (same source).

When these three definitions are combined you have a description of finance for the new consciousness. “To supply yourselves with means of payment by the exchange of commodities in a manner that is free from bias, dishonesty or injustice.” “Impartial exchange of goods” would be a shorter definition. This is not a new idea. As a matter of fact, it is one of the oldest systems in the world. That is because it was brought to our world from other worlds. It is the true spiritual manner of sustenance. When this manner is followed, naught can go wrong with the system because it is a self-adjusting system.

This is the only way of combating the control that government bureaucracy has over their people. This thought has been picked up by many, many people on the earth plane, especially just recently and many have tried to institute its use. Most of them have failed. Why? Because they tried to make money off of a spiritual concept. This will always fail, as it is being done for selfish motives.

The “garage sales” people are holding are becoming a source of disappointment for most. Why not switch to barter. Why not hold a garage “barter” instead of a garage “sale?” There are many, many ways this concept can be initiated in the years ahead. Many of these ways will be ingenious if people will only open their minds to the fact that they don’t need to have “money.” They do need to have their own two hands and their reasoning, intelligent mind.

These ideas on finance for the new consciousness is not going to make some happy. They would like to be told an easy way to amass huge sums of money to acquire possessions. The higher beings are sorry to disappointment them. They have spoken before that the way of earning a living in the future would be by what came forth from the center of a man’s being.

To give some practical, down to earth guidance, if one has a talent in any of the arts, he is immediately richer by far than those who do not. This will be the New Consciousness description of “being rich” or “well off” in the future. This will be the criteria that the standards of living will be based on, not money. Talents in any field will be invaluable. These talents will be used, then, in a fair manner to barter for the talent of another that is needed by you.

Think about what you would classify as talents. List them down. Is there anything on your list that you need to have that cannot be supplied by that list? If so, check your list again – stretch your mind as to what you consider a talent. If there still is something you think you need to have then look at that need and analyze it. Is it really a need, or is it a desire?

There are many new approaches and novel ideas as to how barter can be woven into the lives of those on the true spiritual path, that of the individual search. There is, unfortunately, government agencies and big businesses that will not accept barter as payment. How will these be handled in the future? There will eventually be a credit system of barter between the agencies of the government and the big businesses, where a person can work a shorter number of hours and the pay that is earned will be applied to taxes that the individual owes the government. This will make for shorter work weeks and still leave the individual free to pursue that which he uses to provide payment for that which he needs to have. This way the machinery still gets manufactured and people barter their time for an appliance if the need is there for this appliance. There will eventually be no money.

Health services will not require insurance policies as the health care people will barter their services for either what you have or what you can barter with someone else to acquire.

The school system will be based on the barter system also. The parents will necessarily need to trade some product or service to insure their child education. The teachers will receive credit vouchers from the government and incentive gifts from parents. Parents will take a much closer interest in the school system and much good will come from this.

There are many problems that will be present as this system is initiated, but truly is the only hope of saving the economy of the world. Barter will become international, both goods and services. This will begin to eliminate the separateness among humanity, bringing all closer together on the earth plane which they must do or face annihilation.

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